Monday, April 18, 2022

Almost forgot my post

Me and Lily at the festival

I was just sitting here minding my own business and getting reading to watch the PBS News, which I realized I forgot to write my Monday blog post, with all the pictures of the Tulip Festival! So, instead of the news, here's my batch of pictures from our wonderful Saturday trip to the Skagit Valley.

Just amazing designs

It really was a beautiful sight for the eyes, even though it was cold and having my hands tucked inside my jacket all day, except when capturing a picture, didn't seem to make me feel all that much warmer. I am glad we went when we did; we were some of the first people inside once it opened, and it meant we could get some pictures without lots of people.

Lots of varieties, some not yet open

I was surprised at how many of the tulips have not even begun to show any color. There were plenty of places that made me wonder what color they will be. But there were plenty of others that were showing their loveliness.

Big ones, small ones, all pretty

Every year they show off their tulips, and then after they've all bloomed, all the bulbs are taken from the ground and then they start all over again next year. My favorite ones are those pretty pink ones behind the white.

Variegated ones, too

See the ones in front of the orange at the top? They haven't even begun to open, but the pretty red ones in front of them are at their peak.

Sunlight coming through

I love this picture, even though I couldn't get away from that guy on the sidewalk with all his camera gear. He seemed to be following me, but the brilliant tulips with the sun coming through made it worth keeping.

More beauty

We walked out towards the fields in the back, but it was so cold and I really wanted to go inside the store to warm up, so we skipped that part and instead went indoors to get out of the cold.

Nice little basket with flag

When we headed into the little town of La Conner for lunch, I saw this sweet bouquet with a Ukrainian flag, which touched me and I thought it would be a nice way to finish this post. (BTW: I just got a call from John, wondering if I forgot again to write this post. I told him I am almost done!)



  1. Whenever I see anything about Skagit Valley, I think of you, DJan. That is such an awesome memory. Even though mom’s memory is fading, she remembers that time. Your photos are so gorgeous. Thank you very much for sharing all this beauty with us.

  2. Thanks for the tour! That's a lot of bulb planting! I've noticed my tulips stay closed when it's cold and open when the sun shines. If I cut a stem and bring it inside into a vase of water, they open really wide. But how does it know when it's night time and close back up, while it's sitting in my house in the vase? I'd love to chat with a horticulturist to learn why the "muscles" on petals open and close a flower. Linda in Kansas

  3. Walking among the tulip beds is a spring ritual I am glad you do every year. Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

  4. That river of blue in the first photo.

  5. Just beautiful, just wish it had been warmer for you. I too liked that river of blue and also the tribute to Ukraine with that bouquet. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. I'd much rather see the tulips than the news! Actually, we went to see the tulips at our local Peddlers Village. They're nice, but nothing compared to yours. Beautiful!

  7. Tulips are much better than the news anyday! So glad you had a nice outing! :)

  8. Beautiful!
    That's funny how John was checking up on you--LOL! :)

  9. Beautiful! My favorite tulips are pale pink. We have The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden here, but we haven't been in ages. We really need to go.

  10. Well, I wondered where your tulip post was. Gotta' keep up, girl.
    Your photos are beautiful. It's good to know they will still be blooming when we get there. If all goes well, we will go on Friday, the one day this week that the weatherman says it will not rain. fingers crossed for several reasons.

  11. Just gorgeous! It would have been oth cold and wet here! We loved our visit several years back.

  12. They are gorgeous. I tend to favour seeing them mid-week during our festival, as the crowds come out on the weekends.

  13. Beautiful tulips! I wish I could see them in person.

  14. Beautiful! Do they give off any scent?

  15. I have been perusing all the posts of "my" bloggers and have just read this. How can we be recipients of such loveliness and and not accept that we are so minor?


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