Monday, June 21, 2021

First full day of summer

Morning coffee

As you can see, we are still continuing to enjoy our morning coffee on the sidewalk outside Avellino's. One of these days soon they will be letting us back in, but it couldn't have been more pleasant this morning. That's Gene in the massive beard, John on the right, and our friend Tim who is just back from Italy and still jet-lagged. I was sitting in the chair with the backpack. I've learned I need to put it in front like that so I don't walk away without it.

To me, it seems a little on the warm side, as it's almost 80°F right now, but compared to other parts of the country, I feel happy to be as comfortable as we are. We rarely get past the high eighties, and that usually doesn't happen until August. Who knows what this year will bring us? I see it's incredibly warm in southern California and Nevada right now, and when I look at those temperatures I know I'd be hiding out somewhere air-conditioned. We have so few residences that have it, but stores, malls, and movie theaters do. I have not felt ready to go back to the theater, even though they are beginning to partially reopen. We are on the way back to normal, but it will be awhile yet.

I just ordered myself a Kindle Paperwhite to replace my old worn-out Kindle Fire that I have been using to read books on. I didn't see any reason for color, since it's the only thing I use the device for. My brother has been using a Paperwhite for years, and he gave away his Oasis, preferring the old Paperwhite, so that's what I ordered.

And I also just watched the season finale of The Handmaid's Tale, which if I hadn't been watching from the beginning, I think I would have stopped it by now. That link takes you to Wikipedia's information about it, and it calls the genre "tragedy, dystopia" and I have to agree. Nothing uplifting about it, but I'm hooked and am now released for another year or so before the next season drops. It feels like it's time to concentrate on happy things.

And what could be happier than  blue skies and white fluffy clouds? Hope you're staying cool, dear friends.



  1. I see that it has now reached 91 on our rooftop weather station. That's hot. We are moving inside for the afternoon.
    I am on my second Kindle Paperwhite, having worn out my first, early model. I like the simplicity of it, just for reading.
    I stay away for anything dystopic. Real life has plenty of issues, without imagining a dismal future.

  2. It's only 91 here, but the heat index is in the dangerous zone.

    That looks so nice to see your coffee buddies together again. Normal times in the horizon!!

    Yep, movies are the "in" thing once again. But, I prefer dvd or Netflix.

  3. Heat? Bleah. I feel for those who are enduring early heat waves and droughts. Even your 80F would be on the warm side for me.
    Hooray for approaching normality. It cant come soon enough.

  4. Our feels like temp is near 90 F today. A rare one for us, especially in June. Humidity is the culprit.

    Stay cool, Jan.

  5. Almost normal, good to see your friends too! I know they are an important part of your life! Happy Summer 39 F this morning warming up to maybe 60 today. Nice weather!! We will heat up again soon but this is a nice break!

  6. What a great idea -- put the bag in front of you so you don't forget it!

  7. Good to see the gang is all here. So glad you have managed one way or another to keep the tradition going. Friends are what get us through the hard times. Of course that amazing weather helps.

  8. So your summer day celebration is to have a coffee. I wish you a great summer with lots of coffee, good hiking and good blogging.

  9. What a pleasant way to start your day. We can now meet up with friends indoors now but limited numbers and socially distanced. It is slowly returning to normal.

  10. You have great weather, at least when it isn't raining.

  11. I had to smile about you wearing your backpack in front so that you don't leave it behind. Great idea! It is hot here in Hawaii, too, but still under 90F.

  12. Hotter than usual here, too. We have one more cooler day (70s) in our brief respite and then we're back to 80s and 90s tomorrow.
    So nice to see your friends, too. Stay cool! :)

  13. I am currently binge watching Downton Abbey. Everyone raved about it when it was weekly but I was more into Korean dramas. Then, I ran out of good Korean dramas (for now) and decided to watch Downton Abbey on Netflix because all the episodes are available.

    It is such a great series! I love Violet, the grandmother played by Maggie Smith. I thank you for giving your opinion of the Handmaid's Tale. I don't like depressing dark shows and so I shall stay away.

  14. Oh my gosh! Honolulu Aunty and I must be on the same wavelength. We're also binge watching Downton Abbey. It's really a lot of fun and so well written.
    I love the idea of sitting outside the coffee shop to enjoy chatting with friends. I'm so glad it's such a nice day for you.

  15. I want to watch the Handmade series someday. We've been devouring Netflix for awhile now. It is hot here and I love it! It is hard to believe Minnesota's extrmemes.


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