Thursday, January 6, 2022

Another Thursday snowstorm

Cross street looks pretty clear of snow

My plans to go out for a nice hike today were again dashed by a snowstorm that hit last night. Although it was quite pleasant for most of the day yesterday, and the areas to the south of us were forecast to receive heavy rain, we in the northwestern part of the state had a cold wind coming down from Canada's Fraser Gap: very cold, and it turned what would otherwise have been quite a deluge of rain into snow. And lots of it, starting yesterday afternoon when the temperatures fell. We thought it would be over by now, but it's already well into Thursday afternoon and the temperature is still sitting right around freezing. Snow plows and salt were dispatched on the streets overnight, and although it didn't seem like a good time to get behind the wheel of my car, the streets really didn't look too bad around noon. 

Heavy, wet snow

So I went for a walk. Melanie texted me that she went for a snowshoe adventure by herself, and I walked from my place to Rite Aid and back, around two miles. It was completely different snow from a couple weeks ago when it was so cold (that snow was more like Colorado powder). This was more like what is known around here as Cascade Concrete. Nothing powdery about it. And I discovered it was way harder to walk on plowed streets when a layer of wet snow remains. It was very slippery, and although it was harder to navigate, I chose to walk where sidewalks would be if they hadn't been buried under six inches of snow.

I noticed that I could walk on the street if a chained vehicle had gone through earlier, because it roughed up the snow enough to make my footing much less dicey. I realized when I got back home that I had carried my microspikes in my pack and had forgotten about them. Although I slipped and slid, I didn't actually fall. Except once, that is, when two pedestrians saw me struggling to cross the street and came to my aid. The three of us were laughing uproariously as we made it to the sidewalk.

A very Christmas-y look

The trees were heavily laden with snow, and since there is little to no wind, it built up on the trees, giving them a holiday touch. A little late, but still pretty, if you've got a taste for that on a dreary winter day when you'd rather be seeing sunshine. The weather gods got this one wrong, since the temperature was supposed to climb well into the 40s (around 7-8°C). We are sure to get that heavy rain sometime later tonight, which hopefully will melt much of this snow.

April 2021

And just to give us all an uplifting reminder that flowers WILL return and be gorgeous, I am showing you a picture from Roozengaarde Tulip Gardens from last April. It's a reminder that seasons come and seasons go, and as long as we're here to enjoy them, I can even be happy with slippin' and slidin' now and then.



  1. Any time you can laugh about slipping and sliding where snow and ice are concerned is great in my book. I don’t laugh about it enough!

  2. I looked at the radar for your area and it is terrible...lots of precipitation. I keep an eye on your weather as my son works west of Abbotsford and my grand daughter works in Abbotsford.

  3. Ooh dear, I'm glad you were sure-footed in the snow, I'm not that brave !
    Beautiful flowers and reminder, already looking forward to Spring :)
    Stay safe DJan.

  4. Be careful walking in that snow ... glad you didn't fall. With all the snow you've had, maybe you should take up skiing!

  5. I am glad that you only fell once. Be careful dear friend. And remember those spikes.
    We have flowers here. And heat. I am looking at your snowy pictures with a little envy.

  6. Seems like a dangerous walk for an oldster. Take care. Another day off won't hurt you.

  7. You do like to push the envelope but that is one of the things I admire about you. Remember those spikes next time--for our peace of mind.

  8. Those tulips really look nice. I hate snow and freezing weather.

  9. I think that last picture shocked my eyeballs, they weren't ready for that big burst of color! DJan I felt nervous reading this, you shouldn't be outside walking on slippery surfaces if you don't have to. I sure hope you're being extra careful. Well, last night and this morning Pittsburgh finally got its first snowfall and now we have temps in the single digits. I love having the excuse to stay indoors. 😉

  10. I always admire picture of snow covered trees and fields but I am content to be in our warm, sometimes too hot, weather here. Too bad your winter lasts 3 months because snow and cold would be appreciated more for those who live in it if it only lasted a week.

  11. We had rain all day here on Thursday, and low lands are flooding again.
    One of my helpers in the hospital on Wednesday said he wished he was in Arizona, and I said I said I loved living here. Even on days like today? he responded. Yes, I said, it's days like today that make you so appreciative of those lovely summer days. Contrast is good.

  12. Just 3-4 more months before spring and seeing those tulips blooming again. My son got hit with that 'bomb cyclone' and the kids had a great time on the east coast.

  13. Laughter always makes things better.
    Have a really nice weekend. :)

  14. Seems it is snowing and blowing here once a week. Very cold here now, supposed to get up to 14 F today!! I suppose your weather will be here in two days unless Canada wins:)
    Wear your spikes!! I know my yak trax have kept me from falling!


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