Thursday, December 10, 2015

It was a dark and stormy hike

Our lunch spot at Lizard Lake
Well, that picture makes it look a LOT less dark and stormy than it felt today. Ten Senior Trailblazers went up to Lily and Lizard Lakes on Blanchard Mountain. I was actually quite shocked that so many Trailblazers decided to brave the elements. I guess many of us are just addicted to this activity; I know I am.

It wasn't like we didn't know what we were getting into, as the weather forecast was for rain and wind, much the same situation we faced all week. Many of our rivers are flooding, and the rain deficit we had earlier in the year is a distant memory. But then again, last week we were expecting a very wet hike considering the forecast, and instead we had a wonderful day.
Al and our fairly nice trail behind him
 We started out well, with just a teeny bit of rain at the beginning. Not enough for a raincoat, and we didn't have the seriously muddy trail I was expecting, either. We headed off to Lily Lake. My pictures today are rather abysmal, since it was so dark for most of the day that I couldn't find much to take pictures of.
Map of today's hike
If all else fails when you don't have pictures, there's always a map. We started on the road from that lower "P" on the right-hand side of the map. We ambled over to Lily Lake, and although the wind was fierce, it came and went. Same with the rain. We knew we were pushing our luck as we made our way to Lizard Lake. It wasn't exactly warm, but it wasn't terribly cold either. Just not all that comfy for a long lunch.
Lizard Lake, looking the other direction from our lunch spot
It was actually raining a little while we had our lunch, but we were mostly protected by the trees, and we gathered up our belongings and had a little conference.
Al showing Sue and Linda our return options
We all decided that, instead of returning the way we had come, we'd take a shortcut and then go back down the Incline Trail. This would mean a mile or so walking on the road rather than hiking trails, but it would shorten the hike significantly. As the weather was blustery and threatening, we took the shorter way in hopes that we would make it back to the cars before we got totally drenched.

And that's just what we did, while the worst of the rain waited for us. Although it was a very dark forest, with little light making it through the forest canopy, we managed to stay relatively dry and mostly protected from the wind. We covered around seven miles anyway, and once I got home and pulled into the driveway, I had to wait for the rain to let up a little before I made a run for the door. I was just so glad we were able to have a relatively nice day in the wilderness. You just never know what awaits you unless you give it a try.


  1. I so admire your determination and stamina. One of the healthiest addictions I know.

  2. I do not have your strength so my walk was on level ground at a nearby lake today. But we were dealing with welcome rain and not so welcome wind as well. But I definitely think walking is a wonderful addiction.

  3. I can tell that thee was a little tension when it came to this day. Sometimes you challenge and take a risk. Expectations help to make the venture pleasanter.

  4. I think i'm getting addicted too. Really miss it when i don't get in a long hike once or twice a week a though not as long as yours!

  5. I'm glad the weather held off its worst so you could enjoy your hike.
    I dusted off my stationary bike this week as an alternative to walking with this stormy weather. I was surprised to be able to do 10 miles without any problem.

  6. I won't tell you I've been hiking the abandoned golf course near my house in the sunshine and 75 degree weather. Okay, so I did. But I don't have much of a story to tell in regard to it. You, however, do have a tale. Your group is most impressive.

  7. Looks like you lucked out with the weather! On crummy windy days I usually head for the cover of the fores too.

  8. Wow! Sounds like you guys just made it before the drenching rains came. You all are addicted--LOL! But what a good thing to be addicted to. ;)

  9. Boy, rain or shine, you still love to hike.

  10. You guys are definitely what I would call intrepid! Wow! I admire you all so much because I have to admit I would not be out there in the cold rain. That's why you guys are so hardy. Congratulations!

  11. What an opening post title!!!

    But, doesn't sound too bad, weather-wise. I do think, by the one photo, the lake is filled to its banks!!

  12. Wow, you and your group could settle an undiscovered country!

  13. Good to hear you are caught up with moisture. Some of the rained swelled creeks I saw on the news were not pretty. Now if you get some snow for a melt in the spring. Snow in the mountains that is! Al looks good! Nice to see him! :)

  14. glad you were safe and avoided the heaviest of rain. lizard lake just sounds wet and clammy. :)


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