Thursday, June 20, 2024

Summer is here

Mt Baker from the Chain Lakes loop

I didn't go on the hike today to Noisy Creek today. It's a very long drive, one of the longest that we make (75 miles one way) and then the hike itself is more than ten miles long. You start early and don't get back until very late.  I suspect I'm done with that sort of hike. It's not like I haven't done it many times, but I was younger back then.

I'm hoping I will be able to navigate hikes like the Chain Lakes loop, since it's only six miles (but a long-ish drive) and much more doable. I've enjoyed almost every one of the Chain Lakes hikes I've ever done. It's always wonderful to experience the beautiful wilderness that surrounds us, but as I've gotten older, I notice that I do much better when it's cloudy and cool. When I took this picture, I had really suffered going up Herman Saddle in the full sun, but by the time I got to where I took this shot, I had recovered somewhat. I'm just glad I can still do them at all, at my advanced age.

Steve pointing out our destination

This picture was taken most exactly ten years ago, and I cherish it, as I look at those who are gone. Steve died a couple of years ago, and the man at the very back (Richard) also died since we took this hike to Yellow Aster Butte in 2014. That is one drawback to hiking with the Seniors: sometimes we don't have unlimited decades ahead, but in a way it makes it so much more precious and poignant. I know that those seniors who traveled all the way to Noisy Creek today and spent the entire day together will cherish the memories they will create.

I was at the acupuncturist's office when I realized that we had just moved from spring to summer. Today is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, and now we will start slowly moving towards fall, when the days and nights will be equal again. Some places in the country are already sweltering, but we will make it to the high seventies (25°C) and enjoy just about perfect weather. No clouds out there, but they will return soon, I hope!



  1. Happy Summer! That is a long drive and a long hike, good that you occupied yourself with other activities!

  2. There's a high loss in senior groups. I've been to many funerals for our skaters.

  3. I hope your summer is gentle - and am enjoying our winter.

  4. I truly admire you and your endurance and bravery. A life well lived, DJan.

  5. I can see how the long drive and that 10 mile hike would put you off, Jan. You still have a lot of hiking left in you though.

  6. I shepherd a group of 'seniors' out to lunch once a week, and I'm th youngest. We've already lost one, and another has terminal cancer. It's tough sometimes!

  7. I'm finally just sitting with my laptop to catch up. It's
    Friday afternoon, 4:30 and 83 degrees. For me that's hot and I am inside where the downstairs is cool.
    I think about how long we will have our small group of Friday breakfast friends.

  8. That first photo is just so gorgeous. Let's just look at that all day! I hear you about the lost friends. Gone but not forgotten. You are fortunate to have so many pictures to help you remember those good times with good friends. I never took many pictures before the camera on the cell phone came along. Terry was the photographer but if he wasn't along, then few photos taken. Now I wish I had those.

  9. I don't quite notice the solstice here in Hawaii like I did when we lived in Illinois. 75 miles?!? Wow! Add 37 more miles and you'd be driving around the entire island of Oahu.


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