Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Sunny, cool and windy

Above the ground but a long ways from a bloom

Walking back from the bus this morning, I took some pictures of the burgeoning plants coming up in this garden. I had to hold my phone on the other side of the chain-link fence, and I was hoping I wouldn't drop it, since two rather large dogs decided I was paying way too much attention to this area, so I quickly snapped this and hoped for the best. I thought I might need to straighten it, but no, it's pretty perfect just as it is. 

I know from previous years that these will be tulips once they bloom, but our cool and unusually dreary winter has delayed all our pretty flowers. This weekend, April 1, begins the Tulip Festival, and I did look at the Bloom Map and found that the only thing in bloom right now are the daffodils, and they are not yet at full strength. The tulips will be coming in another couple of weeks, I believe. And I will be visiting the Tulip Festival once again, hoping for a sunny day in mid-April.

Camellia Japonica

I did pass by this lovely bush that catches my eye every spring, since the blooms are so big and beautiful, and way earlier than even most daffodils. I did have to look it up and believe I have correctly identified the Camellia japonica. If I am incorrect, I hope one of my more astute readers will enlighten me. Here's a closeup:

Gorgeous, aren't they?

Although it's beautifully sunny today, it's also very windy. I realize that I am going to have to find something to cover my ears in such conditions, since my hearing aids began to whistle and complain. Before long, I received a warning on my iPhone that I was being exposed to a very loud and damaging sound volume. But it wasn't true; it was just the wind, and when I realized that I have found another glitch in my bionic ears, I'll need to take care to cover these puppies when it's so windy. And this was mild, compared to what I've endured in the past.

I am hoping to have a sunny and warm hike on Thursday; the weather deteriorates for the weekend, but until then, I'll be listening to the cacophony of birdsong and enjoying the sunshine. Hope you have a great day!



  1. No Tulip leaves here, and Daffodils are only 2" above ground.

  2. Beautiful flowers and I bet those Tulips will bloom in about two weeks! You need a head band...you could knit one:)

  3. Wind being amplified would be an issue requiring adjustment alright. A nice cap or hat will help.

  4. Too much snow still on the ground in these parts.

  5. Hearing aids amplify wind noise so that it's annoying. Blooms will come even if they are a little late.

  6. Ottawa has a tulip festival. It's in the middle of May.

  7. Oh what beautiful bushes blooming!!
    I remember my grandmother always had a scarf on or with her outside in case she needed it for her hearing aides. I forgot all about that. :)

  8. Spring is on its way!!! I hadn't realised how much impact wind would have on hearing aids, but it makes sense. Rug up and stay warm.

  9. I love those flowers. So delicate and pretty.

  10. Early Camellias have been in bloom for a while now, and later ones are bursting at the bud. I am awaiting my several bushes.
    I tried sitting outside in the sun but the wind was just too cold. And yup, hearing aids and wind are not very compatible.

  11. One of the best things in life (for me) is the distinct, tho faint & distant at times, is birdsong.
    I look forward to your tulip festival photos!!
    I think I may go to the botanical gardens this weekend....been a while!

  12. Sunny and windy is nice, as well as rainy with no wind. Glad to know that you are done with cold, rainy, and windy!

  13. I miss the tulips. Between the squirrels and the deer, we don't have many at all around where I live. Look forward to some tulip photos from you!


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