Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Campbell Valley in Canada

Campbell Valley Regional Park

Today, seventeen Senior Trailblazers carpooled to a British Columbia (Canada), regional park, to hike more than six miles and a bit of up and down in this lovely Canadian regional park. It was sunny and cold when we started out, but we knew in no time we would be getting warm from the sun after a chilly start.

Shaggy Mane trail

From the parking lot, we set out on the Shaggy Mane trail, which we shared with horses, their riders, and their, well, voluminous droppings. It was easy to step around the horse apples, but some were very fresh indeed.

Long early morning shadows

The trail is very wide, and we could walk four abreast at times. Look at how long those shadows are, on the first official day of spring. Far in the distance you can see some of the hikers as I walked faster to get back to the group. I stopped to take a few pictures, which always makes me fall behind.

Lots of sun

You can see one of the corrals where horses and their riders practice jumps. We were too early to see any, but I figured that later on today they will be out there practicing.

Beautiful creatures

Since these riders were wearing hard hats, I surmised that they were some of the participants who will be honing their skills. We stopped and waited for them to pass by before we continued on our own walk.


After we had walked most of the Shaggy Mane trail, we stopped where there are picnic tables and bathrooms before finishing the rest of the hike and calling it a day. We didn't have far to go before returning to the parking lot. Some people's devices said we went seven miles, but I only got about six and a half miles on mine. We stopped on the way back, once we crossed the border without incident, at Edaleen Dairy for a bit of their wonderful ice cream. 

Another wonderful time in the outdoors on a sunny, bright spring day with some great friends. Thanks to all who came who helped us enjoy a fabulous day!



  1. Oh, that looks like a very pleasant hike indeed! Happy Spring!

  2. It looks warm with the green grass.

  3. How wonderful that you can cross into Canada so easily. One of the trails we walk is by a horse jumping area though we’ve never seen horses there. It sounds like you had a lovely day!

  4. Must be nice to drive to Canada and enjoy a good hike.

  5. That looks like sun fun to have horses go by on a trail. Not your usual hike! :)

  6. Looking at the map, I think we must have driven right by there on our way from Abbotsford to White rock when we were out there in 2015. I see that park is right beside a big equestrian centre.

  7. That part of Canada looks a little more appealing that our part right about now. The cold weather has returned here and snow dustings too.

  8. DJan, you are so lucky to have even Canada hiking at your fingertips (or at least close by).

  9. I'm so glad you had a nice, sunny day for this adventure.


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