Thursday, March 21, 2024

Pine and Cedar to Raptor Ridge

Signpost at junction

Today, seven Senior Trailblazers in the "Relaxed" group went up the Pine and Cedar trail to this junction, where we then turned right and went up to Raptor Ridge. This trail is exceedingly steep to this spot, so I didn't take any pictures but only stopped to catch my breath a time or two. In just over a mile, you ascend more than a thousand feet of elevation. It was cloudy and at times a little damp from the mist, but quite warm otherwise. And a little muddy from last night's rain. But we didn't actually have any rain on us today.

Cindy resting before heading to Raptor Ridge

The entire day was pretty perfect for hiking, even if we didn't have a view, but nobody cared all that much. Once we knew we had done most of the uphill at this point, we sauntered up to the Ridge.

Beth, Donna and Cindy on the trail

There weren't many possibilites for great pictures, since the trees were shrouded in mist for most of the day, and the seven of us were happy to keep going until we got the the ridge, hopeful but not optimistic about any views,

Beth and Donna on Raptor Ridge

Yep, that's what we saw when we got to the Ridge: more clouds, more fog, nothing to see here. But it was still a nice spot for a bit of lunch.

John breaking out his lunch

John also brought along some nice chocolate covered blueberries, which he's been trying to use up for a couple of weeks now. I helped and really enjoyed them once again. I think finally the package is done. Then, after lunch, it was time for us to retrace our steps back to the parking lot.

The group, taken by Beth

And here is a picture of the seven of us, since Beth is on the other side of the camera, I was able to be in this one. I wasn't looking forward to the steep downhill, but I made it without my knees giving out, partly because of having taken one of Beth's Aleve tablets before starting out. I did feel my knees, but they didn't make too much fuss. There were three hikers who had not done this hike before, and I asked them what they thought of it. All said it was hard. It's the darn unremitting steepness, especially (for me) on the downhill that makes it difficult. 

Beth taking a picture

When Beth stopped in the trail to get a shot, I took the moment to capture one myself. All in all, it was a really good day, and I sure feel like I got a bit of exercise this week, between today and last Tuesday. I should sleep really well tonight!



  1. I think the mist is beautiful in its own right. A different atmosphere and a bit of magic. :)

  2. It sounds like a good hiking day, not cold, not windy, not rainy, not too warm, and good company.

  3. Switch backs. I've puffed up many switch backs. They don't make anything less steep.

  4. Despite the mist it was another lovely walk. Descending steep slopes is so hard on the knees. Glad you managed it without too much pain.

  5. It looks really steep.. You do incredibly well on that incline, Jan. I couldn’t do it!

  6. That steep terrain must have been difficult. My bad knees would have screamed. But, there you were, the ever intrepid hiker!

  7. I always think of the mist as 'the dragon's breath' , so pictures with it take on their own magic. DH and I walked in misty rain yesterday... not the same, but still good.

  8. I love that tree it is very interesting!

  9. It's so wonderful to be with friends AND get exercise as well. It will keep you healthy until you're a 100 and beyond. That is a cool tree root.


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