Thursday, April 17, 2014

A drippy Anderson Mountain day

A misty, wet day
Well, today only seven Senior Trailblazers showed up to head to Anderson Mountain, a short drive south of Bellingham. The weather was predicted to be, in a word, wet. After we received a half-inch of rain overnight, the thought that maybe we would luck out disappeared when I drove to the Center in a steady rain. The best we could hope for was that it wouldn't be a downpour.
Al and Doug in front of the Big Stump
We walked on the old logging road until we got to the trailhead, which added a mile each way to the hike. As you can see, it wasn't raining very hard in this picture, and Al had even removed his jacket. This is the beginning of the actual trail. We travel through some clearcut areas where the replanted trees are just beginning to flourish.
New tree with raindrops
There are many trees like this one in the clearcut area, big enough to show quite a bit of growth from year to year. Those are raindrops on the needles, which made me wonder if this sort of effect gave people the idea for ornaments. It's naturally decorated.
Mikey and Mel
When we stopped for lunch, the rain had begun to pick up a little more, and it continued to treat us to the usual Pacific Northwest light drizzle: enough so that you needed rain gear and warm clothes, never really stopping for the entire five hours we were out. But no downpour!
Wet trail, lots of mud
I had to take a picture to show how muddy and wet the trail was today. Those regular hikers who didn't show up today will be relieved to see that it wasn't a super wonderful day, but we did get lots of exercise, covering almost eight miles and climbing and descending around 2,100 feet. It pleases me to know that my knee doesn't seem to be protesting too much these days.
This trillium sort of tells the tale: by the time we returned to the cars, we were in much the same condition: a little bedraggled and wet, but glad that we went out into the woods for some recreation and good company. Just like the trillium, we'll turn our faces to the sun, when we see it again.


  1. love the trillium - and you intrepid hikers! well, your rain-free streak is over, but at least not a soaking downpour. :)

  2. You really are addicted to exercise aren't you? And reaping the benefits and sharing them generously. Thank you. So very much. And I love those natural decorations too.

  3. I think it's raining all over the world; I admire the tenacity that you and your fellow hikers have. Amazing!
    Everything is green there; that's for sure. always.

  4. Even bedraggled, that trillium is beautiful! You and your group defy weather, agen, and every stereotype!

  5. One thing for sure on a day like this the trails aren't crowded! Most of the time you can have a good trip in the rain. However , as you say, a down pour would be unpleasant.

  6. long as you stayed warm...the new tree is pretty cool bespeckled in natures jewels...

  7. I really like the little tree with it's raindrop ornaments. Even wet that is a pretty area except maybe for the mud. It rained here all day too but I also ventured out, not for a hike but to pull a few (million) weeds in the flower beds.

  8. You know the rain and the dampness show a whole different perspective in your photos - the colours in the forest and on the trails are of a different kinda deeper brilliance than in the sparkle of sunshine and clouds. The mud on the trail looks dangerous and yet you all just hiked right on through it. Good on Ya DJan n your crew of hardy folk. You all have a Happy Easter :)

  9. You hikers are without a doubt, strong, willing and adventurous. I like that.

    I think your idea of ornaments on a tree just might be the whole conception at the beginning. Makes sense.

  10. Junk weather! But, at least you enjoyed the camaraderie, so all was not lost.

  11. Drought just isn't in your dictionary is it? I consider that a good thing. Some may not like rain but I never complain though I am not sure I'd walk 8 miles in it. So glad the knee is behaving.

  12. It is good to see the little trees growing and the raindrops make perfect ornaments. Soggy hike..but you are an inspiration! :)

  13. I thought of you as I went out for my 45 minute walk in the rain. I really don't like having to deal with rain when walking, but I just had to get out! I'm no intrepid hiker like you though, doing eight miles up and down in the mud!

  14. For a drippy day you guys look like you had a great time. The young tree does look decorated with droplets. :)

  15. Congratulations on surviving a drippy walk. You covered a lot of territory. I would be uneasy about that kind of hike even in ideal weather.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  16. Oh my goodness! These are gorgeous photos. I love the shots of mist and the trilliums.


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