Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sunless Saturday

Whatcom Falls this morning
I know I have taken this picture numerous times, at different times of the year, with major changes in water volume, as well as leaf colors. This morning it was a perfect condition to get a nice photograph, with cloudy skies but no direct sun.

The ladies this morning headed out from the parking lot to go up Galbraith Mountain. I at first joined them, but for whatever reason I could not keep up. Even a slow jog didn't keep me from falling behind. Perhaps part of the reason is the soreness still in my upper legs from Thursday's hike. But after having struggled for a short distance, it was obvious that today I wouldn't be able to keep the fast pace.

So instead, I turned around and went for a short walk at my own pace in Whatcom Falls Park. I had plenty of time to find the best place to take the picture above, and then I walked back to my car and off to find breakfast. Lily wasn't with me today (she isn't a fan of Galbraith Mountain) because she is working 13 days in a row and will miss a couple of Saturdays. She and I went out for pizza and beer yesterday, and this morning the scales confirmed what I been suspecting for awhile now: I've got to stop eating like this! I've gained several pounds this month and have decided it's time to put on the brakes.

This afternoon John and I are going to a wedding of the coffee shop owner and her soon-to-be husband. It's an outdoor wedding, and they lucked out with the weather. We just finished a very cold snap and then rain, but today it's cloudy and mild. I look forward to shedding a few tears; weddings always make me cry.


  1. LOVE those falls. And could perhaps keep up with your much slower self.
    I am glad that you stepped away and found some peace and beauty at your own speed.
    And enjoy your happy tears.

  2. You are wise to listen to your body. Pain always means something is wrong.

  3. There is much to be said for slowing down and taking time to take photos and enjoy the details.
    Enjoy the wedding, and eat the cake. You can walk it off tomorrow.

  4. No shame in altering a course when it will turn out to be problem.

  5. Pretty Falls! Good for you listening to your body...hope you had a fun time at the wedding!

  6. Our month in Bellingham this year was at an Airbnb next to Whatcom Falls so we were able to walk through the park often. So beautiful.


  7. You had a great walk anyway, by the look of that photo. Gorgeous!

  8. Sometimes cloudy skies make for the best photos. And ... congrats to the happy couple!

  9. Smart to pay attention to your body and sore muscles will go away soon and a bit stronger muscles will take their place. No meed to force them. Always good to have a great plan B and it seems you did. Have a good cry at the wedding--me too.

  10. Smart to listen to your body.
    Enjoy the celebration! :)

  11. I enlarged your photo – it is magnificent. I can almost hear the sound of the falls. I walked up to waterfalls in the N GA Mountains last week and tried to take a video to share the roar of the water – but I never can figure out how to place my videos on my blog. Enjoy the wedding, they are such happy times.


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