Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Things are returning to normal

My neighbor's grapes
The house right behind our apartment complex has a huge garden, and a grape arbor leads into their back yard. Every year there are a few grapes, but this year they are incredibly abundant! I couldn't help myself, I had to taste them and they are not your usual grapes, seedless and amazingly tasty. I might go over to their house and see if they would allow me to pick some that have grown outside their fence.
Kale and salad greens in my garden
Because of that incredible windstorm on Saturday, our power was off for a total of 35 hours before it came back. It began to flicker and then everything went dark about 11:00am on Saturday, and it was after 10:00pm on Sunday night when it came back on. We've been eating stuff that thawed in our freezer, but basically I'm just thankful that it's back already, as there are still many people in our area who will not get theirs back until sometime later today. It rained all day yesterday, but right now there is a lull in the rain so I went out to see how our community garden fared in all the wind and rain. I'm so pleased to see my kale looking so beautiful.
Surprisingly, my broccoli plant that I didn't pick earlier in the season has sprouted more florets and delicious leaves. I'll harvest this as soon as we can find a place for it in our very full fridge. I took a look around at the other plots in the garden, and I see that Keith's pumpkins are looking good, although his cornstalks all blew down. I suspect that he had already picked the corn.
Pumpkins and blown down corn on the right
Now that the ground has softened up, I can go out there and get my plot weeded and ready for next year's planting. I still also have tomatoes on the vine that are doing just fine, so they will stay for awhile longer. I sure do love this gardening business, having a produce garden right out my back door is wonderful!


  1. You did well without power. I always worry about all the stuff in our freezer....

  2. I am so glad to hear that you have power back. Love your garden - and the fact that you are going to ask the neighbour before snaffling his grapes.

  3. so glad your power is back! that's a pretty long time for an outage! i heard about the 2 deaths due to strong winds in your area. sad. but so glad for some rain!

  4. Those grapes look mouth-watering. Glad you got your power back. I missed out on the storm. I'm in S. Dakota for the week and it's warm and sunny here.

  5. Wow, 35 hours is quite a long time without power! So glad you've got it back. We once went for almost a week due to an ice storm...I almost lost my mind.

  6. 35 hours without power is a long time...I do hope that not too much from your freezer spoiled.

  7. I'm happy to read that your power is back on....and I pray that the power is on for your neighbors as well. It is very hard to be without electricity.
    Abundant fruits and veggies...!! Delicious to eat, as well, I'm sure.
    Sending you hugs, my friend.

  8. Having your own garden is great - but a fungus has attacked our tomatoes and the entire group of plants has wilted and collapsed in just two days, just as they were starting to ripen!

  9. It must have been a relief to have the power return last night. You could go to sleep knowing all would be well in the morning.
    We have a lot of debris from the storm all over our yard, but until today we have not had time to deal with it, and today it never really stopped raining long enough to go out.

  10. That is quite a while without electricity. Sounds like you made it okay...makes a person appreciate the things we take for granted! Those grapes look so pretty:)

  11. How beautiful those grapes and your veggies look! Love those pumpkins, too.
    It's good that your power is back on. We are all so dependent on electricity.

  12. People have been talking about how beautiful the produce is this year in Minnesota. You just never know what to expect from the weather! But you have worked hard on your garden and on preparing the soil from year to year, so I'm glad you are enjoying all the vegetables. And glad the power is back on.

  13. Those grapes looked delicious! 35 hours without power: yuck. Glad it came back on!

  14. That was a long time--so glad you are back on the grid. Isn't it amazing, minutes after the lights go back on--we quickly slip right back into normal? Of course you still have to switch off all those lights that you flipped on reflexively.
    Those grapes look marvelous. Hope your neighbor is willing to share. Maybe a tomato/grape trade.

  15. So glad your power wasn't off any longer. Life is strangely quiet without electricity and I feel cut off from the world. But reading and writing can fill the time. I have a big oil lamp and lots of candles, but I don't think we've been out quite that long--thank goodness! It's a really scary thing in the winter here. Thank goodness it usually happens in the summer (lightning).

    The year has been flying by. Already time to think about preparing your garden for next year--goodness! Glad I am getting your post notifications again!! :):)

  16. DJan, after I had read your last post and commented last Sunday night.. I woke up Monday morning to no power here!!
    Apparently a scheduled five hour outage that we missed the memo on.
    Not a great way to start a Monday morning with an appointment to make it to with one of the kids at the doctor. Our water is delivered by a well and pressure tank, so no power means no water, as well. Luckily I had showered the night before. I thought of you as I was in this predicament!
    I like my honey and peanut butter toast each morning, and I really like my morning chai! None of either for me.
    I couldn't get the car out of our garage right away either, panicking a bit before figuring out the non-electric release to open it. ;) Luckily, we made it to our appointment on time.
    Glad all is normal for you again, and those grapes look divine!


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