Monday, March 9, 2020

Beautiful full moon

March 2020 full moon
I woke this morning in the relative dark, the first day after Daylight Saving Time kicked in here. I am already used to the change, since I managed to sleep more than eight hours last night and walked out of the house at 7:00am without feeling any more tired than usual, on my way to the coffee shop.

We had a clear sky last night, and I saw the full moon shining brightly at what looked like the end of the street. (This picture was snagged from the Internet, it's not one of my own.) It was stunningly beautiful, about an hour before setting, with a few wispy clouds softening it. I was mesmerized and gazed at it for a few minutes before going on about my day. Looking it up online, I learned this about the March full moon:
The worm moon is the first full moon in the month of March. The moon in March has a lot of different nicknames: the Worm Moon, because the ground begins to thaw and earthworms reappear, soon followed by the return of robins.
It's been an interesting day already, not just because of the moon sighting, but also because of the crashing stock market. The Dow ended up losing more than 7% of its value today, partly because of the coronavirus, but also because apparently Saudi Arabia and Russia have begun a trade war over oil. Hopefully, it will begin to bounce back, much like it has lately, but nobody knows for sure. It was quite a surprise to me to see the volatility; I suspect my annuities will take a hit, but it doesn't do any good to worry about it. Might as well just settle in for the long haul.

When I look at my life, I can't complain. I've got a warm and safe place to live, a full life, and a wonderful life partner. It would be nice to keep everything safe and sane, but that's not the way the world works. So, instead, I'm just gonna keep smiling and giving thanks for all my blessings. I count you, my dear readers, as some of them.


  1. That is a spectacular moon.
    You are most definitely one of my blessings. Your energetic life and positive attitude inspires me.

  2. Stunning moon. I agree with previous comment that your positivity is an inspiration.

  3. A full moon and Friday the 13th all in one week, not fun for teachers. :-)
    Looking through the newspaper today, plus the radio news and on line headlines took me aback. I have been doing my best to not get too concerned about the virus spread, but the world around me seems to be in a tizzy. I hope cooler heads prevail.

  4. That moon was spectacular last night.

    Let’s hope the market recovers quickly but...

  5. The corona virus has certainly brought around some jitters. People are panicing about the virus. Others are panicing about the stock market and economy. We will muddle through this one.

  6. I thought to photograph the worm moon tonight and picked out a possible spot, I don't know if I chose a good spot or not because the moon didn’t rise, as in it was too overcast

  7. I watched the moon for quite some time this evening. It was beautiful! I thought about going outside but didn't, it was a long day today. I hate the time has given me a headache and I am not a headachey type person.
    Yes we will muddle through, the market will rebound...I still have a few years before I have to draw mine:)

  8. Too overcast here to see the moon. Enjoyed the picture. We really are in some trying times right now. We just need to breathe, shrug and relax as best as possible. Counting our blessings is also a huge help.

  9. Nice photo of the moon. I think you have a very good philosophy of life. Yes, count our blessings!

  10. Was too cloudy last night. Maybe tonight I can get a peek. :)

  11. Thank you for sharing that photo you found, DJan because I missed seeing it this time.


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