Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Hoping for inspiration this holiday season

A favorite picture from a hike this summer
I just finished a yoga class, the last one for this semester, save a “restorative“ class. Then we have a break until January. We will have some holiday classes, and then we start up again, most of us in the class taking level one again.

Just back from my acupuncture treatment. I can still feel where he put the needles, and I know from experience that the benefits will continue to be noticeable for another few days. If I could afford to have acupuncture once a week, I would, just because of how much better I feel for days afterwards.

This Friday, Black Friday, I'll be getting a massage, my other feel-good treatment that I get as often as I can. In between time I'll be preparing our usual Thanksgiving fare: salmon, a squash casserole that I simply love (made with delicata squash), and a hefty salad. We're skipping the sweet stuff this year, unless I sneak something into the fridge without him noticing. Not likely. Pictures to come on Thursday.


  1. My husband is the dessert eater in this house. Dessert is more important than the main course. Happy Thanksgiving, Jan.

  2. What a wonderful picture of you DJan, you look fit as a fiddle, I can't imagine what you need acupuncture for :)
    I have sciatica I'm wondering if the magic needles would help ?
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, the menu sounds delicious. I've made a pecan pie and a decadent Butterfinger cake, just because...lol.

  3. We are going to a restaurant with a Thanksgiving buffet, since it will be just the two of us this year. I am making a berry pie for Jake to take to Rockaway though, where he will be meeting up with his cousin, and a pumpkin pie for me, just because. It will be good for breakfast!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Yes, we have to look after ourselves. We can't just sit back and expect to be well. It takes work.

  5. I love your smile in that photo, DJan! You look absolutely wonderful. You are an inspiration to keep healthy. My neighbor injured her hip when a bookcase fell on her and she wasn't able to walk unassisted for a couple of months. She could barely stand. She started acupuncture and I now see her slowly walking up the street. I just recommended that practitioner to my good friend, Diane who suffers from back pain. I love the idea of the salmon for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday, my dear friend.

  6. That is one gorgeous photo.
    A very, very Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  7. Yes, great photo of you!!
    Happy Thanksgiving...and massage. ;)

  8. That really is a great picture of you though I've never seen a bad one.
    Hope you enjoy your Yoga hiatus. Think I would miss it.
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  9. Acupuncture and a massage, that's hard to beat. Happy Thanksgiving, DJan.

  10. Terrific portrait! Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. What a wonderful picture! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  12. I love that picture! Your "you-ness" shines through the photo. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend.

  13. Wonderful photo of you! Happy Thanksgiving!


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