Thursday, August 11, 2022

Lost Lake

View from Cyrus Gates Overlook

Today Melanie and I drove up the long dusty road to Gates Overlook, to take a hike to Lost Lake, which I haven't visited in years. In the old days before Covid, it was a favorite long-ish hike we took at least once each winter. But now that the Senior Trailblazers are taking trips to the High Country, I am still not feeling I can sufficiently deal with the heat and altitude those trips require. So, we are going our own way.

Mel didn't suggest Lost Lake earlier because the usual way we get there is more than ten miles long, and this shorter trip we did today (five miles and 1,400 feet elevation) requires a trip up and down the Rock trail (actually, down and up).

First steps down

In somewhere over a hundred steps (and a little more than a mile), you descend 1,200 feet down to the South Lost Lake trail, where we then take the side trail to Lost Lake.

South Lost Lake trail

It is so green and lush at this time of the year, and in descending the Rock trail, we pass by some amazing rocks, which give the trail its name. Since I am not usually on this trail in summer, I was surprised by seeing my favorite fern alongside the rocks.

Rock and maidenhair ferns

Since these ferns require a good source of water, I was a little taken aback to see them growing in the cracks in the rock, as well as at the base. There must still be plenty of moisture hiding there for them to flourish like this. I tried to get some good shots of the rocks, but the bright sunlight and dark shadows made it difficult to capture anything worth sharing.

Sign taking us to the lake, along with map

We had lunch at our usual spot on the lake, a broad expanse with enough room for at least a dozen hikers, but it was just Melanie and me enjoying the place.

Me at Lost Lake

Melanie took this shot of me at the lake where we ate our lunch. Then we turned around and went back the way we had come. It was such a treat to see this place once again, but I was a little hesitant about the uphill return. As it turned out, I was right to be a little anxious, because it was hard, but I managed.

Steps on the return trip

We did decide to take a sort side trip down the road from the Overlook to a place where we can see Mt. Baker and the Sisters. We did try before our trip down the Rock trail, but clouds obscured the view. So before we climbed in her car to return we did get a glimpse of them.

Such a great mountain

We were tired but happy at the end of our day's workout, and I was pleased that my knees managed to take the elevation without any problems. We will definitely be returning here again before too long. It was simply a perfect day in many respects, with only the occasional hiccup to keep things interesting. 



  1. A bit surreal seeing those steps at the top, but another wonderful hike--love the name! Enjoyed that photo of you beside Lost Lake, you are clearly in your element DJan. I hope everyone who reads your post clicks on that photo to see it full size. 🙂

  2. It looks hard. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the beauty - as you so very often do.

  3. Those steps are a challenge but the result was so worth the effort! Well done, Jan!

  4. It's much more beneficial to do something that suits your condition.

  5. Oops, think I lost it. Love the view you get to enjoy with some effort. Glad the knees behaved. Too bad the up part came at the end. I do down much better that up.

  6. I admire you for hiking those 5 miles. Love the views.

  7. Those steps must have been a challenge for your knees... but apparently you had no problem... that's so good. Love the pics!

  8. Good for you! A hundred steps down, and a hundred steps up -- oh, my knees are killing me just thinking about it.

  9. Steps are hard... but the views are so pretty!

  10. Ooh goodness I could never make those steps, but I can see the attraction, it certainly is a gorgeous vista.
    Thank you for sharing it's beauty.

  11. What a gorgeous hike. The scenery is so beautiful. Buuut... 5 miles and uphills. Ouch! I'm too much of a whimp, but I sure do enjoy living vicariously through you.


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