Saturday, February 8, 2020

Nice dry Saturday walk

Ladies taking in the view
Today I headed over to the meeting place to start our usual Saturday walk. Some were going to "go flat" while the others would hit the hills and make for a bit harder walk, but after hearing about the view of the falls, we all decided to stay away from the hills and see the falls instead.
Whatcom Falls today
Every time I've seen these falls lately, there has been even more water roaring under the bridge. But the good news is that we do have a few days ahead without any rain, and hopefully many of our flooding rivers can stay within their banks. It's really pretty, though, and quite exciting as well.

After the walk, Hubby and I went to the local Target store to change over from Verizon to Consumer Cellular. Many of my friends and family have already done this, and the difference they are paying in monthly bills was what finally pushed us to make the change. Although I want to buy one of those newest iPhones, I decided to wait to do that at a later time and just get the SIM cards switched out. It was relatively painless, because we had a good tech person to help us.

And now I look forward to saving money, too! Not to mention that we have more text and data than we did before, and should see a bill about a third of the amount we paid to our previous provider.

So now we're beginning to think about severing the link to cable, but I'm in no hurry to leap into that steep learning curve. We've got plenty of time to figure out the best way to do it. The world is changing right before our very eyes!


  1. I LOVE Whatcom Falls. I suspect I would make regular pilgrimages to see it at all times of the year and water flow.
    You are braver than I am. The very steep learning curve attached to technology frequently scares me away. Good luck.

  2. Nice to see you got some dary weather!

  3. The falls are great!
    We were with Consumer Cellular a long time ago before we had smart phones. We went with Sprint when we got our iPhones because of the family plan and the unlimited text and data. I would have to see what Consumer provides before switching. We are also being pressured by some of the younger members of the family to drop cable, but we watch a lot of regular network TV, love our Comcast voice remote and options, and we have Internet and land line packaged with our TV, so....I guess we are not ready to make a switch yet. Keeping up with technology is hard.

  4. We have At and T and are grouped with our daughter and I just send her a check every month we have unlimited text and data. I don't use my phone much call Far Guy when he is at therapy and I am in the parking lot. We bundle land line phone, internet and fire works for us!
    Those falls are beautiful and not icy at all!

  5. Things are at top speed at the falls. I checked on my son in Vancouver. He said , "Dad. we've had rain on 30 days in January. Tomorrow we get change. It's going to snow."

  6. We have cable but I’ve watched more non cable programs recently. I can see a time when we give it up too. Our internet and cable is $200 a month.

  7. Phone coverage is really expensive here. Even though we've paid for the phones, the monthly cost remains the same. We have severed cable/satellite.

  8. I've heard about Consumer Cellular, which is an ATT thing, isn't it? Anyway, we consolidated our plans under Verizon to save some money, and still get good service. B uses her phone a lot. Cut the cord? Seems like a big step. Anyway, you sure are right. The world is changing right before our eyes!

  9. Cable will probably die in the near future because of all the streaming services. We changed to Verizon from ATT and are saving a bundle.

    Beautiful photos!

  10. I'm on Dagan and Leah's family plan for my cell phone, bless them! They keep me updated and functional as far as the tech world goes or I would be at a loss a lot of the time.

    Those falls look impressive!

  11. Congrats on saving money and having extra benefits.

  12. Level walking, group staying together so you can talk and raging falls--sounds great to me.
    I don't have cell service here so I just have a flip phone and prepaid for emergencies when traveling.
    Have satellite here for TV and will probably keep it. Love getting my ball games.

  13. Oh yay! Art is waiting for the newer iPhone too even though his 8 is giving him trouble right now.

  14. Technology changes so quickly it is hard to keep up but of course we don't want to become dinosaurs.

  15. I never liked Verizon...they nickel & dime you for every little thing. As for cable, Bud and I thought it a total waste of money years ago and stopped it completely...never looked back, and don't miss it one bit.

    Love the waterfall


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