Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Right in the middle of spring

Beautiful purple iris

As I walk through the neighborhoods on my way home from the coffee shop, I have watched the profusion of flowers of every kind emerging from the fertile ground, helped along by abundant rainfall this spring. Fortunately for us here in the Pacific Northwest, the rain has also helped keep the temperatures low, while much of the rest of the country has been baking in the hot sun. We still are a month away from the first day of summer, but until this week, it has seemed much more like late winter or very early spring days. I love living here and hope we can avoid any hot spells. If we do have them, they usually occur in late July or August. 

Yesterday I almost saw a murder. I happened to catch a skirmish going on in a tree just a few feet away from me. It was an owl trying to capture a squirrel. I stopped to watch to see what would happen, the squirrel hid, and the owl perched on a branch right in front of me. I only got this one shot, but he wasn't willing to lose sight of the squirrel, just in case.

Barred owl, side view

When I pointed my cellphone at the owl, he seemed to be looking straight at me, but no, the picture shows his gaze is turned away from me. I don't know if he managed to catch this particular squirrel, but they are simply everywhere, chasing each other around in circles, up and down the trees, scampering across the ground, and pretty much being crazy. It's mating season. 

Cassia fistula

This lovely sight is commonly known as a golden chain tree, or golden shower tree. It sure is pretty! I have also seen some in other places, I think the same genus, in a gentle lavender color. It is also used by some people as a medicinal plant, although from what I've read, I'll steer clear of eating it.
It is a popular ornamental plant and is also used in herbal medicine. It is both the national tree and national flower of Thailand. It is the state flower of Kerala in India. It is the provincial flower of North Central Province in Sri Lanka.
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I have an acupuncture treatment in an hour, so I'll head to Fairhaven soon. It's been three weeks since I last saw him, and I'm hoping he can help my sore right hip and leg. They are never perfectly okay, since I messed it up with all that bad landing in 2000 and the nerve was damaged. Mostly I'm able to cope with it, but every now and then it flares up. Anyway, here's hoping for a good outcome today! Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.



  1. We have shower trees here and they are glorious in the summer. Some are golden, some are rainbow. My college professor had a glorious rainbow shower tree in her front yard and she would say how beautiful it was. Even its rubbish was beautiful - all the flower petals on the ground.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring blooms.
    Good luck at the acupuncturist. I hope you get a HEAP of relief.

  3. Great capture of the owl. I have yet to see one in nature. Hope the treatment helped!

  4. That is a beautiful tree! The Owl is probably hunting for babies too:) Survival of the fittest..or smartest!

  5. What a stunning tree, sharing it's beauty to all who pass by.
    We have two Cooper Hawks in the woods, they are constantly hunting for prey, and yet we still have an abundance of squirrels and rabbits.
    Hope the acupuncture treatment give you relief, I'm in physical therapy with left hip problems, if it doesn't help I may try your method.

  6. Glad you didn't have to witness the murder. We know predators have to eat, it just isn't fun to watch.
    Sure hope the acupuncturist is able to help you. Let us know.

  7. Critters can sometimes put on awesome shows for us. Flicker mating is beautiful. The do kind of a minuet dance. It's beautiful.

  8. We have lots of flowers, too, but the iris aren't booming yet. Nice photo, but don't mess with an owl!

  9. You were lucky to see that owl. It is years since I have seen one in the wild. I hope the acupuncture brings you some relief. It's no fun experiencing pain on a daily basis.

  10. Wildlife drama is exciting!
    I'm still taking it easy back here at home. I have lingering effects from Covid - pretty much constant sinus headaches and tiredness. I'm managing.

  11. An owl sighting is a lucky one. I haven't seen one in ages. A lot has happened this week. The world could use some luck! I'm sure you are hunkered down, processing our nation's latest tragedy. Sigh.

  12. Beautiful tree!
    I hope things go well at your appointment and it helps. :)

  13. I remember those squirrels going crazy all the time in Illinois, not just in spring. I haven't seen an owl in such a long time. You were lucky to be able to catch a photo of this one.

  14. Well, in any case, I'd hope who won the battle lives in to another day...not fun to know, but part of nature!!

    Hope the acupuncture helps.

  15. Dear DJan, Everything here is going slow with regard to blooming, flowers and trees. However, my redbud tree once again greeted me with spring and I continue to feel true awe when it blooms. Peace


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