Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gates Overlook to Raptor Ridge

Ward, Sue, Peggy, Steve, Chris, Lisa, Linda, Al, Rich
Ten Senior Trailblazers met on a rainy morning to begin another hike in the Chuckanuts, this time starting from Gates Overlook and hiking down the Rock Trail, to the Lost Lake trail, to Raptor Ridge and back the way we had come. I think I can finally use a saying I heard awhile back: "it was a DRY rain" because we didn't get any, again! Although it rained all night and we had lots of muddy sloppy trail to navigate, none of it came out of the sky on us.
Leaving the Lost Lake Trail for Raptor Ridge
There weren't a whole lot of possibilities for pictures today, since it was dark and overcast most of the day, and I ended up taking fewer than usual. It was also quite windy in spots, and when we reached the ridge, it was blowing and dark and very unappealing as a spot to stop for lunch.
Raptor Ridge today in 20-mph winds
Nope, that's just not going to do. We got down out of the wind a little and decided that maybe we could head to Lost Lake for lunch, but since that would have added a good distance to the hike, we decided to make the best of it and simply find a place out of the wind.
Our not-so-scenic lunch spot
As we were hiking down from Raptor Ridge, we ran into a young man, Daniel Probst, who stopped to chat with us for a bit. He's excited about his work on a trail that goes from Bellingham all the way to the top of Mt. Baker. I found an article about him and the trail on the Mt. Baker Experience Magazine. It turns out last year this young man and two others ran the entire distance from Bellingham to the Mt. Baker summit in 48 hours and 17 minutes! I thought he looked very fit, but that is an understatement. He also took a picture of us, which he shared with me on Facebook:
Look at those bent trees: am I hallucinating?
And then we returned to Gates Overlook, and by this time we had some sun breaks. It looked like Bellingham was also enjoying some sunshine. The temperature was mild and the day was fine. We covered just under nine miles and really enjoyed the dry rain.
Gates Overlook in the afternoon
As you can see, the sky had changed to more benign clouds than we had at Raptor Ridge, and as we made our way back to the Senior Center, we saw plenty of sunshine. A fine day with just the right blend of adventure and companionship. I am including the following picture of the sign at the Overlook for my friend Stew, who likes maps. This one at least tells you what is out there in Bellingham Bay.
A little information about our park
And this concludes another Thursday hiking around in the beautiful mountains where the Trailblazers spend our winter months. Today felt like spring, with everything budding out, reminding me that it won't be long before we head back up to the High Country!


  1. You have been sooooo lucky with the rain recently. Long may it continue.

  2. It's a beautiful place to enjoy your hikes.
    Hopefully, warmer weather is not too far off.
    Fascinating young man !

  3. I expected lots of rainy squalls today, but they didn't really materialize. Only a few short showers. It's 5:30 and still daylight with a mostly clear sky!
    With nine miles of hiking, it's good that you stayed dry!

  4. Can't believe your success in avoiding rain! Now if I could figure out how to avoid the cold! And thanks for the map. I like that kind, which helps tell you what you're looking at.

  5. You meets some very interesting people on trails. You have to stop and talk to some or they will just walk by. It's harder when you're skiing as you're moving faster. You'll soon have to wear fewer layers.

  6. Ha, ha, I like your phrase "dry rain!" We had some of that skiing today too.


  7. I apologize for taking so long to come by and visit. It's been a busy week, and I'm up early to sit at the computer today before another day begins and I won't have much time!! Thanks for dropping by this week.

    Your previous post, where I'm trying to catch up...your edible

    Now your hike....looks so pretty. Wishing we had places like this HERE! lol Loved the 'fish eye' image.

  8. What a great group and beautiful terrain. You meet such interesting people too. I love the faces full of spirit and life! Such a wonderful thing to do !

  9. Wow! That is one long trail they're making!! He must have been an interesting character to meet along the way. You guys have been lucky with the weather even when it hasn't been the best of days. I hope that keeps up. :)

  10. I can't imagine being a long distance runner like that new friend of yours. Even though there were fewer photos, the ones you did take are quite awesome.

  11. Had to laugh at "dry rain". You seem lucky to find that condition a lot. That guy ran for 48 hours?? He is not fit, he is superman. Wow.

  12. Dry rain, is that akin to warm snow? Another great hike in your beautiful wilderness:)

  13. I like the fisheye photo. That's what the world would look like if I hiked as far as you. Through my eyes anyway. Thanks again for visiting my writing blog. I'll catch up in a few weeks!

  14. You all look happy even with "dry rain." I like the photo of the clearing sky at the overlook.

  15. Oh my! That fellow ran uphill for 48 hours? Seriously? I can't run for more than 5 minutes. Sheesh! I'm glad it didn't rain on you. Raptor Ridge sounds like an ominous name.


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