Thursday, August 6, 2020

Well, that was interesting

Chanterelle trail in the rain
Today Melanie and I tossed out our earlier plans for a long drive south, or even to the Mt. Baker Highway for a beloved hike, because our weather changed. Drastically. From last week's extremely hot temperatures, today we woke to a light rain and a cold front. The forecast called for a light rain in the morning, changing to sunshine by early afternoon. We decided to stay close to home and hike up the Chanterelle trail. It rained on us for most of the way.
The viewpoint 
I grumbled about the rain, which barely let up at all as we made our way up the two-and-a-half miles to this point, but just as we approached the viewpoint, the rain stopped and the clouds began to clear. It was like a switch had been flipped. Just like that, the heavy rain was gone, and August had returned after an interlude into fall-like weather.
Vibrant thistle
And just like that, my spirits lifted and I was suddenly interested in the flowers and plants surrounding me. Melanie suggested we walk up the trail for a short bit so we could extend the hike into a five-mile round trip excursion, and I agreed.
A beautiful drippy yellow flower
I'm not sure what this pretty flower is, but notice that it is still covered with lots of rain. It was such a quick change that it gave me a chance to get some lovely shots. And, as I said already, my mood went from gloom to sunshine, along with the skies.
A fairyland
Just before we emerged from the forest into the open, Melanie pointed out this spot, where the damp forest changes into a beckoning landscape, from darkness into light. And then we walked into partial sunshine as we made our way back down to the car. It was, all in all, a lovely outing, and I now feel quite happy to have been willing to get wet today.


  1. I am grateful that you were willing to get wet too. I love the photos.
    We have rain forecast today, and I am fervently hoping it comes to pass. Perhaps I need to encourage it by walking...

  2. It looks beautiful in spite of the legal issues.

  3. Nice how a crummy hike can turn into a great one! That purple thistle looks just like one we get in Joshua Tree National Park.

  4. The Chanterelle trail looks more like the Chanterelle river. But sunshine does lift the spirits, doesn't it!?!

  5. Sometimes you have to keep on moving and things will get better. That's what happened to your walk.

  6. We had light, persistent, but in volume very little rain here this morning. It was a refreshing change.
    That yellow flower is most likely a Mullein, yellow flowers on a gray, fuzzy stalk.

  7. Our rains here are like tepid showers...I would be delighted for a cold front to move in. lol

    Wow, this one photo (the last) is nearly biblical.

  8. You are [almost] heroic for starting out in the rain.

  9. Just goes to prove we shouldn't be put off by temporary difficulties. That last picture really does illustrate your day.

  10. I just love it when the rain turns into sunshine. Lovely hike in my opinion.

  11. Dear DJan, this posting is proof--I think--that we can wander into a surprising newness in a matters of moments. Into an unexpected fairyland. I try hard to look for good in all that happens. (My mother taught me to do that.) And you certainly found that good on your walk. Peace.

  12. Yeah! Another great hike! Five miles is a nice hike! :)

  13. Getting wet in Washington is part of the price we pay for living in such a beautiful state. When people ask me if I run and walk in the rain, I just laugh. I would rarely exercise if I didn't. :) Your hike looks beautiful!


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