Saturday, August 6, 2016

Some movies and the Saturday walk

Whatcom Creek 7 August 2016
We had a very large group this morning when we ladies met for our walk (21). We kept up our usual brisk pace and went a little more than five miles and then enjoyed coffee together. Or at least a few of us did; others went off on their own pursuits. When we crossed over Whatcom Creek on the walk, I noticed that a few of the leaves are already beginning to turn colors. And the water level is way down, too. We are well into our normal drought period, with the lawns turned brown and summer more than half gone already.

Some people really hate to see summer go, especially up here where we rarely deal with really hot temperatures, but I don't mind a bit. We are fortunate to have such moderate weather, year round, that winter doesn't bother me, and fall is my favorite time of the year.
Tima's gift of a a glass sculpture
One of the Saturday women brought this by while I was out having coffee, a beautiful glass sculpture that she created. Several of my blogging friends also make these, but I have only see them in pictures before now. I'm not sure whether I'll use it as a plant stand, put some pretty pebbles in it, or even put water in it for the birds. I sure do love it, though!

I have seen two movies at our local independent theater in the last few days, both of which I enjoyed very much. The first one, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, as you can see from this Rotten Tomatoes link, has a 99% freshness rating. It's a delightful offbeat New Zealand comedy that kept me laughing and entertained.

Then yesterday I went to see Captain Fantastic, a completely different kind of movie. It's about a man who decides to raise his kids completely off the grid and teach them survivalist techniques. Their mother is in a hospital when the movie begins, and I won't tell you exactly what happens, but Viggo Mortensen is just incredible as Ben, the father. (He played Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.) Warning: there is one moment of full frontal nudity.

This movie was my favorite of the two, because it really made me think about what is happening to our society. A friend told me, who works as a volunteer at the Pickford Theater, that everybody has come out loving the movie, except for a few who walked out after a few minutes, declaring that this is no way to raise children! They missed a really good movie because of their prejudice, I believe.

If you see either of them, I'd love to know what you think.


  1. yup, i can see a birdbath with a rock in it for center perching point. :) i'm a big fan of viggo m. so i know i'd enjoy that movie.

  2. Such a lovely day, a walk with great friends, coffee and a beautiful present. A great Saturday by the sound of it.

  3. I've noticed some early change of color in leaves. I will be interested to see why. I think the second movie would have a good message for us.

  4. Love that sculpture. So much.
    And I am seriously looking forward to seeing pictures of the autumnal fireworks on the trees in your beautiful part of the world.

  5. I, too love autumn more than summer. As a matter of fact, August is my least favorite month. Can't wait for cooler temperatures.

  6. Very pretty glass sculpture!! The movies sound good I will have to watch them on Netflix when they are released to the public. :)

  7. I like your glass tower too.
    I have not been paying much attention to movies lately. I'll have to keep your recommendations in mind if they ever show up On Demand.

  8. The year round moderate temperatures and weather sound pretty good to me. The northeast bitter cold and snowy winters have convinced us to head south each year for respite.

    I love your photos. You are a great photographer! The photos always make me feel like I am right there with you :-)

  9. We are too busy watching the Olympics on TV to see movies at the theater right now, though David does watch a movie on Netflix now and then.

  10. What a pretty handmade gift! You'll have to let us know what you decide to do with it.
    Both movies are in my Netflix queue. :)

  11. I do like that tower a lot Hope you find a fun use for it--I'm leaning towards bird bath.
    Both of those movies sound interesting and you are making me think strongly about rejoining Netflix again.

  12. What a special gift, your friend is very talented !
    Another fabulous hike, leaves already falling is most definitely a sign that Summer is waning..
    The two movies sound like fun, I should join Netflix.

  13. I love your top photo of the little stream. It looks so lovely and cool there.

  14. More movie recommendations! Great. And I love Viggo in everything he does.

  15. Of course I'd use the beautiful glass work as a bird know me. Even if I used it indoors with 'artificial birds' and plants by the window.

    That brook looks mighty refreshing D J. And as for the movies...I think the last one sounds good...if it's fun and entertaining, that, to me is what movies should be.

  16. I do love the wilderness so the second one will work for me..:)


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