Sunday, September 26, 2010

What are ya gonna do?

Taken from Huffington Post
It's sure not easy explaining to little ones about the death of a loved family member. I was both amused and bemused when I read this letter from Heather to her grandfather, who had obviously passed away recently. It also gave me something to think about. As this post title says, "what are ya gonna do" to explain to Heather where Grampa Larry is right now?

Or maybe Heather knows something I don't know. It seems very interesting to me to consider that the younger we are, the more we might know about the way things really are. My own thoughts about death are tangled up with fear and loss, so in many ways I think I don't have a clue. I also wonder what kind of holidays they have up there. And I wonder if I would be proud to have a grave with my name on it!

Maybe it's wishful thinking to consider the answers to these questions, but I kind of like the feeling I get when I get into Heather's mindset. It's a whole lot more fun and optimistic than my usual feelings about those family and friends who have passed on. Who knows? Maybe Heather is an enlightened being who has come to Earth to give me answers. I hope you enjoy her letter as much as I have.


  1. It's a fact...young people see a much clearer view of what life really means. I love her letter. It puts things in perspective. Thanks for showing us that life and death are really not that complicated.

  2. thanks for sharing of the most tender memroies i have with my little by T's mom's casket calling her sleeping beauty

  3. Lexie won't be at my funeral either. My loss. But Allison should have no problems explaining where at; she'll just point to a box on a nearby shelf.

  4. Damned keyboard! Should have read before sending. Grrrr.

  5. How old is Heather? So cute!

  6. Oooh, what a sweet letter, she kept her Grampa alive in her heart, and even though he has passed, she obviously carries him with her through her daily life.
    Such an innocent little girl, that teaches us lots about honestly and love.
    Thank you for sharing, it is a treasure.

  7. Well, here I go being me, bluntly honest. I do believe in a literal heaven or hell.

    I believe we live on only through the memories of those we know, or have known in our lifetime, our families, friends etc. That takes us through multiple generations and that's long enough for me to be remembered.

    I'm not making any plans for heaven and who I'll see there.

  8. Oops, my brain slipped. I do NOT believe in a literal heaven or hell.

  9. I am with Linda. life is a path that we choose to lead whereever we might end up. It can be hell or heaven. Depend on whatever "you" care to believe.
    In the end, all is peace, and quite. Another season begins.

  10. Well lordy be..I am for sure going to heaven..I was promised a room in a mansion..and many rooms for my like minded friends. I am sure that animals will be there too..if not..I am not going because I cannot imagine heaven without them.
    Great letter! I believe it is all about being comfortable in our own skin..and viewing the world and death like an innocent child:)

  11. It is always enlightening when we get an insight into how children perceive the world; they take it at face value and are not troubled by apparent contradictions.

    I have steadily moved away from religion and belief over the years. The more I have considered the concept of heaven, the more I am actually "creaped-out" by the idea. I blogged about how people don't really put much thought into heaven beyond the idea that it is some kind of extended vacation and family reunion.

    Shortly after that blog came out, I ran across an article about how the idea heaven has not always been associated with religious belief.

    As one of my christian friends said to me one time, "...the more you think about it, the harder it is to believe". I agree.

  12. Oh, that letter is so sad and cute at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  13. That's a sweet, innocent letter and none of us really knows the answer to life's great mystery, do we. So I think the letter stands. Perhaps he has seen it or knows about it. Some people believe that, don't they. Why not indeed.
    Blessings, Star

  14. That is too sweet. I sort of lost interest in death after losing my family in such quick succession. My only wish is to go quickly :}
    I'm talk'n major heart attack here.....

  15. I've always felt we should be truthful in explaining anything to children, including death. To just say grandpa is in heaven is doing them an injustice. Even though I usually figured it out on my own I wish my parents had been a little more honest and open with me when I was very young.


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