Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tulip Festival 2016

RoozenGaarde Display Gardens
Last year, I went to see the tulips in the Skagit Valley in the middle of April, and it was just past the height of the season. Check out last year's post to see the difference. Today it is still March and the Tulip Festival has not officially begun, and I found that many of the tulips have not yet opened. The people who plant them try to have early and late bloomers so that everybody gets to enjoy their incredible beauty for as long as possible.
Me and Lynn
I went with my neighbor and friend Lynn and her son Soren. It was a treat for me because Soren drove and I could just enjoy the excursion. Soren took this picture of us. We got there just before the display gardens open at 9:00, and the early morning sun and dew on the tulips made for some wonderful pictures.
Tulip covered with dew
We chose today because we are at the beginning of an extended sunny period with no rain, and I felt that if we got there early we could leave before the crowds arrived, and that's just what happened.
Tree in front, daffodils behind
I've taken pictures of this tree every year. Sometimes they have arranged it differently, but today I was mesmerized by the daffodils behind and the strong sunlight casting shadows. Last year that entire field of daffodils was filled with tulips of every color, so that was a little disappointing. I guess they rotate the field every year.
Tulips and grape hyacinth
The sun shone right on top of these tulips and made for a lovely contrast in light and dark. Although the camera would have taken a better picture if I had found a little shade to keep the rays of the sun from washing it out, I still really like this picture.
Budding leaves
We walked in solitude around the gardens before the people began to arrive, but soon enough, we saw many more people and even a couple of buses filled with school children pulling into the parking lot. We decided to go ahead and leave and drive to the surrounding tulip fields, but none of my pictures were very good, as the tulips are still just beginning to bud out. By this coming weekend, they will all be in full bloom.
Morning shadows
Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time looking at the early tulips and the displays. It is only a half-hour drive from my house to the tulips, but I know from experience that you want to go early and never ever go on a weekend! I did that once, and that was enough. So, with that I will leave you to enjoy the tulips and the unaccustomed sun! I'm heading out to the garden.


  1. Tulips and sunshine! What could be better?

  2. i love the tree view, too! and, of course, the fence! :)

  3. Sooooo very beautiful. Thank you.
    Enjoy your time in the garden. I have damaged myself and have to stay out of ours for a bit.

  4. I can only visit the tulips and daffodils vicariously through your lens. Simply beautiful, DJan.

  5. So beautiful, Jan. We had another vrush with Sheila today so your scene is most welcome!

  6. Tulips really put zing into spring. You can tell I'm still looking at snow!

  7. You were like the smart pig who beat the wolf to the fair. We were in the same place later in the morning. There were lots of people but I did manage to get some photos without bodies in them. I am not at home tonight and at home my desktop computer apparently has a worm, so I'm not sure when i will get photos posted. If I use my laptop, as I am now, the process will be very slow. I guess that might limit my posts to tens and not hundreds of photos :-)

  8. How gorgeous! It really is spring your way already. :)

  9. Aaaaahhhhh.... I remember it all now. We were so glad that you were able to be our tour guide last year and point out all the beautiful places. Mom still looks at the photos and smiles and smiles. These are such gorgeous photos, DJan.

  10. These are all so beautiful. And to see fields of them...awesome!

  11. What a wonderful day. I'd love to be walking among the tulips. With my camera in hand. But, I'm stuck in Minnesota. And just looking at a few green sprigs peaking out of the soil. Lucky You!

  12. Wow, that is one big field of daffodils. We have daffodils around here, but not tulips. The deer eat 'em.

  13. Well I sure liked that photo of the Daffodil field! Beautiful! I am so glad you went so I could enjoy your photos:)

  14. Wow, all that beauty and only half an hour away. Lucky you. I know what you mean when someone else drives. It can be a route you have driven many times but from the passenger seat, it is like a different trip. Your eyes are free.

  15. What a wonderful place to visit. I planted several groups of tulips a couple of years ago. I even placed chicken wire over them, and covered it with mulch. Something burrowed under and got many of the bulbs. Grr.


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