Saturday, July 13, 2013

Farmers' Market Day

Artistic display of yummy fruits
I decided to spend my skydiving day on Sunday this weekend, as both days are forecast to be nice. It would give me the opportunity to enjoy the Saturday morning walk with the Fairhaven Walkers. I've been missing those Saturday walks. It also gave me a chance to visit the Farmers' Market today, which is only held on Saturdays. (There is a smaller market in Fairhaven on Wednesday afternoons, but I rarely make it to that one.)
Color everywhere
Mid-July and the colors of the fruits and vegetables are simply spectacular. After the walk at 8:00am, I was able to make it to the market a few minutes before it opened, so I walked around and took lots of pictures of nature's bounty. The weather was perfect, blue skies and a cool breeze, temperature in the mid-sixties, so everybody was out enjoying it.
Blue skies and lots of smiles
The market is open from 10:00 until 3:00. If you want to get the best veggies, you need to be there right at 10:00. By noon everything is pretty much gone, and people who show up later are there to buy jewelry or pottery, or food. There's lots of good food for sale there, too.
Flowers in the early morning sunshine
Bouquets of flowers are available everywhere. I bought myself a pretty bouquet of sweet pea flowers, which is sitting on the kitchen table. If I would have had more hands, there are many more items I might have purchased. My garden is giving us plenty of good things to eat, so I headed home laden down with lots of other stuff.

On another note, I have a question to ask my fellow Blogspot bloggers: do you use the Lightbox feature for displaying your pictures? (It's a setting under "Posts and comments".) I disabled it, but I notice that I enjoy looking at some pictures on other blogs where it's in use. If you want to look at my pictures in full size, you just click on it, but then you have to use the back button to return to the post. What do you think?


  1. Those colors are gorgeous, Jan!
    I keep telling you and telling you that you are one GREAT photographer; I'm sure that you know that, but just wanted to reiterate. (Because I can!)
    I don't even know what lightbox is.
    I'll have to investigate it.
    I love to look at your photos enlarged, and I usually try to do that with all of them. It doesn't bother me to have to click back.

  2. never heard of the light box feature...hmm...spent all morning at the farmers market here...lots of great veg...but also artwork...had a blast...watched this one guy making jewelry out of old gift cards...very cool...

  3. i've not used that feature.

    i LOVE the berry 'quilt' in the first photo! dang, that looks good!

  4. i lied. lightbox must be set to 'yes' by default as mine allows it to be used. :)

  5. Love all the soft fruits at this time of the year. I've never heard of the light box.

  6. I lowered myself to go to our market today! Our market is maybe 20% produce and the rest rash. It's like going to the fair. ..lots of people.
    Anyway I like the way the one vendor organized the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

  7. Wow, when I saw that first berry shot in my sidebar I thought it was a patchwork quilt! So beautiful.

    I'm a big farmers market fan and try to go as often as time (and the heat) allows. It's always well worth it.

    I often click on photos to make them bigger and don't mind "clicking back" to get to the post.

    xo jj

  8. You have inspired me to attend my farmers market on Monday. It is located just a few blocks from my house, but I never went there. David will accompany me.

  9. Yes, my Lightbox setting is on. I often click on other folks' photos for a larger view, though I wasn't aware that it was a specific setting. And once again I said to myself, "Darn! I should have gone to the farmers' market today." Maybe next week. Thanks for the great photos.

  10. A visual feast. I must admit that looking at all those veggies so beautifully displayed makes me hungry!

  11. Produce is so beautiful - the colors & textures & nature of it all.. Looks like you've got a great local farmers market! And that sounds like a perfect day - temps in the 60's. We've been hot & humid for longer than I care here. :) 60's are bliss!
    I'm pretty sure I have lightbox disabled.. but you bring to my attention that I didn't actually know what it is / does. Going to check out the difference!

  12. I've been bagging and freezing the berries from our garden. But had I been at your farmers market I would have bought a BUNCH more!

    Nope, don't use Lightbox.

  13. A feast for all the senses. Colors, music, smells ... And that's before you even buy anything! Beautiful photos.

  14. Gorgeous! ...and mid-60s? I waited so long for this weather that I feel churlish, but I could go for some mid-60s right about now!

    And thank you for that info about the light box dealie. Mine came on all by itself and I just turned it off since you told me how. I like the photos to enlarge!

  15. What a lovely market with yummy veggies and fruit. Nothing better unless it comes from your own yard.
    I haven't heard of lightbox. I will have to check it out.

  16. Everything looks so great at your market!!

    As usual, I had no idea what you were talking about. I clicked on a picture and I love that it is larger and I can see it better. I have no problem using the back button as that is at least something I do understand--ROFL! ;)

  17. Those berries look delicious. I haven't been to our farmers' market in a few weeks but will probably go next week.

    I have used Lightbox and see it on other blogs. I have used it but I have also noticed that Blogger turns it on and off on my blog sometimes. I like it at times but it is nice to see a full screen of some photos.

  18. We did the market too, but skipped Bellingham's market. It's always such a struggle to find a place to park. We headed down to the Mt Vernon market and then hopped over to Anacortes. It was such a blast!

    PS. And we got plenty of fruit (and goat cheese too!). :)

  19. Beautiful berries!! I didn't know what that feature was called. I don't have it on my blog...I don't mind clicking on a photo to enlarge it. :)

  20. I love the colors at this time of year! Every phot here cries out to become a painting! Lovely!

  21. I love the colors at this time of year! Every phot here cries out to become a painting! Lovely!

  22. Oh be still my heart!! Look at all that luscious, fresh food! I love farmers' markets.

    Now as to your question. I've seen that lightbox but I don't think I have it enabled. LOL

    When I click on images in someone's blog, they all come up in a slideshow...where I "x" out when I'm done only to have their blog right behind the slideshow. Maybe that's just an updated version of FF. dunno.

  23. So I guess I DO have the lightbox enabled, 'cause when I click a photo on my blog....ALL images come up. And I'd prefer it that way. Then, I can see the entire amount of photos on anyone's blog at one time, and then 'x' it out to return to their blog post. I just didn't realize that it was called "lightbox".

    It's a nifty gadget in my opinion.

  24. You need a cart like I have for the farmer's market. That way I can buy LOTS when I take it.

  25. The farmer's market photos are gorgeous! Our farmer's market just started this past Saturday. There weren't a ton of vegetables available yet, but I'm hoping my uncle will be there selling his tomatoes this week.

    I use the Lightbox setting, although it's probably by accident. I like to look at pictures full size and having to click back doesn't bother me at all.

  26. I had to actually check my settings to see what I'd done with the Lightbox thing. I guess I didn't disable it. I reduce the file size of my photos anyway so I guess it doesn't affect my photos very much. I do really enjoy seeing your photos blown up.

    Those berries look so wonderful! I wish we could have them here in Hawaii. Yum.

  27. Those berries are laid out like a quilt. They look scrumptious. I don't upload my photos directly to Blogger so no, I don't enable or make use of Lightbox. My photos reside at Flickr and only link back there.. when I remember to make them public.


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