Friday, March 26, 2010

Tulips and more

As I mentioned yesterday, on the way home from our hike we stopped by the RoozenGaarde tulip gardens, which were just green leaves when we visited them three weeks ago, and now they are heading toward peak viewing. (You can click any picture to enlarge, well worth your time.) Just give these tulips another week, and you won't be able to come by here on a sunny day during the weekend without sharing these views with thousands of spectators. RoozenGaarde has more than three acres of tulips all by themselves, and we passed farms with names like "Tulip Town" on the way.

The grounds are perfectly tended, with every conceivable variety of tulip to enjoy. That's Peggy and Ward in the background, and you can see by their clothes it wasn't warm. There was a light mist of rain in the air most of the time we were there, but every once in a while the sun tried to break through.

I captured these two unnamed ladies with their lovely umbrellas taking in the sights. To park and go inside the gardens, a small fee is charged, which will help to defray the costs of planting these tulips every year. In the picture below, you can see several more stripes of different varieties of tulips in the background. You will have to enlarge to see that easily.

 Not only were there tulips, but the hyacinths are in full flower, too. There were also some other tiny blue flowers I couldn't identify, until I found this on the RoozenGaarde site:
Many early and mid tulip varieties are now in bloom, in addition to all of the daffodil and hyacinth varieties. It would be unfair not to mention the Muscari (amongst other specialty flowers) as the little blue flowers are making an outstanding contribution to some of our most picturesque plantings. RoozenGaarde’s 3 acre display garden has been planted with more than 1/4 million tulip, daffodil, crocus, hyacinth and iris bulbs!
Some of the tulips are so different from anything I've seen before that if they didn't have the regular tulips leaves, I wouldn't know for sure what they are. This variety looks so much like a peony I was confused at first. It's called "Double Price" (not knowing if they are just especially expensive or why they have that name).

Some of the acres and acres of tulips are so intoxicating that I just couldn't figure an angle that might show you how gorgeous they are. I decided I'll make a special Flickr set of just flowers and put all 50 of the pictures I took up there. They will be linked on the right-hand side of my blog once I get that done. And to finish off this post, I thought this tulip looked as beautiful as any rose I have ever seen!

As you can see from these last two pictures, I was blessed to have the raindrops giving these beautiful tulips another dimension that you just can't ever get on sun-drenched days. There is perfection in all of our myriad weather delights here in the Pacific Northwest, including the rain.


  1. Ooh, be still my heart ;)
    What gorgeous flowers....just in time for Easter.
    I send flowers to England via an outfit which grows all of it's own flowers in Guernsey, a small island in the English Channel. Fields and fields of tulips, and daffodils and such, all waiting to be shipped in a minutes notice.
    These photos are so refreshing, it's like a spring day, I swear I can smell them !
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks DJan!

  3. Thanks for posting the picture of the tulip that looks like a peony. Of course that's my favorite. I'm going to have to look for this variety in the fall of this year.
    What a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh what lovely pictures! Oceans of Tulips and I really have Spring fever!
    Sunny :)

  5. Beauty beyond description. What a wonderful world we live in here in the Pacific Northwest.

  6. That is a feast for the eyes. Stunning. Your photos are beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous! As I was reading I was thinking how the weather provided fortunate lighting for your pictures. Overcast days are usually the best ones for outdoor pictures. Then I got to the end of the post and read what you said about the raindrops and weather...very true!

    The 'Double Price' look nothing like the tulips I know! I would never have known that's what they are. I agree that the last picture is beautiful. Of course, all the flowers are beautiful...I can't wait to look at the rest of the pictures. By the way, you have a wonderful eye for framing a picture. The one with the two ladies is fantastic.

  8. stunning! tulips are my favourite flower. we have a couple of bulbs peaking through the soil in a hopeful sort of manner.

  9. What a lovely show of flowers. All different colours and shapes. Wonderful. Yes, the raindrops do set off that tulip head so well. It really feels like spring now, seeing those. We are not that far advanced over here yet. The daffodils have only just come out.
    Blessings, Star

  10. That field of tulips takes my breath away! Here, it'll be a few more weeks until we see the tulips and daffodils. I always marvel at the snowdrops, which are our first each spring. The chives in my backyard are about 4 inches tall already and the trees are budding up. After being south, I am very anxious for the green to return here too!

  11. It's Spring in your neck of the woods. Of course it's Spring here as well. But no tulips yet...

  12. BREATHTAKING!! What a wonderful place to go to annually to celebrate the coming of spring!

  13. Oh wow, the tulips are gorgeous. It must have been wonderful to see so many blooms in one place. When I scrolled down to your last photo I almost thought that was a rose, it is equally as beautiful.

    Great photos DJan, I look forward to seeing the rest of your shots.

  14. Those are absolutely stunning!

    Going to visit the tulip fields in Holland is one of the things I missed out on doing when I lived in Belgium. Not having a car made certain outings complicated to say the least. :s

    But I'm glad I can admire some other tulip fields through you! :o)

  15. Oh this was so much fun..I am incredibly jealous..just so you know! Those fields of tulips are stunning..what a treat for you!! I would have stayed for hours..cloudy days work well for capturing flowers!! :)


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