Saturday, August 27, 2016

Moving into the fall harvest

Blue skies and sunflower
I took this picture yesterday when it was very hot here in Bellingham. We broke a temperature record Thursday as well as Friday. Yesterday was the hottest of the two: it got up to 88°F, which might not seem like much to those used to scorching hot temperature all summer, but we are fragile Pacific Northwestern flowers!
From my front porch just now
But look at it now! Grey skies, lots of clouds, a cool breeze, and it's twenty degrees cooler out there. I went walking with the ladies this morning, and we were all feeling the chill but enjoying it, too. Nobody was complaining.
Volunteer vine taking over the garden gate
I went out to the garden just now to check things out, and I noticed that this volunteer squash vine is spilling out across the fence and snaking its way up the gate as well. It's sort of pretty, but I suspect we'll be cutting it back soon.
Keith's pumpkins and other goodies
I noticed also that my garden neighbor Keith has grown some pretty good looking pumpkins, along with some yellow squash I don't recognize and other unidentified veggies. I just peeked over and didn't wander around. You can see that the vines are beginning to wither, exposing the fruits. It's that time in the garden when we are getting close to harvesting these plants.

I should probably be out there while it's nice and cool to weed my own patch, but instead I'm going off to the movies with my friend Judy. We will see Hell or High Water, a modern Western shoot-em-up, with Jeff Bridges in the lead role. It's gotten great reviews, so my expectations are high, although it's not my usual movie cup of tea. I'll let you know if it's worth seeing. (NB: Yes, go see it; it's wonderful!)


  1. The sunflower against the azure blue sky makes a great photo. It has been very hot here in London which makes me a bit listless. Too hot to be pounding the streets of London and too much traffic to venture onto the motorways to the coast.

  2. I saw the previews of this movie last week at the theater. Do tell us what it's like....I know Bud would love a western!!!

    Oh that weather....88 of course as you say is pretty GOOD for us here in the South...but the clouds and 20 degrees cooler even sounds better!!!!

    Yep, time for pumpkins. Hard to believe.

    1. PS....Bud and I went to lunch and the theater is nearby, so we walked there and enjoyed the movie Hell or High Water. [I thought it was slow to begin, but picked up and got pretty darned good by the end!!!!] Oh, and I like ALL the Bridges...from Lloyd to Beau.

  3. The garden will wait for you.
    Have fun at the movies.

  4. The gardens have done their work as have the gardeners. Harvest time will soon be here. Oh my! I hate this part of late summer.

    It is cooler here today too. I like it!

  5. Plants are definitely past their peak. I will throw out the pea vines.

  6. We enjoyed the cooler temps today too. We did get some sun this afternoon. I don't want warm weather to go away,just HOT weather.
    Thanks for the movie recommendation. I have not paid much attention to movies lately.

  7. I've been wondering how your northern garden(s) are enduring the heat. Unbelievable summer we have all had!
    Lovely sunflower canvased on that gorgeous sky!!

  8. We have had cooler than normal temps all week, and looks like this coming week will be the same. I'm ready for football and fall. :)

  9. Oh, please don't rush fall. I'm going up to the swimming pool this afternoon (it's open for one more week!)

  10. Looking forward to your review. We just went and saw Meryl Streep latest. She plays a woman (true story) who plays a woman whose opera singing is cringe worthy and doesn't know it. It's actually a rather heart warming story and as always Meryl is fantastic...;)

  11. What a beautiful sunflower! I saw St Vincent this week on Netflix and I really enjoyed it:)

  12. My father used to grow pumpkins and squash in his yard. Your photos bring back memories.

  13. We must have the same temperature experience. 88F would be very hot and uncomfort,able here too.

  14. That's a fine looking pumpkin patch, looking very autumnal already. Yes, Autumn is in the air here too.

  15. Had to laugh at your "fragile Pacific Northwestern flowers" self description. Fragile you are not, just heat sensitive:))
    Anxious to hear your review. I heard that is a good one.

  16. I like your sunflower reaching for the sky. Surely pumpkins mean fall and cool weather is on the way. Summer seemed to go by in a flash! Let's enjoy our gardens for a little while longer.

  17. Hi DJan! Thank you so much for keeping connected and keeping my spirits happy. I've been so focused on sorting, organizing and selecting photos for the trip photobooks for my granddaughter and us. It's been such a busy summer for us. I've heard that it was/is really hot in the NW too. D.C. was horribly hot. We've got another couple hurricanes headed our way in Hawaii. I hope it stays cooler in Bellingham for you. I'm so happy you enjoyed Molokai! I'm about to start A Tale for the Time Being now.


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