Thursday, February 6, 2014

What a change from Florida

Wintertime in Florida, picture taken by Norma Jean
Well, I did get two wonderful days of sunny and warm Florida. In fact, it was almost too warm for me yesterday: it got up to 85 degrees F during the day. We went for a nice walk around the ponds in her retirement community, and I got to swim twice with her in the outdoor pool at the Y. It was wonderful, but now it's time for family duty. Norma Jean was able to get a cheap flight from Tampa by taking two flights, and I'm now sitting outside her gate at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport having a coffee and writing this post. She will arrive in another two hours.
DFW Airport view
This is what it looks like where I am now, 19 degrees F and snowing. Our brother will come to pick us up after Norma Jean arrives and we'll start the next phase of this journey. PJ's funeral (or memorial service, I'm not sure which right now) will be held in the afternoon on Saturday at Lucas Funeral Home in Grapevine. Until then, I'll be gathered with the remaining siblings and extended family. I always love to stay with my brother Buz and his wife Phyllis, but this won't be any kind of vacation for any of us.

What I do hope is that we will be able to celebrate PJ's life and accomplishments in a way that will make everyone feel better, including me. I keep thinking that she didn't suffer... that means a lot. She was only 63, with a birthday due next month, so she almost made it to 64.


  1. Quite a difference in the weather DJan - now you are bundled up for snow? Thinking of you and your family as you face the upcoming days.

  2. It was 86 on the Florida east coat yesterday.Safe travels, DJan.

  3. My heart goes out to you and your family!!

    You mentioned 85 degrees in FL....well, it's 38 here right now and bone chilling cold. That Dallas airport looks blustery and definitely wintry!!!

    Take care...hugs and gentle warming thoughts to your family for your loss.

  4. Looks cold in Texas! Not suffering or spending a long time in a Nursing Home can be a blessing.
    Concentrate on the good memories, they will comfort you as will being with your remaining siblings.
    Sending a hug... that weather looks Minnesota like instead of Texas like:(

  5. Gee, Florida is hotter than Hawaii in February. We have been experiencing days and nights of rain and it has been so chilly that I have been wearing a sweater. This is definitely not beach weather. Lol. I hope what happens on Saturday is a celebration of PJ's life, and not really a funeral. Blessings!

  6. about shock...from warm florida to the frozen tundra...might want to trade out those shorts before you land....smiles.

    travel light

  7. All the best to the family. It is too bad when people don't have longevity. This too shall pass, just like all the ice which we will fondly remember in the middle of July.

  8. i'm glad to be over here on the SE side of dallas - nary a flake to be seen here.

    i hope n.j. can arrive safely and y'all get to where you need to be.

  9. A warm hug for you, Jan....
    Thinking of you and your family.
    Wanted you to know.

  10. Coming to this late…I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you had planned the trip, though, so you were on your way, just wish it could have been a few days earlier. My sympathies on losing a sibling, and such a young one at that.

  11. Well, here in Richardson (just Northeast of Dallas), it's been snowing since early this morning... and temp was 16 degrees F. COLD!!

    Again... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. And I hope the weather doesn't get any worse. Be careful on the roads. It may not snow any more... but the roads will probably ice up.

  12. As a former Houstonian it's weird to see so much snow in Texas!

    Sending you many, many hugs and lots of loving thoughts during this very difficult time.

    Take care, my friend.


  13. You went through a tremendous change in weather! I'm sure that many great memories will be shared to mark this sad occasion.

  14. You and your family are in my best thoughts, DJan.

  15. I've been thinking of you. You and your siblings will find the right way to honor your sister.
    Our low at night was 19 and I think we got up to 26 today. They got a big snow storm in Portland today, and there is some snow in southern Washington, but we most likely won't get it here in Seattle. I hope you brought winter clothes for your southern vacation. :-)

  16. Wow! Florida to Texas! That's a big change. Only 63? Much, much too young. I'm so sorry for your loss, DJan. I know that your family will all find comfort with each other.

  17. Last time I went to Dallas it was snowing, and I remember asking, "What's going on? I thought this was the south!"

    And the reply was: "Yeah, but there's nothing between us and Canada except a few barbed wire fences."

    Anyway, again, sorry for your loss; but at least enjoy the time with your family.

  18. Enjoy being with your family D-Jan. There will be tears and smiles. I'm glad you have each other. It is sad though that after all this time, one is missing. She wasn't very old either was she. My thoughts are with you.

  19. Sorry for your loss.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  20. I hope you packed some warm clothes. I'm sure you did since you knew you'd be leaving Florida. I am so sorry for all of this: the loss of your sister, the grief that the families will suffer, and that your sister died so young. I am grateful you are all together and that your sister didn't suffer.

    Thinking of you all.

  21. It has been 19 and snowing here, it looks a lot like your shot of the airport.

    I know this is not the occasion you would have preferred but enjoy your time with your family DJan.

  22. Life threw you and your siblings a bit of a curve, and for that I am so sorry. But knowing you DJan, you will encourage your family to celebrate the life of your sibling and make that the theme of this get together. Nothing wrong with enjoying the time the rest of you have with each other on this trip.

  23. She was only a year older than I am. Goodness! So sad. But, like you said, I am so glad she didn't suffer.

    If there was a little more snow you could have flown to Minnesota--LOL! Quite a shock from Florida and swimming in an outside pool.

    I know you will all remember the good times and celebrate her life. Sorry she had to leave so early.


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