Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goose Rock

Today fifteen Senior Trailblazers headed back to the Deception Pass area (we were there only three weeks ago to hike another trail) on our way up to Goose Rock. The weather yesterday in the Bellingham area set an all-time March 24th record for warmth -- with full sun -- but today was another story altogether. In the Pacific Northwest, you can't ever expect sunny skies day after day. As we left the Senior Center at 8:00 am, it had already begun to rain.

By the time we got to I-5 heading south to Deception Pass, the weather was becoming progressively worse: rain coming down steadily, and three cars-full of us still determined to do this six-mile hike anyway. But by the time we reached Deception Pass, the rain had slowed to a fine mist. All of us were ready for rain and figured if it became really bad, we could turn around and head for the nearest pub.
It stayed either almost dry or lightly raining as we took a meandering route to the top of Goose Rock, with some up and down (a total elevation gain and loss of around 1,300 feet) and a comfortable temperature. I always have a good time, even if the weather isn't perfect, because of my interesting companions. Nobody grumbled about the weather, and everyone else seemed to be having a good time too. Although when we reached the top of Goose Rock and took a gander (sorry, I couldn't help myself), there was not much to see because of the light mist in the air.
Here's Fred looking around for a good spot out of the wind to have lunch. There would have been a spectacular view (I was told) if the weather were better, but once we hunkered down and pulled out our lunches, we were pretty comfy for the time being. Not much rain fell during our hike, but I slipped on one of the slick rocks and banged my elbow and knee, not too bad. Since I already had a very bad fall on one of our hikes (in October last year), everyone said I had just made my 2010 spill and didn't have to do it again. Several people asked me on the way down if I was all right and I assured them I was just fine. We take care of each other; they were ready with numerous Ace bandages in case I needed one, and we joked that it would make a great picture to have me swaddled in them from head to foot. I declined for the time being. :-)
On the way back to the trailhead, we elected to walk along the beach, and I lagged behind taking some pictures and looking down at the beautiful rocks. By the time we returned to our cars, it was still rather early, so four of us headed back by way of the RoozenGarde tulip festival. I took an amazing number of pictures, and here is a teaser shot of some of the spectacular tulip gardens there (click any picture to enlarge).
Tomorrow I'll show you some more tulip pictures, and I was thrilled with the shots I was able to get. When you don't have sun, you compromise by having pictures of raindrop-covered tulips that I hope will intoxicate you as much as they did me.


  1. That last photo is breath-taking. I'm always to read what you hikers have been up to!

  2. Wow. The tulips are beautiful. It must have been awesome in person.

  3. When I get up on Thursday morning and look outside I always think of you and your group. We also had light rain on and off all day. I'm glad to see the overcast skies didn't put a damper on the hike.

    The tulips are gorgeous, I look forward to seeing more photos.

    PS, Suzie Gilbert will be stopping by for a visit and will come back again to answer any questions any one might have. We have been exchanging emails, she is a remarkable woman.

  4. Your photos captured your hike very well. You always seem to enjoy yourself no matter the weather. Loved the pic of the tulips.

  5. Amazing photo of the tulips with the blue gray of the mountains behind them. I just love your photos.
    Glad you're okay. Hiking when wet doesn't exactly sound fun...your group must be very dedicated.
    Keep safe out there!
    Happy spring!

  6. I so envy you and your lungs and your ability to hike up and down mountains.

    I can still hike to and from the toilet and to bed and back but aside from the dinner table, that is the extent of my hikes.

  7. I can't believe ya'll's adventurous spirit! Days like that make me long for quiet and a good book. Still, it's nice to see pictures of all the different faces of Mother Nature. Thank you:)

    How are you feeling now? I hope you aren't too banged up!

    Spectacular picture of the tulips! It looks like a postcard.

  8. You are a glutton for punishment when it comes to having accidents. Stop it, do you hear? Stop it!
    I love the picture of the tulips. It reminded me of my other childhood home in Holland!
    Glad you're ok.
    Blessings, Star

  9. Gorgeous photos!

    I can understand not cancelling a hike due to rain in your neck of the woods... and I can deal with rain once I'm out on the trail, but the idea of actually heading out once its raining and knowing it will probably be raining all day? I'm afraid even after 8 years in Belgium I'm not that ready for that kind of expedition! :p

  10. CAREFUL out there! What nice panoramic views though...and OH THOSE TULIPS!!! Breathtaking!

  11. I am getting caught up..the tulips look beautiful..I am headed to read about them next!! I really liked that you took a photo of the sign at Deception Pass..I love reading them!! It makes you trip really come alive for me. As a teen I read a book about Whidbey Island..I have always wanted to visit there..I have heard that there is a greenhouse there that specializes in lavenders of all would be fun to see:)


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