Monday, February 10, 2020

The Oscars 2020

Voice cast of Frozen 2
Yesterday afternoon, my movie-going cohort Judy and I went to the theater to see one of the last movies nominated for Best Picture that we had missed: Jojo Rabbit. It didn't win, but I have to say I really enjoyed the movie. Neither of us had any idea what we would be seeing, but it's a mostly humorous satire set in Germany at the end of World War II. A young boy, Jojo, wants to become a Nazi and is in the Hitler youth trying to prove his mettle to the camp counselors. He is ordered to strangle a rabbit, and he couldn't do it, giving him the nickname.

The director of the movie, Taika Waititi, plays the part of the imaginary Hitler that Jojo sees as a mentor. Somehow Hitler is playful as well as menacing, but it helped to make it less scary, to me at least. The movie did get the award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Anyway, once we got home from the movies, I realized I had missed the first hour of the Oscars, but I watched the rest with real interest. There were no surprises about the four actor awards; they had also won in all the previous award shows. But the Best Picture was a total surprise: Parasite, the first foreign-language movie ever to win the big prize. I saw that movie, too, and would never have picked it for the best of the year. My favorite was Little Women, but the director didn't even get a nomination, so I knew it wouldn't win.I also enjoyed seeing all the gowns and hoopla that always accompanies the Oscars. Several of the acceptance speeches resonated with me. But oh, the dresses! I especially liked Scarlett Johansson's dress. Check them all out here.

That concludes the awards season for the time being. Now I guess I'm going to have to find something else to watch, like Netflix and Hulu stuff so I can avoid most of the political drama; I can only take so much. Did you watch, and if so, what did you think?


  1. As you know from my post, I watched. I wasn't happy about the winner of Best Picture, but found the awards show entertaining.
    I have seen seven of the nominated movies, and will eventually see Jojo Rabbit, as well as some of the other actor nominated movies. Movies can be a respite from the real world.

  2. I watched most of it, the last half hour was mostly a foreign least they could learn to speak English. I thought the Frozen song in all languages was wonderful because you could kind of tell what they were saying and they all got the memo on the color of dress to wear. :) The first gal on the program wore a lovely pink gown all was lovely, I will check out your link and see if she is there. Tameron Hall also looked stunning that was in the pre show:)

  3. I didn't watch - and haven't seen any of the movies either.

  4. I watched it. Hollywood is getting way too political for me (they have been for years, I know...I remember the Communist scandal decades ago). And actors are becoming stranger by the year. The gowns are getting more revealing. I continue to watch it tho!

  5. They used to be a bit of a family occasion, but those days have passed, for now, at leat.

  6. I don't watch movies, but David does. Parasite was a surprise to him, too. He expected Joker or 1917 to win.

  7. It was on in the background here. I watched it for years with interest but not so much any more.

    I enjoyed Little Women and thought the director should have been nominated for an award.

    I think the subject matter of Paradise was a factor in its win.

  8. I didn't see any of the movies nominated but enjoyed the show anyway. I am now curious about what I'll see via DVD. Still can't see what is so special about Billie Eilish. I think I am sounding like my mother now. Loved Regina's dress and of course Brad Pitt is always a treat. Also seeing Tom Hanks doing push ups on the red carpet was fun. I stayed entertained.

  9. Didn't see but, oddly enough, was watching the Netflix DVD that came that day...Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. ;)

  10. Dear DJan, I didn't watch because I'm hooked on Sunday night PBS, which is showing "Sanditon," the last book of Jane Austen. (It was completed but the writer who did complete it for this tv adaption is known for his understanding of Austen's work.)

    I don't subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, but I do subscribe to BritBox. It's $72 a years ($6 a month) and I'm really enjoying seeing the British dramas and mysteries that haven't been shown here in the US.

    I rely on you to tell me about the movies you see. Now that I can use Uber, I'm going to go to more movies this year. Peace.

  11. I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on the airplane when I was flying to Illinois. I didn’t know what to expect. I just watched because I knew Brad Pitt had won a Golden Globe. I didn’t know it was a Quentin Tarantino movie. I thought Brad Pitt pretty much played Brad Pitt, but he was nice to look at.

    I couldn’t see the Oscars because it was the BIG night of my granddaughter’s dance performance. That’s why we went to Illinois. My son-in-law said Parasite was an excellent movie and deserved the win. Soooo.... even though I’d been warned by a friend that it wasn’t my kind of movie, I watched it on the flight home. I hated it. I watched Abominable after that on the long 8 hour flight to take the images out of my mind. Parasite was well crafted, but the entire story line was repugnant to me.

  12. Jojo Rabbit was brilliant!!!
    Honestly I liked all of the Oscar nominees for BP this year, but not a single one of them really stood out for me as "best" of the year (although Little Women was probably also my favorite). It was a pleasant surprise for Parasite to win however, just for what it represents in terms of Hollywood opening up a bit...


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