Thursday, March 13, 2014

British Army Trail to Lizard and Lily Lakes

Sign off old logging roads
Thank heavens for search engines! I knew that sometime when we hiked this trail before, I had researched why this particular trail on Blanchard Mountain is called the "British Army Trail." You can find out here, my post from two years ago, also in March. Turns out that we always seem to hike this trail during mid-March, and from my posts I've learned that we always seem to luck out with the weather.
The long group of hikers
Today was projected to be sunny, and it was, causing seventeen Senior Trailblazers to show up to hike this trail today. Al decided to do a one-way trip, starting from one place and ending up at another. The drivers took their cars to the ending spot, after they had deposited the rest of us at the start, and then we waited until Mike appeared in his car with the drivers so we could start the hike.
Lizard Lake
The British Army Trail ends at Lizard Lake, and by this time the sun had broken through any lingering fog, giving us clear blue skies. It wasn't exactly warm, but the sun helped make us very comfy, as long as we were moving. After going to the lake, we decided to head up to North Butte, not exactly on the schedule, but it was such a fine day that is where we went to sit down and have lunch.
Lunch spot at North Butte
The only real problem with this lovely spot is that it's on the north side (hence the name) and didn't have any direct sunlight. There were spots of sun that broke through the trees behind us, but nobody really minded because it was actually quite a spectacular view of Samish Bay, with a little fog still hanging around below us.
Samish Bay through the clouds
After lunch we headed down to Lily Lake, which looks almost exactly like Lizard; I didn't get any really good shots. We then started back to the Lower Trailhead at Barrel Springs Road, which was quite a bit longer than the first part of our hike.
Sun-dappled trail
By the time I took this picture, I was getting very tired. Before we got back to the cars, we had traveled almost nine-and-a-half miles (again!) and gone up and down 2,100 feet of elevation. I felt every step in that last mile, and I know I wasn't alone in my tiredness. Rita (with a cast on her arm) was with us, and I could tell she was tired, too, but she gamely continued on without complaint.
First skunk cabbage of 2014
However, Al pointed out a sure sign of spring: skunk cabbage growing in the mud, happily beginning its journey to become really huge plants that have a definite odor of, well, skunk. I've grown to love that smell, and now as I sip my wine and enjoy my reclining position, the day has already morphed into perfection! Gone are the moans and groans (unless I stand up), and there's no doubt I'll sleep well tonight.


  1. you hikers amaze me. i so admire you and envy all the views you enjoy, too. :)

    i had 'real' skunk smell here yesterday, compliments of bb's early a.m. run-in.

  2. hey, i will take some had quite the group for your hike...but hey with those views how could you resist...the sun went out here today...its freezing...after being 78 on tuesday...ha.

  3. Your photos always transport me right to the place. Looks like a wonderful day and place to hike.

  4. Very nice shots of the scenery and the water. I am glad the weather cooperated today.

  5. You definitely deserved wine o'clock. Thank you for taking us with you. Beautiful views. Awe-inspiring effort.

  6. The Skunk Cabbage is a welcome sight, spring is right around the corner. You got some beautiful shots today DJan. Now enjoy that wine and get some rest.

  7. I love the emerging skunk cabbage, always a welcome sign of early spring for me.
    That was another impressive work out today, and a great way to enjoy another pleasant day.

  8. I always feel I'm tagging on behind you when I read your posts. Quite a group of you this time.

  9. WOW, that's quite a group of people DJan - seems to me I have never seen that many people, but then perhaps they have sprung out for the spring weather, eh. Lovely photos, especially the one with the LONG line of hikers.

  10. The first skunk cabbage is always a welcome sight in Minnesota, too. Love the absolutely still reflection on the photo of Lizard Lake.

  11. What a big group! Such a beautiful day, too. :)

  12. Lovely hike! Unfortunately I think I'm weeks away from seeing my first skunk cabbage...:(

  13. I love following you around on these hikes.. I see so many pretty sights and yet my butt never leaves the chair. Hmmm maybe I'm doing it wrong. ;)

    That misty view is stunning.

  14. Another week, and a another great hike.

  15. From the looks of the Skunk Cabbage you have spring! I am happy for you! :)


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