Thursday, April 3, 2014

First class traveling is the way to go

My iPad, coffee, snack, and travel pillow
Since I was given a $300 credit from Alaska Air for last year's tribulations getting down to Elsinore, I decided to try traveling first class for a change. Well, I could really get used to this, if more travel were in my future. I rode the Bellingham Airporter to SeaTac in order to catch a 7:20am flight direct to Elsinore, and I went first class; I will do the same coming home. Since I got to the airport two hours before my flight, I saw the Alaska Board Room and wondered if I could go in there with my first-class ticket. Yes! I had an espresso, a coffee, used their internet, and had a snack as well, free of charge.
Early morning flight, first rays of the sun
I was also able to board right way, as I was in the front of the plane, with a big cushy leather seat and lots of leg room. My, my! And they even fed me a nice breakfast. Do you know how long it's been since I got a "free" meal on the plane? I can't remember when.
Mt. Rainier from the airplane window
As we traveled south, beautiful Mt. Rainier showed its face. In just a few minutes after I snapped this, though, it was obscured by the clouds as we climbed into the gloom. And as we were traveling south, the sunlight became quite brilliant once we got above the clouds, and my seat-mate wanted to use his laptop. I was happy to oblige, since there was really nothing much to see. (I did keep taking a peek now and then.)
Southern California mountains and fog
Once we began our descent, I took a look out the window and was really surprised to see the fog in the valleys, with blue skies above. It was so lovely, but when we landed and I stepped off the plane, I was surprised that it was quite chilly, not even 50 deg F! But that changed quickly. Once I went through the rental car process and received an almost-new 4-door Nissan, it was already beginning to get warm. For someone who rarely sees full sun and 70 degrees, it was beginning to feel a lot like southern California. I drove south for an hour to get to my hotel.
My pretty room, with a sitting area and a view
I was really pleased to see the room I will inhabit for the next six days, with a fridge, microwave, sitting area, and a bed that looks out towards Skydive Elsinore!
Skydive Elsinore is at the base of the mountain in the distance
Sitting propped up on all those pillows, this is the view I see from that window. Right now, in the late afternoon, sunshine is spilling into the room, making me happy to be here, and looking forward to tomorrow. I went out to the Drop Zone to get my gear registered, and to sign all the waivers that are required when you want to hurl yourself out of airplanes. And I'll start doing that tomorrow. Tonight, I'll recover from all the travel and psychologically prepare for the adventure!


  1. That's terrific! I wish I could fly somewhere this year, but can't because of David's upcoming knee surgery. I flew first class once, just because Canadian Air was so nice. I'll never forget that wonderful experience.

  2. How lovely. I hope the rest of your trip lives up to the wonderful start.

  3. love that photo of the mountains and fog! whew! glad you arrived and hopefully the rest of your trip will be equally comfy! (as you hurl yourself out of airplanes.)

  4. Makes me think of the old commercial from way long ago..."Western Airlines....the ONLY way to Fly"...this time it's 'first class...the only way to fly'.

    Hope our trip is uneventful in everything regarding the travel...but fun and adventurous in every other aspect.

  5. I meant hope YOUR trip...not our. geeze.

  6. Flying first class could change my ideas of flying ... I'm so glad you had such a fun way to travel ... and that room looks very cozy. Have a great time!

  7. Wow.. what a lovely start to your holiday. And think there's so much more in store. Those mountains in fog are quite stunning.

    Happy hurling! No, wait.. that doesn't sound quite right.

  8. How wonderful! What a great start to your adventure. Have fun!
    My next flight will be to Italy, in the fall. Wouldn't first class be amazing. If only.

  9. That picture of the fog is great. As for flying first class, I think that really sounds like the way to go. Have never done it myself, but it does sound nice. Have fun and be safe!

  10. You're like me. An airplane trip is always and adventure...sun clouds views...always exciting.
    Good luck with the jumps. May you always have a soft landing.

  11. The mountains with the fog remind me of our flights to and from San Diego, it is always a beautiful view.

    When I lived and worked in AK I would save up my miles and fly first class whenever I headed to the Lower 48. It is fun and I love AK Airlines Boardroom.

    I'm glad your trip has gotten off to a wonderful start. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

  12. smiles....even on a plane you are finding the mountains....its cool to get that kind of treatment on occassion...hope you have a great trip djan

  13. What fun to go First Class! Then again you are a first class kinda lady! Be careful hurling yourself out of those planes...soft landings!! Enjoy that sunshine and I hope you get lots of jumps:)

  14. Will you be breaking records this trip?

    When the spouse and I flew back from Florida I was upgraded to first class. The spouse hadn't bothered to enter his frequent flyer number on his reservation so he didn't qualify for a free upgrade. I left him in coach and enjoyed every minute of my first class experience.

    Have a great week.

  15. Wow, money can buy happiness. I am terrified to fly but probably could be talked into first class. Nice.
    Love your room with a view. You are doing it up right.

  16. First class. Wow. I too could get used to that if only.....:)

  17. First class is the way to travel. Enjoy.

  18. are living in "high cotton" as we say down here in the South.
    Beautiful shots that you took, too!
    I'm always impressed with your photography skills, Jan.
    I've never ever traveled first class on a plane. I'm so happy for you. I truly am.
    Love and hugs,

  19. Now I see how the wealthy travel and it looks fabulous. All that comfort and pampering.


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