Thursday, May 15, 2014

Noisy Creek 2014

Wondrous green trail
This Noisy Creek trail is one we hike every year, and for the past few years we've been blessed with wonderful weather. Last year we went in June and 12 people joined us. Today only eight Senior Trailblazers ventured out, but I think it was partly because the weather forecast was for it to be unseasonably warm. Fortunately for us, it was just right. We didn't have any bug issues (maybe it's still a little early for them), and the day started out with a very happy group. We had a new hiker, Jacqueline, and a dear friend who has returned for the season, Jonelle!
Jacqueline and Jonelle
Once we cross a suspension bridge over Baker River, we enter into a wonderland of gentle ups and downs. We were heading to the Noisy Creek campground where we would have lunch before turning around. Along the way we crossed a bridge over Hidden Creek. It was so loud that we kept thinking this must be the "Noisy Creek" of the hike's name, but no.
You can imagine Hidden Creek was noisy as well as beautiful
As we hiked along the trail, we had three rather challenging stream crossings to deal with. I was quite pleased with the fact that my boots stayed dry as others got their boots soaked through, until I tried to cross a small log when it broke and and I fell right on in, getting my own boots soaked in the process.
Diane across, Jonelle and Rita with Fred behind
The rushing water made it rather difficult to step into these streams, and I do believe that all of us ended up not emerging without some boot dampness from these crossings. But it didn't really matter, as the weather was fine and nobody was going to suffer too much. By the time we got to the campground and stopped for lunch, most of us pulled off our wet boots and let our feet at least dry out for a bit. We had a great view of Mt. Baker, although the high clouds made it difficult to get a really good picture.
Mt. Baker, with Baker Lake in the foreground
This was our view from out lunch spot. After a nice respite, we began our return trip back to the cars. I noticed some really beautiful maidenhair ferns among the other more common fern types, and I captured a good picture of them. Fred mentioned that he had seen some other more uncommon fern types on the way.
Maidenhair ferns   -->   Old Geezer ferns
Somehow Fred managed to gather some moss on the trail to show that, indeed, Old Geezer ferns are just as rare as maidenhair ferns. Ah, Fred: it's so nice to have the uncommon variety that Fred adds to our group. He exhibits a rare, if rather ancient, form of humor. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Diane, Jonelle, Rita, Jacqueline
Here are the other women who were on the hike today. I took the picture, so I am also present, even if not on this side of the lens. I had a wonderful day with my dear friends, and on the way back we had to see if there was any way to show the incredible old cedar tree that we made friends with on the way up. At first we thought maybe the eight of us could encircle it, but this ended up being the best we could do, considering the circumstances.
Big ancient cedar tree
By the time we returned to the cars, it was rather late in the afternoon and we were pretty tired, after having hiked somewhere around ten miles and around 1,100 feet up and down. It was the same hundred feet we climbed and descended all day, and now I'm tired and happy. The post is finished, there is still light in the sky, and I can enjoy the last of my wine. Hope your day was even half as delightful as ours was.


  1. hidden creek was noisy, too? :)

    i just love the GREEN!

  2. wow look at the size of that tree...amazing....a suspension bridge too...that is very cool...we have one near...and the rush of that water would def make crossing a bit intimidating at least....

  3. These are all such wonderful photos! I love the green trail and the huge cedar.
    I would not have done well crossing those streams though. My balance is not that good.

  4. Yes, hiking...always the possibility of wet boots. It's okay as long as you don't fall on the way to getting wet boots.

  5. ...wonderful hike. I enjoyed the ladies 'hugging the tree' to show us the dimension. Wow.

    That hidden water cascading is a pretty sight. And all that green on the trail at the beginning.

    You do take us places I'll never see...and I thank you for it!

  6. Silly Fred, Mount Baker Photo absolutely brilliant and hugging tree - it really is huge. I love the fact that Fred looks so cute with his geezer hair. ha,ha That post across the stream - it sure looks like a balancing trick to get across, or is it actually wider. Lovely day - good on yah :)

  7. Hidden Creek so boisterous; Baker Lake so calm. Nice!

  8. Your photos are colorful and brilliant. Ferns would not grow well in my yard, because it is so hot and dry. But, it would grow well and does in my mother's yard in Manoa Valley, where it is damp.

  9. Baker Lake is beautiful! Oh I love Fred's "hair"!! What fun! Great hike! I would love the evening light if we had sunshine instead of gloom:)

  10. Love the lush greenery, the roaring stream and the beautiful Mt. Baker. You really are blessed with a ton of eye candy but you sure have to earn it.

  11. Loved that first shot of such amazing greenery--like a jungle! And to see people trying to circle that tree really showed me how huge it is.
    I'd be scared I'd end up tumbling down the creek, I think--LOL! You all are so brave! :)

  12. Your first photo is so lush and green, it could be the Amazon rain forest. Beautiful photos.

  13. Looks and sounds like a delightful adventure. Glad you had fun an didn't get too wet.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  14. What a gorgeous hike with good friends. That is a huge tree. Excellent photos as usual, DJan.


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