Saturday, September 16, 2017

Last lovely summer's day

Unusual bandaid
This morning on my walk with the ladies I saw this car with a well-placed bandaid, but methinks it might need more than just this quick fix. It's not likely to heal up on its own. But it did make me smile. We had a really lovely walk in cool, brisk weather, but tomorrow our drought will end and the rain will return with a vengeance. In fact, I think today we had our last sunny day for awhile. We've got rain in the forecast for the next few days, and Friday will bring the first official day of fall. I found out from Time and Date, one of my favorite websites, that this year we will experience the advent of fall on September 22 at 1:01pm in the Pacific Northwest. It was a really lovely summer, and the first time I've gotten to harvest so many ripe tomatoes in my garden.
Me and Peggy, with Linda and Al in the background
My dear friend Mike (also known as Mikey Poppins since he uses a big umbrella on rainy days) gifted me this week with a CD compilation of pictures taken of me over the years. I'm not sure exactly when this one was taken, but it was a minimum of five years ago, or longer when I look at the pack I was using back then. It made me smile to realize how fortunate I've been to have this group of friends for so long. I know things change, but I will enjoy my memories forever. And I'm still happy to be able to hike, although who knows for how much longer? I need to cherish every single one. And I do.


  1. Love the bandaid - and smiling at your happy self as well.
    Enjoy your week.

  2. Way to go, Jan! Live in the moment! Enjoy every minute. You look as good today as you did those years ago!

  3. That was very sweet of Mike to give you that special gift.

  4. Enjoy the rain. Enjoy the memories.

  5. Fun post. How cool of Mike to compile photos for you.
    I was very aware of this being the last "summer" day around here as we went on an outing with our garden group, then to lunch, and then sat outside and ate ice cream with two from the group. Back home, I had my coffee and finished the newspaper on the patio. I will miss all of this.

  6. The car with the bandaid is cute. Love the photo of you!

  7. The bandaid made me smile also. It helps to have a sense of humor which that guy has. Cute photo of you. It was really nice of Mike to do that for you.

  8. Cute pic, DJan. You look happy and rosy cheeked!Such a nice gift.

  9. The bandaid is hysterical!! Love it!
    How sweet of Mike to do for you. And what a great picture. :) Have a super week.

  10. What a thoughtful friend Mikey is! You look very happy in the photo! :)

  11. Yes, the here-and-now is all we have. We should enjoy it. I love the CD idea, so very thoughtful.

  12. I do, I DO love the 'older' photo of you dear D J! Such a happy, happy face and wonderful smile. I too am happy that you have met up with this great group of hikers...all the more WE enjoy coming here to visit with you.

    I wish it would rain here again!!!

    Oh, I almost forgot, that band-aid boo boo car is a hoot.

    1. ps....I'm happy to read in your previous post that your sister had minimal damage during Irma. Praise be.


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