Saturday, June 18, 2016

A soaker of a Saturday

Staying out of the rain, waiting for the others to arrive
When I woke this morning to the sound of rain drumming on the roof, I took a quick look at the weather app and discovered that there was nothing but green covering the entire area. A wet one, for sure. I put on my rain clothes and lamented the loss of my Seattle Sombrero (I lost two hats last week!) but took a visor to help keep the rain off my glasses under the rain hood. It worked fine, except that it wasn't very cold and I ended up taking it off and just getting wet. Most of us did the same. Even with the rain, fifteen women showed up!
Sprawling tomato plant
It was still raining hours later when I got home after seeing a movie (more on that in a minute), so I headed out to the garden to see how it's faring in all the rain. Yesterday I put in some new plants, but what really surprised me this week is the way my tomato plant has taken off. When I first put that little guy into the ground, it was only a few leaves, and now I'm thinking I need to stake it.
Tender starts surrounded by copper tape
We have been enjoying the Russian kale so much that I decided to plant a variant of it, along with some more black kale, so that's what you're seeing in the picture. I decided to surround the tender little starts with that copper tape I bought recently. So far (it's been three days now), no nibbles. Here's the link, for those of you who might also be fighting slugs.
Strawberries and raspberries
I always stop to pick a few strawberries and raspberries while I'm out in the garden, and boy were these tasty! It was still raining lightly while I was out, so I didn't stay long but managed to get this picture before consuming these.

About the movie: I just saw The Lobster, a dark dystopian comedy. The protagonist, David, played by Colin Farrell, lives in a society where single people have 45 days to find true love, or else they are turned into the animal of their choice and released into the woods. One reviewer said it was what would happen if Wes Anderson decided to do Franz Kafka. It was truly bizarre and unsettling. I can't say I enjoyed it exactly, but I didn't hate it, either. I'll have to think about it some more.


  1. sounds like a puzzling concept for a movie. the berries look great! glad you found something to help w/ the slugs. and even a pup for walking in the rain. :)

  2. David says he won't see that movie, because it is a stupid movie. Lol.

  3. Some days becoming an animal and retreating to the woods has a lot of charm.
    Raining here today too. Which I love.
    And don't fresh strawberries and raspberries tast delicious.

  4. You garden is looking great. I am growing Russian kale as well and we've already had it with a meal. Delicious.

    Your hiking group is determined, that's for certain. Well done.

    I think Lobster would affect how I look at lobsters forever more.

  5. You did all get a drenching, didn't you. I noticed a dog in the picture too. Your garden is doing so well, it's impressive and your strawberries look delicious. How do you eat the kale?

  6. The movie? I think I'll stick to tomatoes and strawberries!

  7. Those strawberries look yummy! The Lobster was an oddball movie, I thought. Unsettling, for sure, thought I'm not sure why!

  8. I'm waiting to see that bizarre movie. Certainly looks different, that's for sure.
    You guys are sure used to rain over there. That's a lot of hikers for such a wet day--LOL!
    Garden is looking great and the copper seems to be doing the trick! Have a super week, my friend. :)

  9. Look at those beautiful berries!
    I have never tried Kale...I suppose I should one of these days:)

  10. You seem to be able to live with heavy rain. It's good that you don't let rain bother you or you'd spend a lot of time indoors.

  11. Lots o' brave ladies walking in the rain. But still, it's something to do besides sitting by the computer on a cold/wet day....right? And the camaraderie.

    Those strawberries look luscious, they do, they do!! Yum.

    And the movie, I'll pass on it...but what animal would I want to be if no true love found? Good question...tiger? cougar? leopard? cheetah? It'd have to be a big cat. Nope, no bird this time...a cat.

  12. Gorgeous berries, I bet they are so sweet !
    I loved walking in the rain, but doesn't it get slippery up on those hiking trails ?
    Either way, it all sounds like so much fun.

  13. We went to the Ballard Farmer's market today, and I hoped to find strawberries. there were none! Just raspberries, blackberries and blueberries - already! this spring is crazy.
    We ended up with very little rain on Saturday - just light stuff until much later in the day.

  14. Good for you and your friends for braving the weather! Your strawberries look amazing!

  15. Your garden strawberries look yummy! Store bought just can't compare...tomatoes, either! Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!


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