Saturday, July 20, 2013

No skydive yet, but maybe next week

My magnificent nasturtiums
My garden is doing very well, but the weather in the Puget Sound area (where Skydive Snohomish is located) seems to get a fair amount more marine fog and low clouds than we do in Bellingham. Yesterday we set out at the designated time to head to Snohomish, but Jonelle had already gotten a call from the Drop Zone cautioning her that low clouds were still around at 10:30 (when we had to leave to get there by noon) but were projected to clear somewhere around noon.

I called after a half hour on the road, since I knew that they would get a weather update around 11:00am, and sure enough, the forecasted time for the clouds to lift was pushed back until after 1:00pm. We rescheduled and turned around and headed back to Bellingham, where the sky was clear blue. The next chance to make this jump together will be next Wednesday. If it doesn't happen then, we might have to wait awhile longer, since she's planning on going out of town at the end of next week. Sigh. It looked so simple, but I'm aware that it's never simple when it comes to skydiving.
Gene's granddaughter with a catch
On a happier note, my fisherman friend Gene is back from his salmon fishing expedition in Alaska! I saw him yesterday, and he had sent me this picture of a member of his crew (his granddaughter) and the largest fish she was able to hold. There were many larger ones, but she isn't all that big herself! This was taken on Gene's boat; she had fish all around her feet, according to Gene. The season was a good one for him, but the salmon came early and the season was over quickly. He said it was profitable for him, though, as the price of salmon had a significant increase just as he was catching them. It's good to have him back.
Cabbage is coming along
Back to my garden. I was worried about whether or not my cabbage would survive the slug onslaught, but they did, and they will be very tasty if they are anything like last year's. I've harvested the last of the sugar snap peas, and the butter lettuce is bolting, so I've only got black beans and beets to look forward to, along with the plentiful squash from the community garden. I don't know enough about gardening to figure out whether I can put in some other starts at this time and have a fall crop and if so, which ones.
The last of the sugar snap peas
I was really hoping to put in some pictures of the excellent skydiving adventure of Jonelle and DJan, but that will have to wait for later. It's quite cool here right now, and there's no telling whether or not I'm actually going to have a chance to get in any skydives of my own tomorrow, but I'm hoping for the best. I walked with the Fairhaven walkers this morning for an hour and a half, burning enough anti-calories to allow myself a treat today.

Since I decided to use The Old Reader to replace Google' defunct Reader, I'm without a blog feed today, as they are down for maintenance the whole day. If you don't hear from me, that's why. But I'll be catching up tomorrow as soon as I can. I love my friends out in Blogland!


  1. sorry you did not get to make the dive...hopefully the weather clears for later in the week so you dont have to put it off too long...

    glad the cabbage survived the slugs...not sure what a good fall crop is....

    pretty cool pic too of gene's grand & the a good size fish....

  2. Your flowers are very pretty. Good to hear your garden is doing well. Our heat is playing havoc with mine. Not sure if I can save it. I think it is near its end of production this season. Hope you get that jump in next week.

  3. well, sorry for jonelle, but happy to get a successful report from gene!

  4. I am sorry that you didn't get your joint dive in, have my fingers crossed for tomorrow, am happy for Gene and LOVE your garden.

  5. The clouds cleared over the stadium about 12:30 and as we sat facing the sun and shielded from any breeze, it got quite hot. I could have done with clouds a bit longer. But for you it was too slow in clearing. Too bad. I hope the weather cooperates on Wednesday.
    You can plant cauliflower and broccoli for fall crops, if you can keep the bugs out of them. You can start more lettuce and maybe Swiss chard.

  6. Too bad the skydiving with your friend didn't happen, but it probably will someday soon. Your vegetable garden looks really good, DJan.

  7. You must be feeling a little frustrated at the delays of your dive with Jonelle. No choice, though . . . and so many other beautiful things for you to think about and report on!
    I can't even imagine eating salmon as fresh as Gene brought back. It must be about as amazing as eating vegetables right out of your garden!

  8. I am afraid if I were Jonelle I'd take all these delays as an omen. But then I am a scaredy cat. Her anticipation levels must be off the charts.
    So glad Gene and his granddaughter had a successful salmon season. I am sure she has a new set of muscles as well as a grand set of stories to tell.

  9. Watching vegetable gardens grow and develop is fascinating. Eating fresh produce is a bonus. Here we wouldn't even think of a second crop.
    One fish like the one you show would supply me with fish for a long time!

  10. The garden looks great! And that

  11. Sorry the weather isn't cooperating for your jump with Jonelle. Maybe Wednesday will be better.
    I always feel badly for the fish, but his granddaughter looks so happy!
    Your garden looks good. I know little or nothing about having a garden so I am no help on late season planting. If it was me, I'd goggle that for your area. ;)

  12. Your garden is doing so well...seems like yesterday that you were breaking ground to get it started!

  13. I dunno. The salmon and the veggies are making me hungry. But the skydiving is making me too nervous to eat!

  14. And you are very loved in return. :) Too bad about the non-dive but I see that your garden is coming along beautifully. And you'll probably have some salmon dinners in your near future.

  15. Sorry to hear the weather didn't cooperate for skydiving this weekend but that's life on your side of the Cascades. We are having near temps in the high 90s with very low humidity.

    Your garden looks beautiful DJan. I would think there are lots of things you could plant for a fall crop.

  16. Our tomatoes have that brown spot on the bottom. Bummer. Things are looking good in your garden. The slugs are giving a high five for taste.

  17. You should be able to replant lettuce, and perhaps peas..radishes for sure! Your garden looks great! Sorry about the sky dive not happening..I bet Jonelle is so excited!
    That is a beautiful Salmon!! :)

  18. It took me several tries (due to weather) to finally jump when I went skydiving. It was exhilarating and strangely peaceful. It was part of my plan to Try New Things and my son suggested it so off we went.

    The world from a different angle is always a good change of perspective.

  19. I enjoy your blog. We are not far from each other. I am in Edmonds. I am recently retired and am also blogging, trying to put a humorous spin on retirement, aging, empty nesting and all of those things we baby boomers are now experiencing. I have added you to my blog list. I think you might inspire me to do some of the more adventurous stuff!


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