Saturday, July 26, 2014

A beautiful Saturday

Blackberries and raspberries
This morning I went on a really nice five-mile walk with the Fairhaven ladies. It was just beautiful out, a perfect temperature and after a few clouds, a sunny day. The light breeze made it even nicer as we walked along the waterfront. Then I went over to the Farmers' Market to take some pictures, although I didn't have anything to buy.
Honey for sale, and lots of people
I liked the look of the honey with the sunlight coming through. I didn't buy any, but I did think about it. Everyone was in a very good mood, and I enjoyed walking around and looking at the sights.
Amazing vegetables
Aren't these pretty? I sure do enjoy the abundance of produce we have available to us here in the Pacific Northwest. And all of them are local, too. Then I came home and puttered around in the garden and came in to write a post, when...

We lost power, and it didn't come on for a long time. The other apartment dwellers started coming out of their apartments, as it turned out we were all in the same boat. It's interesting how dependent we all are on electricity. No TV, no lights, no internet! But then a few minutes ago it came back on, and I thought I'd better get this post up before it might go out again. So far, so good.

I do hope you are having a wonderful weekend in your part of the world. Tomorrow I will be going off to Skydive Snohomish to make that skydive that didn't happen last weekend because of weather. That doesn't seem to be likely tomorrow, as we have full sun projected for the foreseeable future. After having set two rainfall records in a row, for Wednesday and Thursday (our hiking day), it sure is nice to see this sunshine. We reached 75 degrees today (23 C), which is pretty darn perfect, if you ask me. Tomorrow it might reach into the 80s, but I'll bear up.


  1. i'd have bought (too) many of those berries, myself! :) good jumping tomorrow!

  2. Losing power is a bummer any time. But when you have a blog post that's just bursting to get out, it's frustrating. We had a nasty windy rainy day yesterday.

  3. I don't think I would have/could have resisted that produce.
    Happy jumping.

  4. Great weekend here. Went out to market for berries yesterday too, and the jam will get made today or tomorrow.

  5. Beautiful berries! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. It's funny your mentioning the 'lost power' yesterday as ours just went off this morning for a short period also. Probably just a coincidence, but I picture it taking its time and blinking off and on from coast to coast. Scary if we ever lost it for good. Don't think there's a reasonable back up plan...

    Love your Farmer's Market pics!

  7. Everything always looks so wonderful at your farmer's market. You are having perfect weather in the 70s--ahh! It has cooled down over here, too. Enjoy your jump tomorrow. :) :)

  8. Those are pretty produce. Good luck. I hope you are able to sky dive.

  9. I can never resist raspberries, my favourite summer fruit. No electricity must have been a real pain. I don't like it when I can't access the internet which is ridiculous really.

  10. Those berries are just lovely. Our berries are done. There are still some in the store that come from the coastal areas, but the heat has thwarted all the local ones till next year. I bought a big tub of Watsonville grown blueberries for Terry to have on his cereal every morning this next week. They were unbelievably cheap.

  11. Losing power is always a comeuppance. Had the same thing happen here. Time for plan B.
    What a lovely farmers market you have. Beautiful produce. Made me hungry.

  12. Wel, being powerless is not the end of the world. Light few candles, have something nice to drink, tell stories, laugh. If the neighbours are all standing around outside, maybe ask them in.

    Happy Skydiving!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  13. I was out picking wild raspberries for a couple of hours today.
    It AMAZES me the difference in size when I see those big domestic ones! Berries & fresh produce & all that local honey are a beautiful sight.

  14. ha. well i had power, but no net fot he last week...the worst was a few years ago when we were without power for 9 days....oy...hottest week of the year too...

    i love those berries....we went to a market on the way home yesterday and gathered some treats for this week...

  15. I went to a pollinator party last week and bought 3 kind of honey. Raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. After a taste test the blackberry was the winner. Of course it didn't taste exactly like blackberries. But what ever the bees found in the patch. The blossoms and such.

  16. Beautiful colours in your market, a real feast for the eyes and the mouth if you buy! I bought some honey yesterday. Would you like a taste of mine?
    I heard about the power loss over there on the news. Hope it doesn't happen again D-Jan, not for the next few days anyway.

  17. Perfect conditions for a morning hike and then a visit to the farmers market. Life is good and take care....

  18. All of that fresh produce looks so yummy! I've bought honey and maple syrup from our local market. The best I've ever tasted of each. I need to walk a lot more to make up for these delights.

    I love your photo of the honey. It shows it off perfectly. You should consider offering it up to that vendor if she/he has a website.

    Interestingly, our power went out also the other day and we were very grateful for the generator we had installed during our renovations. It kicked in within 30 seconds and I was back to surfing the net.

    By now you've already had your jump day, so I'm going to go read about it right now. See you over in the next post. ;)


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