Thursday, April 21, 2016

My favorite garden store

Joe's Gardens
When I woke up this morning and tested out my knee, it felt pretty good. But not good enough to go to Noisy Creek with the Trailblazers. Although I don't know how many of them went, I suspect they had a good turnout, since the day was just about perfect for it. Here's the link to our 2013 hike, when it was perfect weather, too; in fact, I named the post "Noisy Creek was Fabulous." I am hoping they are having just as wonderful a day, and maybe somebody will send me some pictures. I won't be going to the gym tomorrow because I'll be heading to my doctor's office to talk about my knee and hope I can get a referral to a specialist.

Whatever. Today I spent going to the gym and riding the exercise bike and taking the strength and tone class, while I tried to avoid looking out the window at how beautiful it was outside. So in desperation to spend some time out there myself, I went to Joe's Gardens to get some flowers and some veggie starts.
An enormous selection of just about everything
Such a beautiful day! I sure hope they are having a good time without me. I went out to the garden and got a good start on my starts, so to speak. I put in gourmet and spicy salad starts, as well as something called "brokali," a hybrid broccoli and kale plant. I'm excited to see what it is.
The beginning of my 2016 garden
Here you can see what I've done so far. In the front are my strawberry transplants, and then after the three stones are the salad stuff, and behind them the brokali. I just got a call from John and he says if I come out to his farm right away, he'll cut me some fresh asparagus right out of his garden for dinner tonight! How can I turn that down? The garden will be waiting for me when I get back to it.


  1. Sounds like you still got a lot done, but I can tell you are sure unhappy about not hiking with your friends. Hopefully you will mend quick and be back on the trail.

  2. Fresh asparagus? No, one can NOT turn that down!

    What a fabulous garden store!

    Here's hoping you have a good outcome (and a referral) tomorrow!

  3. you had a productive day. good luck with the doc visit tomorrow!

  4. I envy you being able to plant your vegetables already. Lucky you!

  5. Garden stores are hazardous to the pocket book for us this time of the year. We have so many wonderful places in this area.
    Tom has begun planting seeds directly into the garden soil, as well as growing starts in his greenhouse.

  6. What a fantastic selection, I would spend all day there :)
    Sending you healing wishes DJan, I hope the doctor will put you on the track to recovery quickly.
    You do so well with your allotment garden, all that TLC pays off each year, when you enjoy ot's bounty.

  7. Your garden is looking good! Good Luck with your Doctors appointment tomorrow:)

  8. I hope your knee appointment shows that things are improving. The less you have to treat a knee the better.Strength and stretching go a long way to treat things.

  9. Fingers crossed for good news from your doc tomorrow! At least you were able to do some gardening in this nice weather.

  10. Oh wow! Fresh asparagus from someone's garden? That's awesome! I'm sure your garden will provide a bumper crop. I'm sorry you're missing out on the hike, DJan, but I really feel you made the right decision to rest your knee a bit longer.

  11. Fresh asparagus. My mouth is watering at the thought. Good luck with your own garden.

  12. What a huge plant store! Fresh asparagus...yes, the garden can wait. Your knee probably could have used the break with the planting, too. ;)

  13. That is quite a large store for plants. Awesome!

  14. Ohh, I will have to check out brokali. Two of my favorite veggies. I know it must be killing you to rest that knee but am glad you are managing. Hope the doc has some news for you.
    Fresh asparagus is great even raw. Lucky you.


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