Thursday, March 5, 2020

Trailblazers didn't get wet today

Richard leading his troops
Today eleven of us went out on a nice (dry) hike, although the weather is expected to change any minute. The rain didn't start, and the temperature was nice and mild as we hiked up the Chuckanut trails. Our scheduled hike couldn't be accomplished, because the road we were supposed to start on (Cleator Road) is closed because of potential landslides. So we went on some familiar trails to Raptor Ridge.
Moss covered trees
I didn't get many good photos today, partly because I wasn't inspired by much that I saw, other than these trees that seem to be sprouting moss everywhere. I also didn't see any signs of spring today, which was a surprise; I did think I'd see more green that wasn't from moss.
The view from Raptor Ridge
There was actually more of a view than I expected on the ridge, but the wind was blowing hard up here. It was just a bit early to be stopping for lunch, so we took a quick look around and then headed down to find a relatively warm place where we could enjoy a nice lunch. Still no rain, happily.
Gary settling down for lunch
We found this place out of the wind and were quite comfy as enjoyed our lunch. I thought Gary looked a bit like a leprechaun under that cool tree.
The log looked good, but...
Some of the rest of us sat down on this mossy log, and as we chatted and dug into our lunches, the log began to roll out from under us. Frank told us to get off and then he shored it up so we could finish without landing on the ground. We all bundled up once we had stopped, but it wasn't really all that cold. Then we headed back, with a quick detour to Huckleberry Point. I didn't get a picture since we were all anxious to get back down before the rain hit.

And we did, we made it on the entire hike without a single raindrop. The wind came and went, and the company was especially social today, as we discussed the recent political events and the coronavirus spread. We ended up hiking around nine miles and nobody seemed to know how much elevation we navigated, since many of our most vigorous scorekeepers were not with us today.

It was a successful day, even though I didn't take enough pictures (sorry, Mel). We really enjoyed being outdoors in our beautiful Pacific Northwest, even if it's not quite springtime up here. Next week I suspect we'll see more.


  1. It looks and sounds delightful - and you are right Gary does look leprechuan like.

  2. Who is that standing so precariously on the ridge?!
    Glad you had a fun, rain free hike. We did our two miles this morning, and I'm glad I can at least do that much. I have more and more issues as time goes by.
    Still no rain here at 4:30.

  3. You have many options so when something is cancelled you still have great hiking opportunities.

  4. The fact you don’t have snow makes it spring to me, Jan. And no rain! Just prefect really!

  5. A perfect walk without the rain. I never enjoy walking in the rain. Sounds like very enjoyable company.

  6. Makes me think of the saying ... "As easy as rolling off a log". He DOES look like a leprechaun!!

  7. It should gren up quickly now, I would think.

  8. Yikes, Linda has a point about the guy on the ridge. So glad you had a dry day and that your plan B worked out so well.

  9. That's what I should do: go outside and get some fresh air and exercise.

  10. It's a pretty day here. DH and I walked around the neighborhood. But nothing like the places you get to walk, DJan... and not nearly as far.

  11. Ha! A rolling log!
    You guys were lucky to miss the rain. :)

  12. That view from the ridge is incredible.

  13. Another good hike with no rain, you guys are lucky!

  14. So much moss, but makes for a softer place to sit and enjoy lunch :)
    Beautiful view !

  15. Linda and I think alike. I was also going to write about that fellow on Raptor Ridge. That looks REALLY precarious. I guess it makes me nervous because we have so many accidents in Hawaii on our mountain hikes.


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