Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween in the Chuckanuts

Spooky Senior Trailblazers
Today, a beautiful fall day in our part of the world, offered our group two hikes as possible destinations: one, into the High Country once again to tackle Goat Mountain. Eight people chose to go, and considering the wonderful day that those of us who stayed in town enjoyed, I'll bet they will have a fabulous day, too. Two, the rest of us, nine Senior Trailblazers went from the North Chuckanut trailhead up to Raptor Ridge and returned.
Start of the Huckleberry trail
We headed up the Hemlock trail until we got to this junction, where we made our way uphill to the Huckleberry viewpoint. The temperature was just about perfect: no wind, and cool but rather mild temperatures. Not long after starting, we had to have a clothing adjustment almost immediately.
Carin, me, and Dianne (taken by Melanie)
You can tell by the way we are dressed that it wasn't very cold. I would have shown you the view, but there really wasn't one. We ladies were much more interesting to photograph.
Me, Carin, and Melanie (taken by Dianne)
Dianne saw this shot and shared it with me. Look at all those maple leaves that have fallen in the trail. It was so lovely, and I kept feeling such delight to be out here in the wilderness, even if it's close to home it's really beautiful.
Our lunch spot
Then we made it to our destination, Raptor Ridge. Although it was early, we decided to just go ahead and make it a lunch break. Everyone speculated that we could be back home in the early afternoon to take care of other matters, after having had a good hike.
Another view from Raptor Ridge
Looking the other direction from the ridge, we saw some high clouds that dissipated before long, with lots of evergreen gracing the view as well. And then we went back down to the cars, taking a different way so that we could have a little variety as we descended.
Bridge on the return trip
I like this little bridge we need to cross to make it back to the Hemlock trail from the ridge. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have such a fine place to hike, close to town, on Chuckanut Mountain. It is also well maintained.
Some pretty golden leaves
By the time I make it up there again, we might see snow on the trail, but for sure all the leaves will be gone from the deciduous trees. We do have so many evergreens, though, that it will still be a pleasure to see. We ended up covering around seven-and-a-half miles and 1,700 feet up and down. Not a particularly strenuous day, but a good one! Everybody was happy, and now we can get ready for the Halloween kiddie onslaught.


  1. The views from your lunch spot are wonderful!

  2. It does look like a good day to be in the woods and on the trail.
    We got yard work finished up for now, so tomorrow I want to go out roaming somewhere. The great thing about Bellingham is it's proximity to so many outdoor opportunities. That's a main reason why Jake loved it there when he went to school at WWSU.

  3. Glad you had such a good day. It's been raining and cold all day here, and snow is forecast tonight!

  4. What beautiful views, and mild temperatures to boot !
    You really are fortunate to be so close to such spectacular hiking spots.
    Lunch on the look-out, stunning.

  5. Love the scenery! AND the pair of trio photos of your hiker buddies!

  6. I've been having problems with commenting. I apologize if repeated....

    Beautiful scenes/views. AND I love the trio photos!

  7. That's still a very decent hike Some elevation and some mileage and some great scenery. Oh I forgot , some great company!

  8. What a wonderful trail and nearby. You are fortunate to live by the mountains. This island is flat. I would be thrilled to hike one mountain trail!

  9. How wonderful to have this beautiful trail so close to you.
    Enjoy your Halloween.

  10. Looks like a perfect hike to me. Decent mileage, great company and wonderful weather. Nothing hurts and still some day left.

  11. Boy, 7-1/2 miles is much too strenuous for me. I can barely walk 200 feet with my bum knee.

  12. Hope you had a lot of trick or treaters!

  13. Hiking through all those beautiful fall leaves alone would make it fun. Lovely weather and good company...can't beat that! :)

  14. Ha ha, that does look like a spooky bunch! Wonderful hike and well photographed!

  15. Hah, hah. Of course the ladies are much more interesting than the view!


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