Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pitter patter of little feet

Babe after two vet visits, going back tomorrow
The empty house of a couple of days ago has been filled with the pitter patter of eight little feet. Norma Jean's kitchen is hardwood, and the click of those little feet pervades the house with a very happy sound. Yesterday you met Babe (almost everybody calls her "precious" when they see her), but we like the name because that's what Pete always called Norma Jean. Babe was listless and we took her yesterday to the vet's office where she was hydrated several times.  She was also given a less caustic antibiotic for her to take after the abdominal surgery she had Monday at the pound. The very next day they put her up for adoption, and fortunately we brought her home, because we knew she wasn't doing well.

Today we took her back again, after the listlessness returned and she wouldn't eat or drink anything. They x-rayed her and found her extremely constipated, so they gave her an enema and we are to take her back to the vet's tomorrow morning to see if she's doing better. She still won't drink but we are giving her water through a syringe. The doctor said not to feed her tonight, but she hasn't shown any interest. I'm pretty worried about her, but we're all hoping it will turn out for the best. I am already very attached to the little pooch.

And today Norma Jean received Chester, a dog she agreed to foster to keep him from being euthanized. That was this lively dog's fate this week if no foster home could be found for him. He's nine years old but very smart and fit, and although this senior chihuahua might be hard to find a suitable home for, he's a real addition to this household.
Chester and Norma Jean
He's a wonderful doggie, and it breaks my heart that dogs like this cannot find permanent homes. I suspect that it won't be long before Norma Jean's heart will be captured. Heck, I think it already is! We went out for dinner and when we came back home tonight, two frenetically wagging tails and two excited doggies filled the house with joy. It makes me glad to see them here.

Now all we need to do is get the Babe healthy and well, and I'll feel just fine to head back home on Tuesday. Oh, one other thing: this morning I swam 24 laps in the pool without stopping!! Tomorrow I'm going to try for a half mile (36). If I can do that, maybe I can get enough exercise swimming to substitute that activity for aerobics once in a while.

That's all for now. What a different Thursday post from my usual outdoors one!


  1. Both dogs are cute. Chester reminds me of my Sophie...great lap dog. Hope Babe's improving.

  2. Norma Jean doesn't need anymore heart ache. I hope Babe makes it.
    Swimming in Florida is quite a contrat to snow hiking in the mountains of Washington. And it was not a pretty day except for a few hours in the middle. It would have been a cold,wet hike with snow at higher elevations.

  3. Aaahh I am so excited to see those cute pooch grow! Oh no chihuahuas doesn't grow hahaha. It melted my heart when I saw them! I hope Babe will get better soon and oh look how cute Chester is...isn't he camera shy? My chihuahua Tiger is!

  4. I hope Babe makes a turn around. She has a nice home now and she needs to get better to enjoy it. I am always glad to see a dog rescued, especially a senior dog. I suspect Chester has already found his permanent home.

  5. seriously you make me feel so out of smiles at saving the pup...i hope they find a home...and hope the new little one gets to feeling better..

  6. I wonder what ails Babe. Is the dog in pain from the surgery?

    Good that you swam all those laps.

  7. sweet. I dare not foster because I probably wouldn't let them go.

  8. Awww poor sweet pup! That Babe is just incredibly adorable and Chester too. I sure hope that Babe is well before too long.

  9. And you are SO active, DJan. You're amazing!

  10. You've got your work cut out for you with the two puppies.
    I think I'd die on the first swimming lap. I'm leaving swimming until I can't do other stuff???

  11. Yikes! Babe has that Riley look. It's a good thing she has a good home in Florida or I'd be seriously tempted. I'll be sending healing thoughts her way.
    Hiked with the Seniors some 11+ miles. Sr. Center to Whatcom Falls, Sculpture Garden, Northridge, and back. A dry day! We missed the last 2 hikes due to bad weather. Brownies courtesy of Fred at hikes end. It will be so wonderful to have you back to walk and hike with! You are missed here in the PNW.

  12. I hope the Vet gets Babe all straightened out..poor little thing. Oscar looks quite smitten with Norma Jean..just as it should be..he needs her:)

  13. I don't know where to start...I am still in shock from you swimming 24 laps without stopping! (More on that later...)

    I got big tears in my eyeballs when I read about Babe (Precious) and Chester. What a duo! I think she needs to keep both of them. There is nothing like a sweet animal with unconditional love to fill in the gaps of grief.

    I am praying for Babe to make a fast recovery and feel good so she can soak in all the love from you guys...(I have to read yesterday's post now...)

    As for the swimming 24 laps without stopping and you are going to attempt 36 (a half mile???) What are you? BIONIC??

    I tried swimming (we have olympic sized pool at our community center) across and back twice and I was shakey, heart pounding, legs like jelly and I almost blacked out!!!

    You DJan, are my hero. You totally blow me away!

  14. Oh gosh! They are both adorable dogs. I'm so glad they're both being loved and cared for.

  15. OOh that makes me want a little dog. I've always said I'd wait til I was retired because I don't think it's fair to leave dogs on their own when you go to work. Since I never managed to get a job last July, maybe my cats would be accomodating? yes, no? maybe not quite yet!
    Love those doggies. Just what the doctor ordered!

  16. Wow. Were we thinking alike or what?! Norma Jean is amazing and so are you.

    I DO think we understand older dogs because you and I aren't spring chickens but we pretend to fact, we are!!!

    I start competing again in May. Rods, screws, plates and all!!!!

    You just plain don't stop. We all live through your hikes and beautiful photographs. I'm so glad I met you. Jan

  17. You aren't missing too much back here, except really cold temperatures. I definitely ready for spring!

  18. Please please share your secret with us on how you do what you do! Where/how did you start?

  19. 24 laps!! And that dog is a cutie.

    we got hacked again, so am just getting back to touching base with blogging friends again.
    - Trish

  20. What cuties, both of them. My dog is curled up next to me as I type this, warm and comforting against my hip. I cannot count the number of times I've simply hugged him and cried when I couldn't do anything else. There is nothing quite like the unconditional and accepting love of a dog.

    You continue to amaze me-24 laps?! I don't know that I do 24 anything (unless you count answering a toddlers' "why", which, while taxing, appears to burn no calories). I really need to get off my rear and get out there doing something. My legs are a bit sore today from carrying the baby in the backpack while I walk the dog. It's amazing what an extra 25 pounds feels like when it's not evenly distributed!

  21. Dogs are man's best friends. I hope these two turn out OK in the end.

  22. They have found the perfect home, I hope they are able to give each other much love and companionship.
    Adopting from shelters literally is a life-saver.
    You have a huge tender heart my friend.
    Thank You.

  23. Both Babe and chester are absolutely adorable. What a wonderful thing Norma Jean is doing for these pups.

    It is sad that older animals are "undesirable" when it comes to adoption. Everyone seems to want a cute puppy or kitten while a lot of loving older animals get put to sleep.

    I do hope Babe recovers soon.


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