Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Changing my photograph albums

Me in a Florida wind tunnel in 2003
Well, will you look at that! It's me flying in the Orlando wind tunnel way back when. And how did I find this picture? It found me, actually. I decided a couple of days ago to take my pictures off my individual devices and put them all in the cloud. This came about for a couple of reasons.

First, I had some of my pictures on my laptop, some on my phone, and sadly, none of them on my iPad. I made the mistake of getting the entry-level memory option last year on my iPad and in nothing flat, I ran out of space on it. I reluctantly started using it only for emails and reading blogs and websites. Oh yeah, and watching Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming videos (which it is really great at).

I went to the local Apple store and looked at the new iPad Pro, thinking that maybe I'd just upgrade my iPad to the latest and greatest, so I ordered one. The salesperson, however, once he found out the dilemma with my current iPad, suggested that I consider using the iCloud Photo Library, with the other major benefit being that I have ALL my pictures available to me on all my devices. It costs $1/month for 50 gigabytes of iCloud storage. I started the changeover, and before I knew it, I had over 5,000 pictures, all right there to peruse. Some of them were in albums I'd forgotten about.

Just before I started this post, I scanned over my treasures, and several pictures from the ancient past surfaced, like the one you see at the top. Until yesterday, I didn't even know where to look for that picture. Not to mention that there are cherished pictures of family and friends who have died. And pictures of me that reminded me of the fact that my hair has not always been white.

Another benefit is that if I edit or delete a picture from one device, the changes take place all the way across because they are stored in the cloud. I experimented and sure enough, it works! While I was looking quickly at my pictures, I was also able to delete almost a hundred, because I tend to take more than one picture of the same thing and keep them both. Wow!
Smart Guy and me getting married in freefall
I smiled when I saw this one, too. We got married in freefall on May 5, 1994, and our Best Man was the videographer. When we got our marriage license in Colorado, we said we would be married when we passed through 5,500 feet over Loveland, Colorado, and nobody batted an eye! Yes, skydiving has been a big part of my life, but I am suddenly reminded that there is a wind tunnel in Tukwila and I can always get my knees in the breeze if I want to, no matter how old I get.


  1. that last shot made me grin. :) so you...

    nice that you found a great solution to fit your needs!

  2. You little daredevil you :)
    I wouldn't expect anything else, getting married 5500 feet in the air, so you really did start your marriage on cloud nine :)
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year DJan !

  3. I love to look at old pictures...they always bring a smile to my face.

    I've started keeping everything on a cloud too - but mine came about when our last laptop starting dying. I'd already lost a bunch of pictures when our first laptop was broken, I wasn't taking any chances!

  4. I have all my photos on various external hard drives. Some are also stored on a Picasa page. I suppose someday I need to bite the bullet and put them all "on the cloud." I love that you married your hubby while skydiving! So cool!

  5. I will have to follow your example. I have pictures all over, and when looking for a particular one or two or three of course cannot locate them. I will do it...eventually...(I am a procrastinator)

  6. It's fun to look at photos from the past. As you can imagine, I have more that 5000 photos. Everything I keep, from any camera or my phone, gets downloaded onto our desk top computer, which is backed up by Carbonite on the cloud.
    One of my winter projects is to start sorting through the photos on the hard drive and eliminating a bunch of them that are duplicates of just not worth keeping. Then I will send more of them to the external hard drive that we also have for photo storage. There are also older photos on CDs stored in our safe. I really do need to cull and reorganize!

  7. I may just have to in to that storage. Thoug i have an awful lot more photos than 5000!

  8. Huge smiles.
    Love the photos you found and that technology is working in your favour. Rare that....

  9. You are getting organized! I have that on my to do list in early 2016.
    We are getting used to some new tech here Windows 10 and an I Pad Air. Who knows what it all can do. I am pretty much lost and keep retreating to my Windows 7 :)

  10. Wow! That photo is like something out of a movie! Very cool. The iCloud storage is great.

  11. Love your wind tunnel idea:)
    I've used that icloud from the start and it has greatly improved over time.
    Been thinking about the pro pad as well.

  12. That is a really nice thing to have, the cloud. My old computer got a virus and everything on it, including my photos, were wiped out.

  13. That sounds like it is a perfect program for you! Awesome!! And it allowed us to see some precious older photos, too. I may have to ask Dagan and Leah about iCloud. :)

  14. You have inspired me. I'm going to look into this iCloud thing for pictures. Perhaps I can start blogging again.


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