Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Dry morning for a change

Magnificent lilacs

I walked to the bus this morning in perfectly dry conditions. I even left my raincoat snug inside my backpack and didn't need to pull it out all morning. However, the rain conditions this afternoon have picked up. Yes, I am truly tired of all this rain, but we still have more to come. It's sure been good for the lilacs, though. I've never seen them this luxurious in all the years I've lived here. And they are right at their peak. It won't last, so this picture is meant to capture the moment for posterity.

I walked through the Cornwall Rose Garden on my way home, and I do think I am seeing the first signs of rosebuds. I know it's hard to tell from this picture, but the red blob in the middle is almost surely a bud. The rain has certainly made them happy, but the cooler-than-normal weather and cloudy skies has curtailed our springtime flower show a bit.

Maybe I'm imagining a rosebud

By now, I would have thought that there would be lots of buds throughout the garden. Of course, it's still only mid-May and summer is six weeks away. But all this rain down here has translated into snow for the High Country, and we are thinking we might not be able to do any of our normal summer hikes until much, much later than normal. Every day Mt. Baker gets a little more snow. At least we are not in any danger of an early fire season.

After I walked home on my usual three-mile journey, I noticed how beautiful it is even when the sun isn't shining, especially when the clouds are not letting out any wetness. Not yet. I came home, got in my car and drove to Happy Nails to get an overdue pedicure. It had been long enough since my last visit that I was almost ready to snip those toenails myself. Luckily, I didn't need to wait very long, but I also discovered that they are now requiring appointments unless you want to wait. Next time I'll make an appointment, but it shouldn't be for at least two months.

When I was reading my latest book on quantum mechanics, I ran across this funny cartoon, which has been around a long time. I found it online a dozen times at least, but every time I see it I break into smiles. I'm hoping it might do something similar for you.

Thank you Sidney Harris

And with that, I've managed to come up with my Monday post. John thinks I should call it my Tuesday post, but that would not explain me at all. I'm happy to fiddle around with time a bit.



  1. Love that cartoon. Thank you.
    And the lilacs.
    I hope that your spring finds her way in. Soon.

  2. Well, not sure how that happened, but we did not have rain here at all today. The clouds are moving in for tomorrow though.
    I like that cartoon too. I would have to rely on miracles to understand anything but the simplest physics.

  3. Great cartoon. Rain, rain, go away!

  4. You had some good experiences today. It didn't rain. It was nice and there were lots of flowers.

  5. Cute cartoon.
    Glad you had a hike without rain. The lilacs are gorgeous!!

  6. How odd that we live in such diverse climate zones, but our lilac seasons converge, at least this year.

  7. You are under water and S. Cal and Tex are parched. Has to be annoying and it sure can get gloomy but I'll take water any day.
    Love that cartoon.

  8. It will be fun to see your roses bloom...I call them your roses because you speak of the garden often and what could be better as someone else takes care of them! We may get snow on Friday....the weather guy says a few flakes may fall:(

  9. Beautiful lilacs! That cartoon made me smile. Cute.

  10. We are having a little bit of rain - and I mean very little. But, that is better than our regular hot sunny days that dry up my lawn. Why can't we share sunshine and rain with you?

  11. Not much rain here. But some has been promised for next week. We shall see.


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