Thursday, September 16, 2021

Fragrance Lake today

Blue skies once again

We had some rain and clouds between my last post and this one, but now it's sunny and delightful again. Tomorrow the floodgates are supposed to open, with lots of rain breaking our long drought. It won't be just a few raindrops this time; we are expecting several inches of rain. Melanie and I headed to Fragrance Lake for another local hike, on a very beautiful day indeed.

Incredible root system

We went up the Fragrance Lake trail, which gives us lots of elevation and some great views. I've taken pictures of this before, but whenever we pass by this system of roots on top of a huge rock, I must stop and admire it, as well as photograph it.

Beautiful bay

We took a side trip to view Samish Bay, a short jaunt off the main trail. The view is rarely this clear, where you can see long distances, and we enjoyed seeing the still, clear bay through the trees. We had the viewpoint all to ourselves.

Me in my element

Melanie snapped this picture of me, and I quite like it (which is why you are seeing it). I am definitely in my happy place, on a beautiful day, and with a dear friend. What more could a person ask for? 

Fragrance Lake

When we reached the lake, we saw that there was very little breeze and plenty of reflections of the trees on the far side. We couldn't make our usual trip around the lake, because part of the bridge is being replaced and it's blocked off. We headed the other direction around the lake, so we could get to the beginning of the Two Dollar trail.

Melanie and golden tree reflections

I was able to capture a picture of Mel that I think she will like, too. Another happy hiker in her element. I think both of us couldn't have imagined a better day than the one we shared.

Our trail around the lake

I suspect that these other worn bridges will eventually be replaced, too, but I was glad that they didn't take more than one for now, so that we could get to the far side of the lake and make our way down the beginning of the Two Dollar trail, which leads to Cleator Road. We decided to call our excursion on that trail our very own "Two Dollar Fragrance."

Such a pretty rock

Someone found a delightful place to insert a hand-painted rock, don't you think? It caught our eyes, and of course I had to share it with you. It lights up that little crevice, and I do hope that all passers-by will enjoy it and leave it there. We'll take a look next time to see if it's still there.

Our road back to the parking lot

We took the trail to Fragrance Lake on the way there, but we decided to return via the service road, which is about the same distance but a little more gentle and straightforward. We could walk next to each other and chat as we headed back. We ended up covering a little more than six miles and 1,400 feet up and down. Not bad, I'm thinking. The other Senior Trailblazers went up into the High Country and will not be home for awhile yet, but they also had a perfect day for their adventure. A good day all around!



  1. The tangles of roots are quite photogenic.

  2. Glad you found your happy place! Sunshine always helps.

  3. I like the root tangle and the glowing rock. And of course you two lovely hikers. So glad you had such a perfect day. Who knows when we will get another one.

  4. I love the shot of those roots any time you share it.

    Such a beautiful day in a gorgeous setting. Just perfect!

    The rain will be welcome by the sound of it.

  5. Those roots are awesome around that rock...some trees are just survivors! I am so happy you had a good hike!

  6. It seems like a good idea that you are taking less strenuous hikes. You get the pleasure of being out doors.

  7. Well, I absolutely love that painted rock (what an eye-catcher!) and honestly, when I saw that photo titled "beautiful bay" I think my blood pressure lowered 10 points. I envy your views DJan.

  8. Beautiful day, gorgeous views and a wonderful companion. It is hard to ask for more. Thank you for taking us along.

  9. I would have to really inspect that area quite a while before I place a rock there. 😊
    Love your photo ...and that beautiful reflective lake!!

  10. The root system of that tree looks like a sculpture. The day looks gorgeous with those blue skies and not too hot. Thanks for comment on my blog and yes there is a large safety net for them. It did look like fun. If you were with me I bet we would have egged one another on to have a go.

  11. Cool pics of you and Melanie and mercy, the root system on the rocks is inspiring. That is determination to live.
    That painted rock is really special. Who ever did it could sell them. Like you, I hope no one takes it.

  12. LOVE that hidden rock! Beautiful day with a good friend. :)

  13. Wow, that root system is really outstanding. What trees will do to survive. I am glad that the weather cooperated and that you had a wonderful time with your friend.

  14. Like both the pics of you and Melanie. And really like the one of the worn out bridge following those pics. Sounds like you both had a good hiking day.

  15. Glad you had such a great day. Hope the rains are welcome and not destructive. Actually, I do love the rain, perhaps because it hardly rains where I live.

  16. This sounds like the perfect day. I enjoyed seeing that awesome root growth too. It's a natural sculpture.

  17. I picked up a painted rock in Florida that urged me to leave it someplace new, so I carried it all the way to Costa Rica and hashtagged it for the people who started the project. Apparently, they abandoned their effort, because the page was static and I never heard boo. No more posts. Oh, well. I tried mightily.


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