Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Front porch flowers today

My renovated flower show
Some of my pretty flowers had died or were simply not doing so well, so I went to the local flower shop and got some new ones to spruce up my front porch flowers. Notice that our lawn has dried out to its summer tan, and it will stay that way until the rains return. Fortunately, the grass is not dead, just dormant. On the plus side, it doesn't need to be mowed.
Favorite flowers
This plant has needed nothing from me; it just keeps getting more beautiful. It's hard for me to remember that those pretty fuschia-colored petunias were just a small little plant when they went in, with just two tiny flowers. And now look at them! Just beautiful.
New flowers
The plants on the left are just purchased. It was filled before with pansies, but they began to die and wilt, so I pulled them out and filled it with petunias and that pretty silver plant (the name of which I've forgotten). I'm looking forward to seeing how it fills out as the days and weeks of summer moves ahead. It gives me such pleasure to sit outside and feast on my pretty plants. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful!

    I *think* that silver plant is a Dusty Miller.

  2. Lovely things. Thank you for sharing the pleasure.

  3. So beautiful! I too enjoy just sitting on the porch enjoying my potted plants.

  4. Such beautiful flowers, the colors are so lovely.
    I'd enjoy sitting amongst them on your porch :)

  5. Looks like petunia "Night Sky". Nice!

  6. Weather certainly influences us outdoor types. We learn to live with it.

  7. Such a pretty space you’ve created Jan. Enjoy!

  8. I like your speckled Petunia and yes the silvery plant is Dusty Miller. Your plants are looking good. Thanks for the photo that includes your trees that were scalped a year or two ago...they look great now! :)

  9. They are looking beautiful! Especially nice to look at when the grass is brown. Your new additions are pretty, too. :)

  10. Such pretty, colorful flowers. They made me smile.

  11. What a delightful view you have created for yourself. Lovely porch.
    Your grass really is dormant--kind of like our winter grass. We too have had little rain so mowing is random and the dust flies when I do mow.

  12. Beautiful D J. And, I must agree on the lawn's "plus side". (Not having to be mowed) lol


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