Saturday, March 8, 2014

A fine sunny day

Robert and Leo at Avellino's
This picture was taken yesterday morning at Avellino's Coffee Shop, the place where I first met Leo when he was six months old. The slant of the sunshine coming in as Leo drew pictures for me while his dad Robert read the New York Times—it all reminded me what a great life I've got going here in Bellingham.

The coffee shop has local artists display their wares here, and a new collection came just came up. I love this picture of the legs, especially when sunshine gives it an even more interesting play of light. Leo was busy drawing a picture of the Loch Ness Monster, which he told me was a plesiosaur, an extinct dinosaur. Well, I believe him, since Leo is a dinosaur expert.

I'm putting this post up to appear on Saturday, when I usually have a post, but I'm actually writing it Friday night. I'll be spending the day tomorrow (today) at Skydive Snohomish, attending their annual Safety Day event. When I was skydiving every weekend, I didn't really need it as much as I do now, when I go for the entire winter period without a jump. Since I'm flying to Elsinore in southern California early next month, I need to get current again. Although I won't make a skydive, I'll be reminded of aircraft safety, freefall safety, and will be reminded of what to do if I have a malfunction with my gear. It's all very important, and it feels especially poignant, since I do believe it's my last season of skydiving.

About my infected hangnail: my visit to the Physician's Assistant, Keith, was not a whole lot of fun, but he did drain the finger and gave me a topical antibiotic to put on it after I give it a good soak three times a day. He also prescribed an oral antibiotic to take if this doesn't clear it up in a few days, but I can wait to see if this works. He said that the infection was getting better but it wouldn't hurt to get the stuff out. (He was wrong: it hurt, trust me.)

Today (Friday) the sun came out for long periods, and I enjoyed it so much, noticing how many people were smiling as they went about their business. I saw these pretty primroses at the Community Food Co-op, and they made me smile to think that winter is definitely coming to an end, and spring is, well, springing up all over the place!
Primroses for sale
I hope you have a great weekend! I plan on making sure I have a good one; even though I no longer go to work, my weekends are still special days. The rain is set to return, but I'm just thinking about all the pretty flowers I'll be seeing in a month.


  1. Always good to see Leo, it has been fun to see him over the past couple of years!
    You haven't mentioned Gene lately..I hope he is okay.
    Good thing you went to the PA and I bet it will heal up in a few days.
    Have a good refresher day!
    I sense a melancholy mood concerning your skydiving. It is difficult to put activities behind us that we love:)

  2. you made me laugh with 'he was wrong. it did hurt.' bless you!

    loved the shot of leo and his dad.

  3. Your coffee shop looks like a great place. And love that pic of Leo and his dad. Reminded me that my son told me the other day that he and his daughter (14 mons) were eating somewhere and when they went to pay, were told that someone had already paid for their meal and wanted to remain anonymous.
    oh... and so glad your finger is getting better!

  4. Good morning Djan. It's about 9 here, so you are probably getting ready for your class. Never a bad idea to be current on safety !

    Spring seems to be finally rearing its head in this winter-weary midwest...we are so ready. It was almost 60 yesterday...

    Have fun in SO Cal !!

  5. That photo of Leo and his Dad is quite poignant. I love it.

    As for your skydive safety update...I hope all goes well, and am sorely surprised you say this will be your last season. Time moves on.

    Glad you got some much needed help with the finger infection. Of course it would were in a world of hurt to begin with, and draining it will help it healer much quicker, I'm sure.

  6. I love to hear people say they love the place they live. You have carved out a great life.
    Although this may be your last skydiving year, knowing you I am sure other adventures will take its place.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Good to know you have sorted out the finger problem. Sunshine always brings a spring in the step. You see more and more people emerging from their winter blues with smiles on their faces. Have a good trip.

  8. I love that photo. Well done!
    As you get back to your skydiving activities, I am getting back to my soccer. The season kicks off at noon today, with 40,000 fans at Century Link Stadium. We've moved our seat location to up, under the roof so the incoming rain should not hamper our enjoyment, at least until we have to walk back to the light rail station.
    Have fun finding flowers. I'll be doing the same.

  9. Lovely photo of Robert and Leo. It looks like a painting. Very well captured, Jan.
    I was hoping that you would tell us how your doctor's visit went regarding your finger. Ouch! I cringed as I read that he drained it, and I hope that the process as well as the antibiotic medicine help heal your sore finger. Take care of you...

  10. I want to move to Bellingham. There won't be any spring flowers making an appearance here any time soon. We are still wading through four foot of snow!
    The pictures of the primrose remind me that i planted several last year so there is that to look forward to!!

  11. Just so long as the doctor didn't tell you the old chestnut 'this will hurt me more than it hurts you'.
    Enjoy your weekend. And I love your primroses.

  12. I am sort of glad this will be your last sky diving season. It scares me to think of the what-ifs. Yes, it is poignant even for me to contemplate that it will be your last.

  13. have fun at the skydive refreshed today...that is a very cool seeing sons and dads together....and the picture on the wall behind them is cool too....yikes on the draining...i hope it feels better soon...

  14. That's a beautiful father and son portrait. You do know how to make the light work for you. Enjoy the refresher.. though I suspect you enjoy just about everything you do.. except getting your finger drained.. ouch! I hope it heals quickly.

  15. I am sorry about your infected hangnail
    Could this infection related to the manicure?

  16. I was wincing when I read about draining that hangnail. Yowch! I can imagine your sadness at saying goodbye to experiences you loved. I'm glad you're being as safe so possible. Enjoy your weekend, DJan. It's raining over here.

  17. It's good that your finger is clearing up.
    In your first picture the first thing i notice was the legs.

  18. Oh DJan, I love your photo of Leo and his dad. I hope you had a good time at the Safety Day. I'm sure you enjoyed seeing your friends.

    Sorry to hear about the hangnail getting drained. But hopefully the pain will be worth it and it will clear up soon.

  19. Leo and his dad have become a special part of your life. So nice to see that candid picture of them.

    Glad you got something done about your finger--even if it hurt. You should see improvement more rapidly now with antibiotics and cream and soaks. :)

    Enjoy your review and prep time. :) Looks lovely there and I am jealous of your wonderful Co-op!

  20. I enjoy watching life through your eyes because you find the best in every situation. The father/son photo is so nice--warm fuzzy.I wish you well with the skydiving.

  21. Well, by time you go to safety school, and get that hangnail fixed, you should be in entirely dandy shape for the jumping season. I hope you have a fine trip to Elsinore, and that you are not imposed upon by the ghost of Hamlet!

    You should send us some of Leo's pictures sometime. That would be interesting.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  22. Father and son picture is precious as is the fact you've known the wee lad for years :)
    We rarely visit coffee shops lately.

  23. Florida has been unusually warm this winter. Not sure what it means. But it's good to see signs of spring for you, DJan.

  24. The photo of Leo & his dad in the sun, doing their thing, is fantastic. I noticed the photo art in the background right away, too.
    I'm loving the stronger angle of the sun here.
    We did have a great weekend in northern MN - temps warmed high & everyone reveled in the snow now that it's nice enough to play in.
    We had quite a bit of melting today and a lot of WET snow pants.

  25. Loved to see the picture of Robert and Leo D-Jan. The picture on the wall is also very good and modern. I like those sorts of pictures very much. It gets you to wondering who is on the other end of it i.e. above the feet!
    I only got this post on my feed today (Monday). Posts seem to come in here at Wordpress quite erratically sometimes. Do you still see my posts over there?


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