Thursday, November 14, 2019

Goose Rock and more

Walking around Cranberry Lake
I decided this morning to go with the "relaxed" group of Senior Trailblazers, rather than do Oyster Dome again so soon after our last visit. My knee complained mightily then, and today's group had decided to drive to Anacortes to make a hike up Goose Rock, one of my favorites in the area. We started the trip with a short loop around the Cranberry Lake trail, with this wonderful moss hanging from the trees. In other years, I've seen eagles here, but not today.
Discussing alternate route plans
When we went through the gate into the park, we were informed that a rock slide has occurred near the Deception Pass bridge, closing part of the trail, and that meant we would not be able to make our usual excursion from West Beach to the Goose Rock trailhead. Instead, we had to make a detour in order to get to the other side of the bridge highway.
This detour took us under the highway
We walked through the many campsites in the park, on our way to the other side of the closed trail, so that we could start our hike up to Goose Rock.
Magnificent trees everywhere
I love the wonderful trees that grace this park, big cedars and firs that have been around a long, long time. This one appealed to me, so I added it to my collection of favorite tree photos.
Can you see Mt Rainier?
It is not often that we have a good view of Mt Rainier once we get to the top of Goose Rock, but today, you can see it on the horizon. You can also see one of those pesky Growler aircraft that we had to endure all day long.
More of the Goose Rock view
The Navy base where the aircraft take off and land is visible in this picture, in the topmost part of the bay. Another Growler is also visible in the air.
Our lunch break
We had a nice place to have lunch, once we reached the top. The weather was mild, but the noise from the aircraft was intolerable. I've been coming on this hike for years, but I have never before experienced such loud and constant noise, the kind that hurts your ears and vibrates through your body. On the way back, we did a little research and found that several dozens more of these aircraft were added earlier this year, and they are also definitely louder. The Whidbey Island residents have filed a lawsuit over the increased noise.
Our Trailblazer crew today
This picture was taken as we headed back down the trail. Andre is the photographer, since I managed to mess up the one I took of the group. Anyway, once we were on the portion of the trail that puts us with some terrain between us and the Navy base, it was much quieter. I cannot think how people manage to live here these days.
Pretty little mushrooms
On our way back, we saw many beautiful forest mushrooms of every size and shape. Not knowing what they are, I cannot name them, but I can tell you they make beautiful little forest scenes.
Mt Baker in the distance
On the return trail, we had a lovely view of another one of our favorite mountains. Although we didn't get to enjoy our usual walk along the beach on the way back to the cars, we did appreciate both the scenery and the company. Many of the people in this group are ones I have known for a long time, but others were new to me. We covered more than eight miles and about 1,200 feet up and down, less than half what the other group did, I'm sure. My knees were very happy with my decision, and we got a good workout. too. I'm ready to kick back and put my feet up. Another good day!


  1. Sensible decision. Sorry about the noise.

  2. I don't think the noise would bother me all that much for just the few hours hiking. But living nearby would, I'm sure. Love the mushroom being in the land of Hobbit or somewhere similar.

    I think you were wise choosing the less stressful day. Your body does for sure.

  3. Linda Reeder has a cabin on Whidbey Island so I wonder if the noise bothers her. Nice photos as usual, DJan. Glad your knees were good after the hike.

  4. Glad you did this because I've been wanting to know what that trail was like. My grandson lives in Oak Harbor and works on those planes. I'll tell him to put a muffler on them. �� I heard the noise last summer when we were on Whidbey visiting the area. I couldn't take it either.


  5. Wise decision to go the more relaxed route. Though with the elevation change, it doesn’t sound relaxed to me compared to this little flat island which I walk all the time.

  6. Sounds like the Growlers are aptly named. Kind of spoils nature.
    Glad you took it easy (is 8 mile easy?) Got a feeling if you stay in that group, others from the group you are more accustomed to will eventually join you.

  7. That area and the trees look like a lovely hike. And I love that pic of the mushrooms... so cute... made me feel like faeries were about.

  8. Eight miles is still a lot, and so is 1200 feet. Glad you had a good hike, even if there was cause for growling.

  9. Yes, yes, please protect those knees. But 8 miles on a mountain? I'm sure your knees were still not totally thrilled. Still you sure did get some really great views, exercise and friendship.

  10. Yeah for you another good hike with no injuries!
    We have lived near Air Bases most of our lives...and you get used to the Tampa it was probably the worst...but we got used to it:)


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