Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Valentine from the Universe

Can spring be far behind?

I saw this new display outside of the local community food coop, where we do a lot of our shopping. They had just finished putting out these gorgeous flowers, just enough for me to spend some time smiling and enjoying the bright colors. It's the beginning of the changeover from winter's drab monochrome.
The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh. —Rumi

That quote seemed appropriate for today, when we celebrate love in its many forms. I am home after having walked to the bus early, enjoying the cold as I had dressed just right for the weather. After watching the sun come up in a cloudless sky, it made me realize it will stay cold like this for awhile, and that is just fine. However, the wind made me happy to be warmly dressed.

Yesterday I attended my first yoga class at the Senior Center. It was not a hard class, so I didn't expect to be as sore as I am today. It made me aware once again that you cannot store fitness. I also went today to my second Zumba class, and I once again realized that jumping around like that takes energy, and I might not feel it's necessary to worry about completing every move; I found myself tiring and brought down my activity level until I felt a little more in control. Whew! I can now feel just fine sitting in my easy chair and enjoying more quiet pursuits. 

Pussy willows just starting

I was so pleased to see, on my walk home, that there are the beginnings of pussy willows appearing on a favorite bush. It's early, but they are definitely there, no longer dormant. And the warm sun will continue to help them spring forth. 


These are the first blossoms I've seen actually coming up out of the ground this spring, and they sure do look beautiful to my eyes. Once I finish this Tuesday post, I think I'll spend the rest of the day enjoying myself and hanging out with my Valentine. I hope you have a wonderful day, too.



  1. DJan, your words and pictures had a very calming feeling but I am sorry about your soreness. You're one of the most active people I know. I hope you had a good day and PS love the title!

  2. You get flowers out there so early!

  3. Happy Valentines dear friend! With your yoga, Zumba, and hiking, you are one of the most active seniors I know…

    1. Forgot! Commented from my iPhone.. this is Rian

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Not spring like over here. Blizzard, in fact, with 50 mph winds--LOL!

  5. It doesn't take us long to get out of shape. I have not had a regular walking routine this winter. So far I'm getting away with it.

  6. That Zumba class sounds exhausting! You have great signs of spring though!

  7. For a second there I thought you got all those flowers for Valentine's Day! Forgive my error because you might have . . . you're a very popular person.

  8. It is only February and still cold over there and you are starting to see signs of spring? Wow!

  9. I sure like your first image, outside the community food coop. Just today, going into the grocery here in Seattle, I noticed a similar flower display. Yours, in Bellingham, looks better! 😊

  10. I swear you have the most beautiful flowers in Seattle. You get spring so early. We didn't have spring until April-May in Chicago.


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