Saturday, May 31, 2014

Glorious magical weather

Little girl at the market today
This is one of those times in the Pacific Northwest when everyone knows why we live here: there is no rain in the forecast for the next ten days, the weather will be in the mid-sixties and low seventies (15 to 22 Celsius), with low humidity and it's just, well, perfect in every way.
Our beautiful community garden
We will need to be watering our garden plots every day for the next week or so. Yesterday evening I went out to do just that, and I marveled at how lovely our garden is looking this year. As you can see in the foreground, Carol's strawberries are beginning to ripen (not mine; I keep checking) and everyone is delighted with the progress of our various plants.
Carol watering her section
Behind Carol you can see Alex's plot. He's got a garden gnome in there, and under the transparent tent he's growing a pineapple and a watermelon. He's having a great time, with this his first year planting. Since we all rent, people come and go pretty regularly, and if you have a plot, you can pass it along to someone else when you leave.
Nate's garden
This is Nate's second full year in the garden, and his neat rows make my area (top right) look a little haphazard, but that's all right: it fits my personality. He's finishing his degree at college in June and hopefully will find a job that will allow him to stay. He is a wonderful garden colleague as well as a great guy.
Birthday girl in the hat :-)
After this morning's usual walk, which today was in glorious sunshine, we went for coffee before heading off in our various directions. We sang happy birthday to Peggy, since today is her special day. Men are not excluded from our walks, but it seems that it's almost always women who show up. This is another group that I truly enjoy being around. Sometimes I just marvel at the various activities that are available to me. Peggy was the one who told me about this group.
Busker at the market
After the walk, I went to the Farmers' Market to enjoy the sunshine and entertainment. At each corner there is a busker, or street performer, and this guy was really enjoyable. I love his accordion and his panache; he will make a few bucks today, as he had just started and his hat was already almost full.

And tomorrow I'll be heading off to Skydive Snohomish, hopefully to get my knees in the breeze a time or two. I am enjoying a fine interlude in my neck of the woods.


  1. we have been building heat and high humidity all week, here, but with very little rain. i envy your perfect weather for now! :)

    good luck with the skydives!

  2. How wonderful. Perfect weather, amazing friends, a thriving garden AND a bit of sky diving to look forward to. Who could ask for more.

  3. Fabulous weather! Good for working in the garden and yard with my grandson.

  4. Everything is looking lovely. I was at our Farmers' Market which just opened today for the season.. I thought of you and your local market and made sure I brought my camera along.

  5. Looks like a beautiful day and you seem to be really enjoying the fin weather! Good for you!

    We actually had a rainy day all day yesterday and today (and probably tomorrow). Not much. Not enough actually. We've had virtually no rain in the past 6-8 months and everything is dangerously dry... It's going to be a fire-hazard summer in the countryside this year...

    Enjoy the skydiving tomorrow!!!

  6. Look at those strawberries..beautiful!
    Delightful weather you are having. We finally go much needed rain!! :)

  7. You really have found some great groups with varied interests to play with. The gardens are looking great. How neat to watch what others are planting and what does well.
    Sadly, my groups want to eat more than move.

  8. Happy Birthday Peggy! SO nice to have a big group to celebrate with.

    I wish I had a green thumb. I'm always envious of beautiful gardens that will produce delicious fruits and vegetables.

    Your community garden is really glorious! Can't wait to see the harvest!


  9. I find it interesting how different your gardening is compared to ours. The soils are very different and the amount of light we receive also makes a difference.

  10. I find it interesting how different your gardening is compared to ours. The soils are very different and the amount of light we receive also makes a difference.

  11. Your community garden is wonderful. I'm so happy you decided to do this last year.
    And I'm excited to hear that you will be sky diving again. I want you to go out in style, safely.

  12. I am so glad you have fine dry weather for a change. The community garden looks nice. Have fun tomorrow skydiving.

  13. Summer has actually come to the maritimes DJan, although it cools down quite a bit still; after 6pm. I am loving this weather. Doug n I built a small beautiful shelter for my motorbike and that is all its intended for. I a surprised it turned out so well. He was the "Boss" and I was his devoted slave for the day. We had lots of fun and iced tea n sandwiches in between. Your post shows you as enjoying nice weather, your garden is just lovely and I always love the "Market" and all it has to offer. Have a wonderful day.

  14. ...we have a small community/neighborhood farmer's market and only ONE busker...a guitar player. He's there EVERY year.

    Your gardens look terrific....a pineapple? Well, I'll be.

    I think you mean in the 'hat'...not hate for your birthday girl caption. Right?

    Enjoy that perfect weather.

  15. i love listening to the buskers...and one on the accordion would def be quite interesting...its cool your garden is growing up has been a bit cooler the last couple days...but we have had some hot ones the last week

  16. Your weather sounds absolutely perfect!! The garden and the busker are looking good. Enjoy your diving time. You have so many nice people around you all the time. :)

  17. Your gardens are inspirational. I'm so glad you have the groups you have: gardening, walking, hiking, skydiving. Girl, you have it all. And, you have glorious weather to boot.

  18. Sounds like a wonderful day in fantastic weather. Here in South Florida, we were at a sweltering 90 degrees today.

  19. The little girl looks so sweet with the flowers in her hair. That takes me back (humming). The garden plots look wonderful D-Jan. I'm not a 'straight row' sort of person either. For me it's 'cram as much as you can in every space' ethic. If I see a bare bit of dirt, it calls to me, 'plant something, quick'. Guess we're all different, aren't we.

  20. How does your garden grow? Well, glorious indeed!

  21. Nothing like a few days of sunshine to grow those little plants. As well as make people feel good! A walk group sounds like a fun idea- enjoy.

  22. May and June -- the weather is perfect almost everywhere (except in Phoenix, where my sister tells me it's going up to 111 degrees today!) Love your garden!

  23. Dear DJan, when I read this blog of yours in which you share with us your adventures on the mountains and the trails, I often feel a tinge of regret that I am not so much a social creature. More of a recluse.

    I spend my time writing and researching and reading and for a while there going to the doctor's office for light treatments. I try to get a walk in each day but that's pretty much the extent of my exercise and I have lunch with friends maybe once every 10 days. So mostly mine is a life of solitude.

    And yet I've always been this way. It seems to be who I am. Still, I find myself attracted by your life. Thank you for sharing it so generously and enthusiastically with us. Peace.

  24. We are getting sunny days, light wind and into the mid 80s over this way. I do sort of miss the weather on your side of the state.

    Our farmers' market has been open for a month and I still haven't visited. I hoping to get there this weekend.

  25. I just love looking at your beautiful gardens. All the plants look so healthy.

    The farmer's market looks like so much fun. We don't have any buskers over here.


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