Thursday, August 4, 2022

Another Chanterelle excursion

Viewpoint on our hike today

I don't know whether you might be getting tired of seeing this view from the top of the first part of the Chanterelle trail or not. It's slightly different each time I see it, and today we chose this hike based on the weather forecast. It was raining when I woke this morning, but by the time I went out the door, it had stopped and didn't return during our hike.

Last flowers on foxgloves

It seems early to me for us to have seen the last of the foxglove flowers, but it's actually now past the halfway point on our journey to the first day of fall, so maybe it's right on time. Last week was it was really warm, but now it's cool and cloudy and wonderful for those of us who don't worship the sunshine.

Mossy tree and madrone branches

I love madrone trees, and when the bark gets wet, it almost shines. And the moss-covered tree between these two sets them off and makes them look even prettier, I think. The trail takes us up to that viewpoint, and then we can choose to go on further, or head back down the way we came. 

Peeking out at the view from the trail

I've taken this picture before, but I always like to see what it looks like today. This is the beginning of the second half of the Chanterelle trail, which we rarely take, because the difference between a little more than five miles over 1,400 feet of elevation is just about right for my old knees. The second half climbs another thousand feet, and adds another five miles, meaning a pretty significant hike, as opposed to one that is fun and on the easier side. I'm happy we didn't do it today.

Another mossy tree

I did take one more shot of a tree that caught my eye. I am such a fan of the beautiful old trees that grace this particular hike. And now it's not even 2:00pm and I'm home, have eaten my lunch and am almost finished with this post. That means the entire rest of the day can be spent in whatever way will make me the happiest. I have to give a shout out to my familiar companion, Melanie, who never fails to make me feel really good about what we accomplish on Thursdays. Hope you are also having a great day!



  1. After my hour of PT this morning I took advantage of the cool weather to work in the yard. 2.5 hours of crawling around clipping spent flowers and growth has left me tired and stiff, but I feel good about the accomplished work.
    Now I have just spent a chunk of time completing pre and post KP appointments. Finally I have gotten to your post and the others waiting on my blog roll.
    Yes, it's a good enough day.

  2. Tired of that view? Never. I delight in the walks you take us on. Many thanks.

  3. Wow, that first picture is stunning. LOVE it, Hope you stick to fun and easy. That should be everyone's goal.

  4. I agree with Patti, the first photo looks like a painting--so majestic! 🙂

  5. :Your photos are all lovely! Never heard of a madrone tree. It looks beautiful. I've seen eucalyptus trees in Hawaii, which were used to make the masts of ships, with a variety of colors in the wood, but the madrone branch is prettier. Thanks for the hike. Linda in Kanss

  6. You had a great day and hike with Mel! Good for you! :)

  7. Yes, summer is on it's way out. We are still expecting some heat but hot weather is coming to an end.

  8. You sure get to see good things, both large and small, on your tromps.

  9. Another wonderful day! I never tire of that view. There is always something different on a familiar trail!

  10. I like the greenery. It's so refreshing!

  11. I love that you regularly have these forest bathing experiences every week.

  12. I ran across this trekker's blog and thought this might be of interest to you. Kindred spirits!


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