Thursday, May 4, 2023

The trouble with trillium

Garden of trillium

We (Melanie and I) have just returned from our wonderful hike on Chuckanut Mountain, specifically the Lower Salal trail, along with some places along the Hemlock trail. We were going to Raptor Ridge, but due to our frequent stops to take pictures of the amazing trillium we met along the way, we didn't get there. Instead, we decided to shorten our eight-mile hike to five wonderful trillium-filled miles. 

Gorgeous singleton

I had been looking forward to this hike with Mel, one we take every springtime, looking for these lovely flowers, which sprout up quickly and last for a week or two, then are gone again for another year. It took us hours to navigate the Lower Salal, which was covered with the flowers everywhere we looked. That's the trouble with trillium, you can't just take one picture.

Melanie amongst the trillium

If you notice, there are trillium both beside and behind her, and I think we managed to oooh and aaaaah over most of the ones we passed by. Plus, we took a LOT of pictures.

Pretty trio

There were other sights as well, like the lovely trail that I love so much. And it was also a treat to be out there on a fine day with one of my best buds. Every once in awhile we would remember to be thankful for the place we live, and its many delights.

Lower Salal trail

As we made our leisurely way to the junction with the Hemlock trail, we discussed whether we should try to visit Madrone Crest, but I decided that I would be happy if we just shortened our hike a little, since I am thinking I'm still recovering from all the exertion from last Thursday. Or at least that's what I used as an excuse. Mel was quite accommodating. 

Me and my three-sided pal

Melanie took this picture of me, where my guy said it looks like I am emerging from a salad. I wanted you to see my new hat, and also notice how happy I am to be sitting down for a quick moment. I don't know why I grew so tired so quickly, but I also know I will sleep well tonight.

Nature's bouquet

You know I have many, many more trillium pictures, but you really did need to be there to fully appreciate them. We did manage to cover 5.3 miles and climbed and descended around 1,300 feet of elevation. So it was not exactly an easy hike for me, but I did just fine, if I don't compare myself to anyone else, that is.

Melanie looking beautiful

I smiled at this picture because it looks like she is holding these two gigantic trees upright, using all her impressive strength to keep them from falling (not really). It was just too cool a picture not to post, however. It was a very good day, and I was happy to come home feeling pretty good and not all worn out. Thanks, Mel!



  1. I guess the 'trouble with Trillium' is that there were so many they slowed you down!

  2. The trillium are so pretty and you two ladies blended right in! 😉

  3. They are beautiful and brief so I am glad you took the time to appreciate them fully. And glad you know your body well and know when to cut short the distance covered. You two are a great team! :)

  4. Where in the world did you come up with a title like that? Just kidding my Trekker friend, and I liked that very much. :^) It IS a very interesting plant, and it sounded like a great hike--and Melanie looks prettier than ever.

  5. Uh oh... I was writing something and it disappeared. Darn! I was just saying I loved trillium when I lived in Illinois too. I don't see them in Hawaii. I guess the thing about trillium is that it's another happy harbinger of spring.

  6. We don't have trillium here so I appreciate your photos.

  7. It looks and sounds like a wonderful day - and your smiles say it all. Thank you.

  8. I like the description of you being surrounded by salad. We don't have trilliums here. My favourite spring flowers are the bluebells and like you I have my favourite bluebell walk.

  9. I have seen trillium here but the plants are tiny compared to what you have there. Your trillium hike was well worth the effort! Love the new hat, Jan!

  10. I should check my old photos to try to see when our trilliums might emerge.

  11. Love the trillium pics, but especially love the trail pic and had to enlarge it to imagine myself being there. So glad you and Mel are able to enjoy these hikes together.

  12. Trilliums are our provincial flower. They are a delight to see.

  13. I have never seen a trillium, but can "experience" them with you. Mahalo!

  14. I am realizing as I finally get to your post and others that I seem to have missed a day. I guess I got busy but now I'm not sure doing what. Now I have just finished watching our recording of the Coronation in London and it's time to do something with what's left of this Saturday. I do love trillium too and always have to stop when I find them in the wild.

  15. Nice photo of you in the Trillium!! Another three weeks and we may have some blooming!


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