Thursday, December 9, 2021

Rain and snow mix

Tree roots over rock and a bit of snow

Melanie and I decided once again to make our own Thursday hike, since the weather was supposed to be pretty wet, with cold temperatures to boot. We didn't want to go where the schedule suggested, so we tried once again to reach Fragrance Lake, since we didn't make it all the way there last week. It was "snaining," in Mel's words when we started out: snowing and raining at the same time. We started up the trail and saw lots of puddles, and a little bit of snow, as you can see here. I have always loved the look of those tree roots and have shown them to you before.

Snow-covered ferns

As we climbed in elevation, much of the rain turned into snow, with these ferns showing just how much was still sticking on them, even though the rain had washed some of it away. The trail was clear wherever trees blocked the snow, and we began  to experience the occasional "whump" of snow falling from the trees onto us.

Snow creating artistic scenery

This tree, fern, and white patch of snow on the trail made for a lovely scene as we headed toward the lake. As we climbed, there were a few places where we might have needed our foot spikes, but we hadn't packed them, not expecting much to be on the trail. If we had decided to come back on the trail, I think we would definitely have benefited from them.

Brand new bridge

Finally we reached the lake, and the first thing we noticed is this newly created bridge that starts the .75-mile trail around the lake. Knowing that places we usually take for granted and climb over would probably be a little dicey, we decided just to head right for the lake and go a short distance.

Yes, there was a bit of snow, all right

Mel took this picture of me in the snow, and what you can't see but that I couldn't forget, my gloves had gotten soaked from all the rain, and my hands just wouldn't warm up. She was in the same boat. We had not brought the right gear to stay out very long. (Note to self: winter gloves and spikes next time.)

Light snow kept falling at the lake

Although you can't really see it, we were looking at the far side of the lake through a snowy curtain. If you enlarge the picture enough, you can make out some of the tiny snowflakes as they fell. We turned around soon after this picture was taken, and the reason I took no more was because my frozen fingers wouldn't allow me to use the camera. The screen didn't recognize my attempts. We headed down the service road instead of back on the trail, even though we knew there was a place that had been washed out and blocked off, but we found it to be still passable (carefully).

We skipped the viewpoint, since there wouldn't have been one, and I didn't get any pictures of the waterfall. It looked about the same as it did last week, but we hurried past it and continued back to the parking lot, where Mel revved up her car's heated seats and steering wheel. We probably didn't even get five miles out of today's hike, but it was still a good one, and we were both pleased that we made it to the lake. It's always a fine destination! And as we headed home, we sang Christmas carols and continue to celebrate, as we often do, a fine day out in the forest.



  1. 'Snaining' is a new one on me, but a good one. Remember those warm gloves next time!

  2. You earned a good sleep.

    Do you ever use hand warmers?

  3. The weather never stops you two. Love the staining term. Good one! Hope you feel toasty warm tonight.

  4. Pls. watch your step. It looks slippery out there. But, also beautiful!

  5. You need some hand warmers, here they sell them in packets that you crush and they stay warm for hours! Snaining...that is a good word! Nice photo of you in the snow!

  6. Beautiful snow-covered ferns. I don't have much experience hiking in snow. Looks fun but potentially slippery!

  7. This is the first time since I started following you that you hiked in some very nasty weather.

  8. I could see the falling snow when I embiggened your photo. So very beautiful.
    I am very glad that despite the difficult weather and your icy hands you persevered. Thank you.

  9. I don't know what compels someone to go hiking in such inclement weather, but I bet it makes you very appreciative of the Great Indoors! I liked your snow pics, Djan.

  10. I was enjoying your hike with you till you mentioned the wet gloves. Yikes. Like the word snaining, not sure I want to experience it but it does paint the picture.

  11. Brr. I would have stayed home! You are an intrepid warrior.

  12. You still hike if it is snowing? Wow. I am impressed.

  13. I'm sitting here at home with cold hands, having trouble staying warm. You are intrepid.

  14. Really pretty but does look quite cold.

  15. Oh, so cold looking. It got up to 57 degrees here this afternoon. Still too cold for me but Terry hsa gone out to clean rain gutters. We are expecting a monumental rain storm starting Monday night.


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