Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feeling pretty worn out today

Some of the beautiful mountains we saw
We had our first "extra" hike of the season yesterday, heading out for an all-day outing south to the Mountain Loop Highway, to Mt. Dickerman. It's my third time to hike it, having gone last year and the year before. The first time was in mid-September; last year in mid-August, and this year at the end of July. However, this one was by far the driest and the one with the least snow.
Glacier Peak, with its top hidden in clouds
We counted the switchbacks this time: there are 71 of them, and after the 68 of last Thursday's hike up Welcome Pass, I have to say my legs are feeling very well used. Yesterday we climbed almost 4,000 feet from the trailhead to the summit, and it is so worth it, since you get the payoff of 360-degree views of all the mountains for miles and miles around.
Our lunch spot
We lingered up on top for about an hour before heading back down to the cars. Although we started the actual hiking at 9:30, we didn't get back down until 4:30. It made for a very long day, and I was plenty tired by the time I returned to the trailhead.
On the trail, with flowers and views (thanks for the picture, Diane)
We headed off to Granite Falls, where we stopped at our favorite spot from past excursions. It's a pizza place, but it also has plenty of other fare. The one that was most appreciated (by me, at least) was the Mack and Jack beer! Cold and refreshing, served in frosty glasses, I was happy to stray from my usual glass of wine and steamed veggies to enjoy beer and pizza! And the company was just the best.
An appropriate place for day's end
I pulled into my parking spot at the apartment complex right at 8:00pm, after having left home 13 hours before. The two hard hikes this week made me realize I've reached my limit: when I went to my exercise class today, I became aware of the fact that I had zero energy and went home after an hour. In a few minutes I will leave to get a massage, which is very much needed today.

And as a final note, I'd like to wish my mom a happy birthday, wherever she is. She would have been ninety years old today, but she's been gone for twenty years now. Birthdays can still be celebrated, though, even when the recipient has moved on. Without her, I wouldn't be here at all!


  1. awww. your last paragraph...

    i don't know how you do all that you do in a week...

  2. Sounds like a fantastic hike, as usual. And the dramatic scenery.... Enjoy that massage!

  3. Did I read that right - you pulled in at 8:00 AM? Beer, pizza, and great company - sounds like fun. No wonder you are tired today. That massage will feel good.

  4. hugs & happy bday to mom...oy pizza and beer sounds good...smiles...i know it was probably divine after that hike as well...might have taken me a bit longer to break at the top...haha

  5. I had to smile at your last sentence, you are so correct, we still celebrate our loved ones birthdays, if only in our hearts...
    Fantastic hike, where do you get your energy, I would be left sitting on a rock somewhere close to the bottom, until you returned :)

  6. DJan, I swear, just reading your posts exhausts me!

    Happy Birthday to your mom! I'll raise a glass in her honor.

  7. It sounds like a really strenuous hike but oh my, those views were worth it. The pizza and beer must have been delicious.

    A Happy Birthday to your mom!

  8. Happy birthday to your Mom. It always warms my heart to feel the love between daughter and Mother. She raised you well, Jan. I know that you miss her very much.
    Beautiful photos on your blog today...as always. Tell Diane that she took a great shot of you. The majestic mountains frame the photo on the right, and you are placed perfectly on the left. Give her a high five for a job well done. That is a splendid shot. I love your photos; you should publish some of them. The one of the mountain with the flowers in the foreground is lovely. You have an artistic touch with your camera....and look at the canvas with which you have to work. Beautiful....

  9. the view you had on this hike would be worth some fatigue. Mountain meadows are at their peak now. Frosts will soon be visiting the high country. We had plus 4 this morning.

  10. Long hike for an older gal:) But those views are awesome!! Hope you feel more rested today:)

  11. What pretty views of the mountains and fellow hikers. Nice pic of you, too, DJan.

  12. The knees might be hurting and your energy drained, however, the beauty behind you and the flowers n trails you walked stay imprinted in your mind and heart ( & that SD Card hehe)
    What a beautiful view DJan. Happy Birthday to your Mom too, wherever she is, Eh - OK to celebrate birthdays of our loved ones that left before us - we do here n have a toast to family n friends. I think it would make me quite happy in my heart to follow you around for one full day and at the end of that day the smile on my face would last a lifetime. Have a good evening my dear blogging friend - I found a sand dollar on the beach last night and for some reason I was thinking of you - so it sits on my window sill "DJan's Dolla" :)

  13. I too need a massage. Just reading about a 13 hour day. Whoa.

    Love the photo of the Glacier peak. And YOU standing on the trail with such beautiful surroundings. And yes...you're beautiful too. :o)

  14. You inspire me! You make hiking sound and look amazing...might have to add that to my Try New Things list.

  15. Your photos are like picture postcards. I like the idea of sharing a meal at the end of your long hikes. What a great way to finish the day.

  16. That was one long hike! I hope your massage helped ease your tired muscles. :)

  17. How nice to remember your mom's birthday. I do the same with my dad. He would have been 103 on the 27th.
    The views were awesome but those flowers were just beautiful.

  18. I think it's good to know that you actually HAVE a limit!
    Tomorrow is august, the dog days of summer. Laziness is appropriate.

  19. Birthday memories to your Mom!

    And that is one very well deserved massage! Wow. All that hiking and "only an hour" at your workout. Phew. I'm tired thinking of it ;-)

    Rest up! xo jj

  20. Oh yes! Happy birthday to your mom, DJan. She would have especially loved that first photo as I did. I had to call my husband to look at it. He would have been there right with you. 71 switchbacks???? Yikes!

  21. By now, I hope you are rested. I'm especially hoping this as I note that today is Thursday and you probably went hiking again.

  22. WOW!! I'm still catching up around home after being gone from internet range this week.. Glad I didn't miss this post - what a hike!!
    Astounding beauty & scenes.
    And 4,000 ft.. what can I say - here in MN they might say "Uffda."
    I hope that massage was a wonderful one!
    I agree about birthdays - what a nice way to celebrate your mom's - with gratitude.

  23. Sorry.. that was me imitating Frank. ;)

    You sure have a load of energy. I'm always in awe. Beautiful scenes here.. and I could so go for pizza right now. Happy Birthday to your Mom... I'll bet she would have also been in awe of what you do.


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